Sunday, October 23, 2016

Illusion Of Consent

Elected Anonymously, 

Rigged Elections, an American Tradition. 
(Hey folks, this has always been an important part of the American game, ALWAYS. Fairly recently, too and repeatedly, and already in the Democratic primaries, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...)

In an Oligarchy, Voting is a Tool to Manufacture the Illusion of Consent
("Protest votes" are easy enough to comprehend. I'm early-voting Green/Jill Stein tomorrow.)

"I have nothing to say about Wikileaks, except to say that we should all be concerned about what the Russians are trying to do to our election."
"HER" on how she got that invisible $12 million from the King of Morocco to put on her Clinton Foundation summit in Marrakesh.            Abedin told Podesta and current Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook that the lavish May 2015 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative was based on a $12 million pledge from Moroccan King Mohammed VI to host the event. “The King has personally committed approx. $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting,” Abedin wrote. Clinton Foundation records do not show any direct pledge of funding from the king or government of Morocco to the charity. Commitments to the charity’s CGI program are agreements only to aid the program’s international projects, not to directly fund the Clinton Foundation itself. Clinton was no longer serving as secretary of State at the time of the meeting in Marrakesh.

Rational-conformist-PC-guy asks Jill Stein if she isn't just helping elect Trump, with the implication that she'll be as much to blame as the green-suicide-bomber, Ralph Nader, who he mentions, only to disparage.
3 minutes of EXCELLENT answer are here.  :-)

JOE-35 is the Pentagon's scenario-forecast for 2035, which the Archdruid looks at here, and translates to English, analyzes a bit, and finds that it is TODAY'S scenario, not a future environment at all. At no cost to the national budget, the Archdruid does a fine job of pointing out the situational risks which seem straightforward as an empire declines, which is happening, already. 
This empire is clearly overripe on the tree.

The moderate-terrorists in East Aleppo are shelling, threatening and killing any civilians who try to flee along the open humanitarian-corridors. Human shields will stay in place to die in the upcoming battle, unless they would prefer to die right now.

Ignoring the Debt Problem, Volcker/Peterson:

Leading UK banks are preparing to leave London in early 2017 (GASP!)

Following the Money

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