Monday, August 14, 2017

Fairly Intelligent Animals

Scorning Categories,

Jim Kunstler picks "none of the above", and explains why.
Neil Howe, co-author of The Fourth Turning, wrote this week that “[t]he Amazon-Walmart rivalry will determine the future of retail.” Well, it seems that way, perhaps, and I understand why a lot of people would imagine it, but I would draw some different conclusions. What we’re seeing is more like the battle between Godzilla and King Kong, two freaks of nature produced by a toxic culture, fixing to finish each other off.

People want to see and feel their vegetables before buying them. I think this is core "gatherer" programming in our neural networks. Amazon bought Whole Foods because of it. Whole Foods is a better place to fondle your eggplant than WalMart. Farmstands are the best... (Well, a kitchen garden is the gold standard.)

Half of global antibiotics are used in China. It's growing. It's mostly on factory farms. It spreads resistant infections. Yep, you're eating it, unless you are really careful. (China is even more environmentally hollowed-out than the US.)

(Another reason to grow vegetables.) Social Security is just a few years behind the Illinois retirement fund...

"If we stop counting zombies, we're already in recession." Charles Hugh Smith

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world (nasty, thick tar). The CIA and Exxon want their oil back, so it's time to bring this 16 year covert war up to the front burner.

Several hundred thousand Syrians return to bombed out Aleppo, to start over, with no secure food, water or shelter, in summer...

Wayne sends this update on Mediterranean geopolitics, with focus on Czech and Hungarian deals with Russia and Turkey for gas, piped through Turkish-Stream pipeline, and new nuclear power plants, just as the EU punishes them for not accepting the hot flow of refugees. A very large Hungarian government and business contingent recently visited Turkey for broad negotiations. (EU as exploding-red-giant star?) Nationalism is not quite dead yet...

Racism is a variation on xenophobia, the fear-of-other, which controls us so well, when we need to fight each other in large groups (rather than fight our owners/rulers, because that's just wrong). So we're being divided up against each other again, but still following the diktats handed down through the chains of command, all from the same owners... Tom found this:
"I wanted to share with you some things I found out about Brennan Gilmore, the former State Department employee who just HAPPENED to be at the exact right place at the exact right time already filming with his camera to capture the entire event from beginning to end... It really was perfect. Not only did he HAPPEN to be at the right place at the right time, but he was ALREADY recording with his camera and it was focused on that car, for SOME REASON as it drove by the corner at a reasonable rate. Why he would focus on that vehicle right then and there BEFORE IT DID ANYTHING is a mystery... The STOP KONY 2012 psyop was all about using the Joseph Kony boogieman to justify letting Barack Obama send Special Operations troops into Africa to run around and squash any and all resistance to our new imperialism campaign. It was a fraud. A show. And Brennan was part of it... Our puppet dictator Bozize was trying to hold onto power in the face of a 2012 uprising from Séléka CPSK-CPJP-UFDR not “KONY”. But of course, that would have been a harder sell to the fans of President Peace Prize so “KONY” the boogieman."

American Citizen Held by Immigration Enforcement for Over 3 Years Without Lawyer  (Catch-22 is so versatile!)
“I am an American citizen,” Davino Watson pleaded with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents, judges, and jailers. But to no avail; he was held in detention for over 3 years as a deportable illegal immigrant.
What did his court appointed lawyer have to say ? Nothing, because he was never assigned one. After all, illegal immigrants are not afforded the same rights of the accused and due process guaranteed to American citizens. The only problem: Davino Watson was in fact an American citizen.
Eventually, Watson was released and managed to get a meager court settlement of $82,500. But he would never see the money. Two weeks ago, an appeals court ruled that Watson is not entitled to the compensation. Turns out the statute of limitations expired--while he was still in ICE custody!

My, isn't this awkward? It seems that CIA-coup-failed-state Ukraine was the provider of the rocket-motors that let North Korea build ICBMs that can reach the continental US. I wonder how many they bought. Was this part of the whole big plan, or just an unforeseen consequence? (Oh, Clinton involvement again...)

Here is an interesting read on the strategic situation on the Korean peninsula, and all the wacky things being said by the actually rational heads of state and diplomacy:

Black Sky Hazard: ("our") Federal government sets up wargame scenarios of Nuclear EMP attack over US shutting everything down. (EMP attack has been the rumored North Korean plan for about a decade. Supposedly the USSR shared those details with them in the 1960s and 1970s.) Remember to be petrified by fear.

This is pretty scary: How to get home safely following an EMP attack. (I hope I'm on my bike that day.)

Seth Rich, the leaker of all those DNC emails that Russia didn't hack, which revealed so much criminal conspiracy, is pictured here the night that he failed to get home alive. This is the pre-murder party he attended, with that guy with the red arrow. 
That guy is Imran Awan, who recently sold his real estate and sent his wife and kids to Pakistan, and tried to get there himself, after smashing all the hard drives at his house with a hammer. All of this was while in the employ of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, despite being declared a security-risk and being banned from Congressional offices late last year. 
Yep, he was in charge of securing all that incriminating information, that Seth had passed on to Wikileaks.

"Suicides" ("Arkancides"?) litter the trail of investigations of DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, including Federal Attorney, who "shot himself in the head and threw his body on a beach, but left the gun somewhere else". Thanks Eleni.

The Souls of Elephants... :-) Yes, read...