Saturday, August 5, 2017

Global Monetary Anarchy

Disabling Despots,

The Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency, Daniel Jeffries
Herein lies the potential to create currency at ground level, evenly distributed, not at the elite level. Bitcoin is not yet it, though it does threaten elites at their level, which is a start. (China seems to be heavily investing in Bitcoin-mining, perhaps initially as a reaction to Chinese people using Bitcoin so much to export their assets overseas.)

Ted Trainer presents "The Simpler Way". 
We really can't afford many layered hierarchical societies in a low energy and no-growth future. We can afford something like 10% of the power we now use, which is enough if we organize in small communities, growing food, making most of what we need, and avoiding enslavement to those who provide what we cannot make. (History says that's difficult.) Communitarianism is the new "Anarchy". 
Anarchy is our natural human condition. Who made it a curse-word, again? Thanks Charles.

On exponential economic growth on a finite planet: (Physics trumps politics.)
“If our species had started with just two people at the time of the earliest agricultural practices some 10,000 years ago, and increased by 1 percent per year, today humanity would be a solid ball of flesh many thousand light years in diameter, and expanding with a radial velocity that, neglecting relativity, would be many times faster than the speed of light.” Today’s global population growth rate of 1.1 percent per year is obviously unsustainable.

Assumption of US Dominance has Ended, Imperial Collapse is Looming, Thanks Eleni,

"Is Trump's Russia Policy Being Hijacked?" Pat Buchanan

Russiatosis, Jim Kunstler
"All of this psychotic political behavior screams for the rise of a new party, or more than one new party, composed of men and women who have not lost their minds. I’m sure they’re out there." 

The Saudi Royals are not just murdering Yemenis, but they are busy murdering so many citizens of the land they rule also, a really big part of their map. Why didn't we hear about this civil war? Destroying one city at a time, with "relocation".

Jeremiah Johnson figures we are getting really close to WW-3. He's a former Green Beret. I'd like to point out that this is a really good time to negotiate an end to the Korean war, and assure the security of ALL parties, especially North Korea, It is in the vital-interests of all parties, even Americans, now.
The next world war will be initiated by an EMP weapon detonated over the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and a war between conventional forces.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster discusses plans for "Preventive War" (yeah, illegal) against North Korea.

About Tomatoes, Potatoes and Peppers, a really informative and well written family history, spanning the globe and ten millennia.

Revolutionary Heirlooms


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