Saturday, September 10, 2016

Water And Oil

Serfing USA,

Nicole Foss has the final part of "Negative Interest Rates and the War on Cash" here, which looks forward to the implications of the financial elites maintaining their own privilege through starving the peasants to death, as happened in the global financial collapse of the 1300s. 
The sequential destruction of dissenting nations can be seen with the wars upon Iraq, Libya, Syria and currently Venezuela. The spoils may directly pay for such wars, or merely contribute to the health of the global empire of finance, military, propaganda and covert action.
When all money is electronic, your every act will be predicated upon the good graces of your rulers. To have your funds frozen is the perfect form of shunning. What could you even beg at the corner? We are headed into severe deflation, and since the late 1990s, almost-free bubble-money has been directly provided to top financial elites. They have purchased houses, farms, copper, iron, oil, everything of substantial value, to which they now hold legal title, while the regime persists. You and I may become unnecessary to them soon. We should try not to be a bother.

Indigenous peoples continue hundreds of years of resistance to colonialist power.
Standing Rock Sioux are demanding that the Fort Laramie Treaty be honored and the land and water be protected. (Same as at Wounded Knee in 1971.)

North Dakota National Guard (Army) is mobilized against Indigenous unarmed protesters. (Familiar enough?)

In Denver, Colorado, taxi drivers have formed a large cooperative enterprise, Green Taxi Cooperative, with 800 drivers/members, but just a few of those valuable slots at the airport, which are clearly not proportional, and are being reassigned soon, in an opaque process, which may further choke them out, in favor of Uber, and soon,  robo-cabs.

Ron Paul discusses the deep-state, "secret government", that controls and is unaffected by voting. Congressman Paul advocates being politically active, with a reasonable understanding of the actual power structure, to guide objectives.

Here is one reason to get Homeland Security on the job of securing US election results. President Obama is afraid Russia is going to steal the US election for Trump. That would be cyber-war, for which America is well prepared, according to the President...

Legislation allowing victims of 9/11 to sue countries which are not on the "State-Sponsors-of-Terrorism" list may soon be permitted to sue Saudi Arabia, which may divest itself of US Treasuries and other holdings, in retaliation.
(Why is neocon Josh Bolton so against this bill that just unanimously passed Congress and has the votes to override a veto? Surely nobody would file suit against Israel. Preposterous! The Bush family is likewise deeply protected. Why worry?)

"Since 1980, when the gap between production and discovery began to appear, humanity has extracted about 47 percent more conventional oil than it has discovered."

Looking for Rain

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