Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bigger, Faster Nothing

Car Won't Start,

The TPP is the strategic relationship which gives transnational corporations control of the Pacific Rim, backed by the American military and special courts. 
Well, that was the plan, anyway. It's not going so well, is it? Is "loyalist four" becoming "loyalist three" now? Thanks Tom.
Already Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia have formalized growing economic ties with China.  The debacle of the TPP has just accelerated the shift toward China’s new trade pact (RCEP).  The US is left to rely on its ‘loyalist four’, a stagnant Japan, Australia, South Korea and its impoverished former colony, Philippines, to bolster its quest to militarily encircle China.
Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has been forced to denounce the Transpacific Trade Partnership (TPP), one of her own pet projects when she was Secretary of State.
Washington’s entire “pivot to Asia” has centered its vast military build-up on its access to the Philippines.  This access is now at risk.
According to a recent ruling by the Philippine Supreme Court, the controversial US military base agreement (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) imposed by the former President Aquino by fiat without congressional ratification can be terminated by the new President by executive order.

Last Friday's DDoS attack on American networks looks like it was amateurs, playing with power, who found a way in through that rapidly-growing "internet-of-things". Simplify...
“So IoT devices are not really a target for the attackers — they are a vector. This is how they get in to the network behind it. And IoT devices are almost always the weakest link in the chain.”          

How to pay Bill Clinton $3.5 million a year to head your board of directors, with no conflict of interest for anybody, get $6.3 million out of Coca Cola for a visit to the Oval Office, and gads more such opportunities; first, keep Chelsae out of things, she's a disaster-on-the-loose. More Wikileaked inside-CGI emails to Podesta.

Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs: "the good news is that China is forcing down wages", and the implications for American workers, as well as Chinese workers, and also Goldman Sachs...

How Whistleblowers are Silenced and Punished by the US Government. 
It's really pretty basic. First, you sign away all your rights to legal process to get the job, then they beat you up, intimidate, ruin and fire you if you don't fully comply with what you never suspected you would be forced to do. For the more delicate projects, you have to get your chip put in, too. Thanks Cat.

How and why American military spending will increase, no matter who gets elected, as it has since 1950:
Industry leaders like Lockheed’s Gross were poised to take advantage of such planning. In a draft of a 1950 speech, he noted, giddily enough, that “for the first time in recorded history, one country has assumed global responsibility.” Meeting that responsibility would naturally mean using air transport to deliver “huge quantities of men, food, ammunition, tanks, gasoline, oil and thousands of other articles of war to a number of widely separated places on the face of the earth.” Lockheed, of course, stood ready to heed the call.

"Don't Diss the Dark Ages", says Charles Hugh Smith. It was a time of meaningful transition and restructuring after the collapse of the vast Roman Empire, which depleted the resources it needed (Spanish gold and north African wheat) to sustain far-flung operations.

Global wildlife populations have fallen 58% since 1970.

Arctic sea ice is at record lows, with Antarctic sea ice near record lows.

Owning Desolation

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