Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Better Liars

 The more a person lies, the less he/she is bothered by it. Practice makes perfect. Science says, "start small and work your way up".
Slouching Toward Election Day, Welcome to the George Orwell Theme Park of Democracy, 
Kunstler figures it's fine for Clinton to win and go down with the whole damned Neocon ship. I'm not so sure. 
"Credit, where credit is due", is how he sees it. 
Texas voting machines have been getting caught switching straight-Republican ticked selections to straight-Republican-except-Clinton/Kaine. 
DON'T LOOK! Just click and walk-away, OK?
1975: Out with Nixon, In with Big Banks and Monopolies (oops) 
"At the same time that the nation has achieved perhaps the most tolerant culture in U.S. history, the destruction of the anti-monopoly and anti-bank tradition in the Democratic Party has also cleared the way for the greatest concentration of economic power in a century. This is not what the Watergate Babies intended."
"Wright Patman was a legend in his time. His congressional career spanned 46 years, from 1929 to 1976. In that near-half-century of service, Patman would wage constant war against monopoly power. As a young man, at the height of the Depression, he challenged Herbert Hoover’s refusal to grant impoverished veterans’ accelerated war pensions."
President of Wallonia specifically clarifies that it is "NO" on CETA, even with a few days to "reconsider", and who knows what threats.

Sweden takes EU good-cop role with Brexiting UK.

Role Playing

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