Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hidden Empire

Ruled Invisibly,

What is the global empire? None of us can be certain. It's on a need-to-know basis, compartmentalized. We can see the financial links, with US dollar hegemony now being used as a late-stage weapon, against "allies" who are caught without other options. 

This suggests $US hegemony will soon be abandoned, since using dollars this way makes tribute-regimes want out. It makes sense that those who the petrodollar has served have back up plans. In Mideast policy, that would be Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is really important for these countries to prevent the US from cooperating with Russia, because Russia is not cooperating with them, since they failed to subdue Russia in the 1990s. 

President Trump, who is very hard to read, fighting an invisible enemy, employing his cloak-of-unpredictability, has signed the Russian Sanctions Bill "with reservations". Caged, but still a bit unpredictable. 

US Regime Change Wars in Venezuela, Thanks Eleni
Venezuela's ongoing crisis is not driven by political ideology - it is not a battle of socialism versus capitalism or dictatorship versus democracy - it is the result of two centers of political power possessing opposing interests and colliding geopolitically.
The nation of Venezuela is currently under the control of Venezuelans who derive their support, wealth, and power from Venezuela itself - its people and its natural resource. This political order also receives aid and support from Venezuela's economic and military partners both in the region and around the globe. The opposition opposed to the current political order and seeking to supplant it represents foreign interests and more specifically, the United States and its European allies. As early as 2002, US-backed regime change targeting then Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, sought to violently overthrow Venezuela's political order and replace it with one obedient to Washington. Within the CIA's own online archives under a section titled, "CIA Activities in Chile," it is admitted that in the 1970s, similar tactics were used to undermine and overturn the government of Chile. 

Neocons have been destroying sovereign nations for 20 years (Really, way more than that. It's the business model. Here's how it works...) Thanks Eleni

The message, loud and clear, that North Korea got from US treatment of Libya, is "Never Give Up Your Nukes". Libya was treated to the neocon business model described above. (France is trying to negotiate the extraction steps, now that destruction is complete.) More thanks to Eleni.

I don't usually send out the cat-robot-video news format, but this 7 minutes is really densely fact-packed about the Seth Rich case, and what he downloaded from the DNC emails, and what his computer-geek brother may be sitting on, and how Wikileaks and Mega-Upload got his insurance policy, and about the mysteriously-wealthy Alawi brothers, and DNC computer network intrigues, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and shouting "RUSSIA" really loudly to hide the smoke and fire. Thanks Tom.


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