Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thought Problems

Thoroughly Considering,

The Neocon Threat, What Prevents the East From Taking Action?
(Eleni has just introduced me to the work of Jeff Nielson. I suspect you'll see more of this from me. These first 3 articles are his.)
"The West (and its oligarch Puppet Masters) are clearly now losing the Game, in large part because the psychopathic oligarchs began to cannibalize their own power base – raping-and-pillaging Western economies, along with stealing the wealth of their populations...In the 21st century, the Eastern powers have no need of instigating any strategies to induce Western/U.S. self-destruction. The psychopaths are attending to this all by themselves... As the West’s imminent economic implosion becomes harder and harder to conceal, have the psychopaths chosen to ease back on their raping-and-pillaging of these nations? Of course not. Instead, they have gone about systematically sabotaging all of the world’s other economies, in an attempt to make the economies of the bankrupt behemoths in the West look least-worst... The East continues to build its own economic base. It has been creating its own “parallel” set of international institutions – to (eventually) replace the corrupt entities created-and-dominated by the West... In the realm of economics; China and Russia have been stockpiling gold reserves ."

The One Bank, revisited... Jeff Nielson
It appears that Milo-Minderbinder's  "Syndicate" is all grown up and owns 40% of the global economy. One many-faced, but self-owning conglomerate owns 40% of the human economy. "The One Bank"

Look at the world distribution of wealth by population deciles, from lowest "1" to highest "10", arranged by region. Look at North america first. No-Middle-Class. There are poor people at the bottom, and a very thin line of a few humans up to the top 20%. There are lots of other patterns to see here. China looks pretty healthy with a big group of Chinese in the upper middle. (It doesn't look at environmental degradation, though.) 

Military use of overwhelming force in North Dakota Water-Protectors protest. Video is finally out. It was blocked at the time. (No live streaming of corporate actions which might prove upsetting to the viewers...)

Stephen Lendman says the US and Israel are using Saudi Arabia to obscure their roles ("inside job") in 9/11.
This is a pretty late and inelegant retrenchment. 
Word is out, isn't it?

The Battle for Aleppo: US threatens to shoot down Russians to protect al Qaeda, or whatever the paid-mercenary-cannon-fodder are named this week.

How Screens Turn Kids into Psychotic Junkies , Nicholas Kardaras Ph.D.
(Scary, scary, scary, and so much irreversible neurological damage is already done. "Screen-time" is the new lead-poisoning.) Thanks Charles.


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