Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scare People To Death

Shaking in Boots,

NBC's Brian Williams declares that their job is to "scare people to death over North Korea", and of course it is.

Our current global financial/economic system is horribly inefficient, and only working because people believe that it will pay them in the future. Our current money and stocks and bonds are all promises of future stuff. Everybody has a jar of IOUs. There are only cookie crumbs in the cookie jar, but nobody can get out while the game is still running. When it resets, it will be at least the magnitude of change that the Great Depression and WW-2 brought.
The wars are necessary to keep people obeying out of fear, when the resets happen and their retirement promises are seen to be empty. Something much worse has to be the more pressing threat.
The scapegoat is already set up in the US, Donald Trump. Other parts of the world can have other scapegoats, and the US needs to scapegoat another country or countries. That flexibility is being maintained. North Korea, Russia and China can be scapegoated separately or together, and Iran, of course...
Right now public fear reactions are being assessed. What scapegot(s) are the best choice? It's an important question for our owners. They cannot afford to lose control of the narrative.

Not all (financial) Capital is Equal, Some is Destructive, Charles Hugh Smith

Pepe Escobar says, "Imperial Folly Brings Russia and Germany Together"

Indonesia will trade coffee, tea and palm oil for 11 Russian SU-35 Fighter Jets. They like the ones they have been using and can use some more. No dollars.

EU Membership for Poland is like a teaser rate on a bad loan. Poland and Hungary and others are really having to reconsider membership in the Borg...

Pentagon sends selfies of naked penis to the world to scare North Korea and America and Russia and China and so on. Of course there are plans to wipe out the leadership and military strike capacity of North Korea.


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  1. Its horrific to see the current world situation where the world leaders and top agencies are working on to terrorize and scare people. This needs to be stopped and be taken care of by sensible leaders.