Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Real Price

Bluffing Dangerously,

Bibi Netanyahu just told Vladimir Putin, in public, during negotiations in Sochi, that If Putin didn't get Iran out of Syria, Israel would intervene to do so.
These guys do business regularly. The business cost of making that kind of public statement is that the deal gets twice as expensive, right?
My read is that Bibi is desperate for his political career, that this is the short term save, and that he expects somebody else to pay the price. Alternatively, Bibi may see his career is over, and he is grandstanding at the exit, leaving his successor with the price to pay (ha, ha, ha...)
I suspect that if Israel invades Syria, they will have a huge, public loss of face, like getting their asses whipped in Lebanon, the last time around. Bibi can't be serious.

The US Navy can't not openly investigate who is hacking the guided missile destroyers, so they officially open what they must have been investigating for at least 3 years already.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel states that Germany would not necessarily support US war against North Korea. 

Russia deploys nuclear bombers near Korea and Japan, with fighter support and aerial refueling. (The US stopped flying B-1 bombers from Guam. Didja notice?)

Korea, Afghanistan and the Never-Ending-War Trap, by Pepe Escobar, Thanks Eleni. (It's about strategic trade interests,... and heroin.)

Russia warns the US about covert operations in Afghanistan. (Mostly heroin and secret mercenaries getting ferried around by US aircraft.)

Pakistan says, "Don't blame us for your screw ups, asshole!"

Secretary of State Tillerson states that "nobody will win a battlefield victory in Afghanistan". (That's not the US objective. Thanks for clarifying things.)

Antifa seeks "peace through violence". (Oops, don't print that!)

Remember these campaign buttons?

The Alawi family business of running computer systems for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC bigwigs is inevitably getting "investigated", but the limitations of what is being investigated make convictions unlikely. This is structured to lose. Political meddling again? Debbie blackmailed? With what?

In England, the reporter who exposed the BBC coverup of elite pedophilia (but not through the BBC, which fired her first) has been found dead. Thanks Eleni.
Righteous warrior, Liz MacKean was 52 years old. Details of her death are obscured so far.

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