Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hellfire And Mutiny

Watching Fireworks,

When fireworks go off, there is often a white explosion, then an expanding sphere of light and color, as chemically-doped particles  burn in various colors at different delays in the expansion from the bang. 
Fluorinated aluminum particles shoot out like little sparkles from the fireball, them make bright spots at the periphery. 
Look at the video. 
This is the visual signature of this particular firework, a "Hellfire missile" this one seems to have gone off last Monday around an aid convoy and warehouse in Aleppo, Syria. 
Only the US makes these things, fired off a Predator drone, which was also there Monday night. Only the US and Israel would have been able to put Predator and Hellfire there Monday night, not Russia or Syria.

The US Defense Department effectively rebelled against the president’s authority when it said it may or we may not comply with the ceasefire. 
(It looks like the "deep-state" have been "compromising", by accidentally killing 80+ Syrian soldiers in a key position Friday before last, so ISIS could promptly rush in, then false-flag-blow-up the aid convoy Monday and blame it on Russia and Syria. That's as close as Ash Carter wants to come to any coordination with Russia against ISIS.

“Whether or not John Kerry was completely in the ‘loop’ remains unclear, but the realities both on the ground and in the Pentagon very strongly suggest that the ceasefire was quite clearly nothing but a cynical tactic to provide an opportunity for US proxies to consolidate their positions and undertake further offensives with the aim of securing territory at the expense of Syria’s government. Either John Kerry has been played or he is part of the bigger problem.”
“So either the general is ‘rebelling’ against civilian control of the military or the position he has so rigidly expressed indicates there is a major spat unfolding between John Kerry and Ashton Carter, both of whom are appointed by and theoretically beholding to the president, although many people understandably wonder if they are not more committed to certain outside, special interests. Regardless, it seems that US foreign policy is now made by the Department of Defense rather than the State Department.”

Countries (at least partly) Destroyed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, alphabetized. Thanks Cat.

What if we're in a depression, but don't know it? Charles Hugh Smith

The Coming Wave of Defaults Will Be Devastating, also by Charles Hugh Smith

How the FDA manipulates the Media, by Scientific American 
(This is really much stronger than the title suggests, and it is not just the FDA, but almost all government and many private entities at all levels. There is absolute and strict control of message, and of questions asked, and of whom, and when. Reporters must play to get special access, without which, they are greatly disadvantaged, since all the "players" have a 24 hour head start on their stories.)


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