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Replacing Used Puppets

 Watching The Detectives,

  In recent days I have had to wonder if there is about to be a change of direction by the US government, particularly in foreign relations, which are now dominated by efforts to maintain the US-unipolar-hegemony, which has already eroded away since last year's escape-from-Afghanistan. Faith in and fear of the US military fell after that debacle, but the NATO proxy-war against Russia, employing the Ukrainian army, trained and equipped to NATO standards, and the largest in Europe (except Russia) a year ago, was supposed to change all of that, and it has been doing so. The US "confiscated" over $300 billion of Russian national $US reserves, which hastens the end of the $US as global reserve currency. 
  Preparations by the BRICS nations to replace the $US in global trade have been underway since 2008, but have recently become much accelerated. They have been enthusiastically joined by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, African and South American countries.
  The current Washington courtiers are taking their bribes and introducing their bills as agreed, but they are not serving the longer term interests of the "owners" at this point. Those are eroding with the delusion of a "unipolar world". Can the current imperial courtiers follow new orders that will be so different from their emphatically expressed positions to date? Would it be convincing to anybody? What's Plan-B? How soon could it be operational? 
  It looks like "Joe Biden" could accept blame for a lot of things that have been going badly.

​  ​Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. praised Carlson’s explosive revelations about his uncle.
“The most courageous newscast in 60 years,” Kennedy said. “The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup d’état from which are democracy has never recovered.”

​  ​A former aide to Trump adviser Peter Navarro has taken a "deep dive" into the laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden, finding at least 459 illegal acts, including seven felonies by Joe Biden, after reading "every single email, every single text message."

​  ​Tara Reade is ready to testify to Congress, and believes other victims will go public​  
  ​The allegations stem back to 1993 when Reade worked for then-Senator Joe Biden as a staffer. According to her account, he sexually assaulted her at the Capitol that year and she later filed an official complaint against him. Nothing ever came of that complaint and Reade drifted away from her position with the Delaware senator.​..
​..Biden allegedly told Reade after the assault, “You’re nothing.”​ ...
​..“I have given up hope for actual justice. I do hope at the least [for] a proper Congressional investigation into Joe Biden. This may open the door to other women who were also afraid, silenced and also for staff to tell the truth under oath,” Reade commented...

​  ​US prosecutors investigating Democrats over FTX donations​ 
Under Federal Election Commission regulations, political campaigns and committees are required to return donations that are later found to be illegal, even if the money has already been spent.

​  Alastair Crooke looks at the shift in the Ukraine-narrative support which has just been signaled by the (Rothschild) Financial Times. ​He says that the "Ukraine can win" narrative is untenable now, which is the signal that (Rockefeller-asset) Henry Kissinger gave diplomatically last Friday, that ceasefire, followed by negotiation is in order, to avoid repeating the mistake Woodrow Wilson made in 1916, delaying the negotiation of peace in Europe in deference to his own political re-election campaign that year.
  Crooke points out that the current neocon-insiders can forget Ukraine as quickly as they forgot Afghanistan since last year. Will this be the moment to let Biden take the fall for the-team? How many members of the-team will need to bow-out to make a change-in-management seem plausible? Will tarring the CIA be convincing? Is a real change in the deep-state actually possible? If not, then how can the US become "agreement capable" in any kind of treaty-negotiations?
  Crooke points out that the State and deep-state have come to a fuller understanding of the uses of fear, and the creation of "mass formation", which Hitler, Goebbels and others clearly discovered already. 

  What Crooke does not point out is that the COVID-Pandemic fear operation, which sought to dehumanize "the unvaccinated" in a critical time period, creating a leper-class of new-untermenschen, failed to reach critical mass. Principled people, all across the US and the world, resisted, "stood naked with the Jews". As another year has passed, there is no day that goes by without additional evidence of harm and death from the gene-therapy COVID-"vaccines". Everybody now has friends and family who have gotten painfully ill, developed autoimmune disease, blood clots, myocarditis , stroke or heart attack. There has been a rash of sudden cancer spreads and new cancer diagnoses and deaths this year, which shows no sign of slowing down.
  With the post-Omicron phase of much milder COVID illness, less severe than influenza this fall, there has been some re-evaluation by the people who went along, but were not true-believers in the control-narrative. Has this reduced the ability of the "authorities" to present a compelling control-narrative of fear now? Has society been somewhat "inoculated against" that?

  Academic Medical Oncologist Angus Dalgleish in the UK has been trying to get government agencies to evaluate the sudden rash of cancer recurrences, new diagnoses and deaths among the "vaccinated".
Other cancer specialists agree with me about vaccine harm, but the authorities still won’t listen

​  ​The discovery of a contract awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense to Labyrinth Global Health for “COVID-19 Research” in November 2019 has raised questions about the Government’s knowledge of the novel coronavirus.
​  ​The contract was part of a larger project for a “Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine,” suggesting that the U.S. Government was at the very least aware of the virus before it spread through Wuhan, China in December 2019, and before it was officially named Covid-19 by the World Health Organization in February 2020.

​  Peter McCullough MD points out yet another "rare side effect" from COVID-"vaccination".​
COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects: "I Can't Hear You"
Risk of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Doubled in the Elderly after Vaccination

​  Apparently 5 days per week and 8-10 hour days were enough until now for the Russian arms industry.
Russian arms manufacturers switch to six-day working week
Shifts at defense enterprises may also be extended to 12 hours

​  ​Authorities are equipping shelters in apartment buildings and shopping centers in the Moscow region, the head of the Emergencies Ministry's regional administration, Sergei Poletikin, told the plenary session of the Moscow Region Duma.
​  ​These works are carried out in all apartment buildings by the public services sector and should be completed by December 25. This is the decision of the operational staff."
​  ​He said the shelters in apartment buildings and shopping centers were protecting up to 15 million residents, and added that authorities had decided not to put up signs with the exact addresses of the shelters so as not to "upset the public."

​  Pepe Escobar on diplomatic overture by the 5000 year-old world order
Xi of Arabia and the petroyuan drive
Xi Jinping has made an offer difficult for the Arabian Peninsula to ignore: China will be guaranteed buyers of your oil and gas, but we will pay in yuan.

  Can't trust these guys. What do they mean, and who are they addressing?
We’ve entered into a “new world order” says BlackRock Chairman
BlackRock manages almost $10 trillion in investments, making it the world’s biggest asset manager and is a big player in companies developing digital vaccine passports and “digital wallets” that track and allocate carbon allowances.

​  ​The role of the US military in stealing Syria’s oil runs deeper than mere petty theft. The funds are used to prop up Kurdish self-rule and ensure Syria’s geographic division.
​  ​The main goal of siphoning off Syrian oil is to help the Kurdish Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), which is protected by more than 13 US military bases, to finance its activities and cover its local fuel needs.
​  ​It also aims to preserve the area of US influence between Baghdad and Damascus, while simultaneously choke-holding the Syrian government – and deprive the largest Syrian population in the area controlled by Damascus of vital resources such as oil, gas, wheat, and medicine.

​  The deposed President of Peru was bad for Rio Tinto and other global mining interests. The US supports the new government.
Death Toll From Peru Protests Tops 20 as 'Coup' Government Extends Castillo's Jail Term
"The democratic space is closing; we are on the way to authoritarianism," warned a leading human rights advocate in the South American nation.

​Watching Regimes Change (pictured installing some door-trim upstairs)​

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