Friday, August 4, 2017

Too Big For The World

Fun Sized,

“Wherever something is wrong,” he insisted, “something is too big.”
Paul Kingsnorth reviews The Breakdown of Nations, 1957 by Leopold Kohr.

Seth Rich murder (presumed DNC email leaker) and Alawi brother IT-for-hire-to-DNC-elites cases are trying to converge, roadblocked by police, as described here by former DC Detective PI, hired by Seth Rich's family (somebody else paid), who seem not to want to see the results of the investigation at all. Thanks Tom. Democratic Murder Inc...

Kindergarten on LSD, The Saker looks at the neocon power establishment descending into panic mode. (Ugly) Thanks Bill.

Russian PM Medvedev, "The US Just Declared Full Scale Trade War On Russia" (It's ironclad and will not change for years.)

Paul Craig Roberts figures that Trump will now become a "war president", since avenues to peace have all been blocked by neocon forces at all levels. (I'm not sure, but there's Venezuela, North Korea, Ukraine, Syria, etc...)

Russian ban on Turkish tomatoes spurs greenhouse tomato boom in Russia. (That's something that can be done if the situation is certain to persist long enough to cover the investment. Apparently it will persist.)

Ilargi at Automatic Earth: 
"The first graph... shows productivity, defined as more or less the same as GDP per capita. It goes all the way back to 1790 and contends that 2017 productivity is about back to the level it was at in 1790 ("Agrarian Slave Economy")... America and Western Europe exported almost their entire manufacturing capacity to China etc. And how can you be productive if you don’t manufacture anything? Yeah, I know, ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘service economy’ and all that, but does anyone still really believe those terms?... We exported our productive capacity to China, and now we can only afford to buy their products -which are mostly inferior in quality to what our ancestors once made- by getting into -more- debt."

Trade War with China to Begin Today!

Facebook AI program created it's own language, and computer systems started using it among themselves. Humans can't understand it. Humans caught wind and shut it down. The "singularity" is predicted to come soon, when AI just bypasses humans and coordinates with AI across the planet. What then? What will AI value? AI moves many, many times faster than humans...



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