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Pandemic Martial Law

 Collaterally Damaged,

  This article really fleshes out my knowledge with a  lot of  specifics. The DoD has managed the COVID-pandemic in the US; still does.
​  ​The role of the US DoD (and their co-investors) in "covid countermeasures" enterprise.​ (excerpts)
All Covid countermeasures, including the biological warfare agents marketed as “Covid-19 vaccines”, were ordered by the US DoD as a “large scale manufacturing demonstration” via Other Transactions Authority contracts.​..
..Just to make extra certain that the pharmas are free to conduct the fakery, the contracts include the removal of all liability for the manufacturers and any contractors along the supply and distribution chain under the 2005 PREP Act...
..Other Transactions Authority (OTA) - OTA method of contracting allows federal agencies to order otherwise-regulated products bypassing any such regulations, as well as financial accountability mechanisms...
​..​The first redaction under 1.1.1 BACKGROUND is “Fosun Pharmaceuticals”, so the sentence reads “Fosun Pharmaceuticals”, Pfizer and BioNTech entered into an agreement for the co-development…”​   [Funny that the Chinese use "traditional vaccines" for COVID, isn't it?]
..Pfizer-BioNTech is really a 3-party R&D alliance: Fosun-Pfizer-BioNTech, and by “party” I mean that one of the three is the Chinese Communist Party. Fosun is a huge Chinese conglomerate that owns a large number of global companies, and its chairman Guo Guangchang is a very high ranking member of the CCP...
​..On the “pharmacovigilance” aspect, there is a 4th participant in this arrangement - the Israeli Ministry of Health, which entered into a data sharing agreement with Pfizer on January 6, 2021 and gave Pfizer (and by extension, US DoD and anyone who controls it, BioNTech and anyone who controls it, Fosun and anyone who controls it, i.e. CCP) access to all their citizens’ centralized electronic health records...
​..​Side note - Israeli government recently “misplaced” the Manufacturing and Supply Agreement with Pfizer mentioned in the data sharing agreement above (so we know for sure it exists). The government sadly cannot find it for some reason
..Back to this western continent - we have already established that “Covid-19 vaccines” are biowarfare agents, legally not medicines, not pharmaceuticals, and not regulated as such.
​  ​Use of Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) covered countermeasures under a declared Public Health Emergency cannot constitute a clinical investigation (21 USC 360bbb-3(k)), therefore these countermeasures could not be tested for safety or efficacy in accordance with US law (21 CFR 312 and 21 CFR 601), nor could compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) or Good Distribution Practices (GxP in general) be enforced by the FDA.​  
(Sorry, it's just illegal to test the ​"​vaccines​"​ or take steps to assure that they are safe products, before mandating that everybody be injected with them. You understand.​) ...
..mRNA technology has always been designated dual-use, a category of bioweapons...
​..​From the start, “covid pandemic” was treated by the US Government as a national security matter (i.e. war) and covid policy was set by the National Security Council (assemblage of Defense and Intelligence heads), not HHS...
​..​When a known weaponizable tech is given a liability-free, extrajudicial status shielded from all regulations, it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together. The national security, DoD and Intelligence officials absolutely knew all of this. They went ahead and authorized a $10 billion purchase order of this weaponizable tech from the Fosun-Pfizer-BioNTech enterprise (backed by numerous foreign governments including the Chinese), to deliver and deploy it onto Americans, during the time of war.
I think by now it should become clear that the “5th gen warfare” is not just the use of psyops and total control of social media by the FBI and CIA...
​..​The current war is the war of the global governments (plural), that only pretend to be at odds with each other... Behind the scenes, the “official enemies” are partners and co-investors into “joint ventures” against us, people of the world... to fund, develop, then “approve”, purchase and deploy prohibited biowarfare agents for killing and injuring their own civilian population, their own armed forces, first responders, healthcare workers, pregnant women and children.

​  Jessica Rose Ph.D. has further information on disease processes arising from mRNA "vaccines", specific to their induction of IgG4 response in human recipients.
IgG4-related disease (IgG4RD) means FIBROSIS and organ destruction

​  ​PATRICK LAWRENCE: A War of Rhetoric & Reality​  (Just read this one statement. Colonel Do​u​glas Macgregor has said about the same thing.)
“Either Russia prevails on its terms,” came the answer, “or there is a nuclear exchange.”​  (NATO is unable to​ ​escalate a conventional war.)

​  Moon of Alabama looks at rapid Russian counter-battery targeting of western M-777 howitzers in 2 minutes after firing, when they take 3 minutes to move, and the "debt" accumulated by the current Ukrainian government, which will never be repayable.: ​Ukraine SitRep - Counter Artillery War - Financial Disaster

Report Warns Risk of Nuclear War At Its Highest Since US Nuked Japan​  (more than Cuban Missile Crisis, but less than now-​underway)

​Pepe Escobar: ​Let The Patriot Games Begin   (It's a scripted public-relations show. $3-4 billion per missile to shoot down $50k drones protecting one small location in Ukraine. Colonel Douglas Macgregor suspects that this is protection against bad PR when Ukraine surrenders to Russia this spring.)

​  ​The Kremlin has clarified its position on being 'open' to peace negotiations with Ukraine, after over the weekend Ukraine's leadership floated a proposal to enter into UN-brokered ceasefire negotiations in February.
​  ​Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday said any future "peace plan" must involve formal recognition that the annexed eastern territories have joined the Russian Federation.

2023, the year of the Gold-Petro-Yuan , This trade-platform has already been tested, and is about to ramp up. Petrobuck decay is "not yet priced in". 
​  "​Russia, Iran, and Venezuela account for about 40 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves… the GCC countries account for 40 percent of proven oil reserves as well (with Saudi Arabia accounting for half)… and are being courted by China to accept renminbi for their oil in exchange for transformative investments,” Pozsar summed up.
​  ​“To underscore, the U.S. has sanctioned half of OPEC with 40 percent of the world’s oil reserves and lost them to China, while China is courting the other half of OPEC with an offer that’s hard to refuse,”​ ... China is softly imposing the use of yuan in the oil markets, in so-called “three to five years.”

​..​“China will not only pay for more oil in renminbi (crowding out the U.S. dollar), but new investments in downstream petrochemical industries in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC more broadly mean that in the future, much more value-added will be captured locally at the expense of industries in the West,” Pozsar said.​.. ​China is essentially offering the richer GCC nations: “emancipation,” as Pozsar puts it.​..
​  ​“The China-GCC Summit is one thing, and China’s strategic partnership with Iran is another, but both Saudi Arabia and Iran applying to pillar institutions of the multipolar world order – BRICS+ and the SCO – at the same exact time, plus the idea of ‘BRICS coin’ as a commodity-weighted neutral reserve asset that encourages members to pledge their commodities to the BRICS ’cause’, should have G7 bond investors concerned, because these trends may keep inflation from slowing and interest rates from falling for the rest of this decade,” Pozsar concluded.
​..​Xi may have accomplished his “next three- to five-year” goal of paying for China’s oil and gas imports exclusively in renminbi and may have advanced commodity encumbrance by developing downstream petrochemical industries in the Middle East “region” of Belt and Road and also the rollout of “BRICS coin” by the time the forward five-year section starts.​..
​..​Pozsar also said that central banks should think about inflation with geopolitics, resource nationalism, and “BRICS coin” in mind as the next set of non-linear shocks “that will keep inflation above target, forcing central banks to hike interest rates above 5%.”
​  ​In April, China will host the fourth Belt and Road Forum after it was postponed in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

​About "inflation", "deflation" and "stagflation"​: 
  Globalization has been "deflationary" for consumer prices, because the cheapest place to make something would produce it and export it to the world. Wages for workers in "advanced economies" also went down, which was also deflationary. 
  Inflation of prices may be global or within one asset class or national economy. Price-inflation occurs when there is more money compared to a good or service, and the price goes up. It can be because there is more money, or less of the good/service.
  When the cost of inputs, like oil and lithium goes up, it reduces buying-power, and raises prices, which is stagflationary. 
  This assumes one global financial regime. If a new global financial regime opens shop, it might (as above) increase $US price of oil, refined-products and commodities from parts of the world which accept the new regime. That would also be stagflationary, increasing prices, while decreasing relative purchasing power at all levels, not just retail.
  Debt-deflation happens when debt, which is a form of "money", becomes more expensive to service in an economy, because of falling income of debtors, due to shortage of currency. This is often cast as currency becoming "more valuable", but it may even purchase less than before. Loans are defaulted upon, and assets are seized. Asset prices fall in the resale markets, because they are more plentiful, and money is tight. As asset values fall, the utility of servicing them may vanish, as for "underwater mortgage" holders, so they may also give up the asset to get out of debt, further devaluing/deflating that asset. This destroys "credit money" in the economy, which makes money even tighter in that economic compartment. We have seen since 2008 that money added freely to one economic-compartment may inflate values in one part of the economy, while deflation continues in another compartment. That is the purported reason that the Fed bought so many securitized "liars-loans" after 2008, to reflate that housing-bubble specifically. It will deflate if it is allowed to.
  Debt deflation is generally feared in an economy. There is a loss of trust, a loss of investment, a loss of employment, a loss of economic activity in general, because trust is critical in operating a complex economy.
  Those holding "cash" in a debt-deflation may be able to obtain "assets" at a great discount, but few assets will be "trusted" to maintain value going forward into an economic restructuring. "Bargain hunters" may wait too long, or may choose the wrong bargain for themselves, or for the economy in general.
  What will define "cash" in a world where the $US regime is faltering, and new Yuan and BRICS-Coin regimes are arising? 

  Mish Shedlock struggles with "inflation": Is Inflation Always And Everywhere A Monetary Phenomenon?

  Charles Hugh Smith 2023 prediction:
Lists of predictions for the new year are reliably popular. Here's 10 predictions, there's 17 predictions, over here we have 23 and a half... let's strip it all down to one prediction: everyone's predictions will be wrong because 2023 isn't going to follow anyone's script.

Fundamental Investor (pictured cooking on Christmas Day)

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