Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wrong Question


Here is a question to Jill Stein MD, Green Party candidate for President, about fighting terrorism, ISIS. 
She responds carefully, not going quite as far as to say the US created ISIS directly, but at least indirectly. The US should halt all arms and funding that go to Mideast wars, from the US and "allies" and close the many hundreds of US military bases across the world (though a few critical exceptions might be made, she clarifies). Look in about 6:45. Thanks Luke.

23% of Americans 18-35 would prefer (they say) to have a giant meteor wipe out the earth, than to have either Trump or Clinton as President 
("There is another", Yoda)

High level voting-fraudster (and convicted banking fraudster) Robert Creamer visited the Obama White house 340 times, including 45 visits with President Obama. 
(How come?)

Julie McMahon, Secret Service Code-name: "Energizer", got $812,000 From Energy Secretary Stephen Chu for her "home insulation business". There was that $2,000,000 from the Clinton Foundation, too. Why is this coming up in Hillary Clinton's emails? Why did the New York Times sit on this story? (duh)

Maybe The National Enquirer is about to get some more Anthrax-Letters after printing this story from a Clinton "fixer". (Mature Audiences Only, please)

Russia and the Syrian army will halt airstrikes in Aleppo for 8 hours, announced well in advance, to allow even military adversaries to leave before the final assault, to save themselves.

"However, if they refuse to abandoned their positions in Aleppo, they should get ready to be wiped out", Churkin said.

Wikileaks appears to have released it's first "insurance file" of data. Where is Assange, and how is he doing?

Ecuador, the US, the UK; everybody is silent about Julian Assange.

It turns out that Ecuador cut Assange’s internet access Saturday, 5 pm GMT shortly after he published Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. The organization has activated “the appropriate contingency plans”. This comes a day after US Vice President Joe Biden called for an offensive cyber war against Russia. The Democrats have also called Assange a puppet of Putin.

Did Assange get secretly extradited  to Smithfield Airbase in North Carolina, a rendition "black hole"? ("Gitmo Express") Gulfstream jet, N379P was tracked there from London right after he disappeared. John Kerry had been visiting London...

Having quite printing the 500 Euro note, the ECB goes after bitcoin. ("Must-maintain-total-control...")
"In short, while the ECB would love to ban cash which is a major stumbling block to the bank's NIRP strategy, its proposed alternative is not virtual currencies, despite various such suggestions most notably by the BOE, but merely retaining currency if entirely in electronic form, think only debit and credit card transactions, which in turn allow every single operation and transaction to be tracked (and taxed) by both the central bank and local governments with pinpoint accuracy." 

Maybe this is why: 
"One day, the house of cards will collapse,” said Professor Otmar Issing, the ECB's first chief economist and a towering figure in the construction of the single currency.

The EU Refugee Asylum Policy is broken in the terribly overcrowded prison camps of the Greek islands, like Lesbos. These are managed by foreign NGOs, not the kind Greeks who began helping their neighbors for the first couple of years. NGOs follow orders and keep secrets better than Greeks do. Turkey is a police-state, transitioning into a war-zone. Syrians are no longer welcome or given papers there. (Can WE stop fueling this covert war, PLEASE?)

Suffering Invisibly

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