Monday, October 10, 2016

The Evil Clown You Want

Unable to Watch,

Summarizing the second Presidential Debate: (lots shorter, somewhat more truthful, better use of time)
Don't "waste" your vote on a candidate that will lose. 

Leaked emails reveal "liberal pundit" urged Hillary to "quite lying or any clown would beat her".

The Two Most Disliked Candidates in US History:

USA 2017-2020, an Ungovernable Nation? Charles Hugh Smith says we might be organizationally disintegrating about now, thanks to the 0.01% doing so well for the last several presidents. (Failed-State-R-US?)
The only way to govern successfully is to actually solve the underlying systemic problems, but doing that requires overthrowing a corrupt, self-serving elite, the same elite that will never relinquish its power or its wealth.

Social inequality in America, whatever you thought, it's worse. It seem that families at the top stay at the top, generation after generation, with little fluctuations that make things look more hopeful for the ambitious poor, than they actually are.

Maybe the best summary of MH-17 shoot-down and investigation/cover-up yet.

Lies and Smoking Debris

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