Friday, September 9, 2016

Hosting Politicians

Visiting Friends,

At Dakota Access Pipeline protest and blockade, Green Presidential Candidate Jill Stein MD, vandalizes a bulldozer, while trespassing. 
Her bulldozer graffiti? "I approve this message."
She's been charged for these crimes.
Where are Trump, Clinton and that other guy, Gary Allepo?

The Kremlin really believes that Hillary Clinton wants to start a war with Russia. (It's a rational belief.)

There's a fragile cease fire in Ukraine, with all sides preparing for it to be broken, whenever that may next happen. (Gaining advantage just before winter freezes everything would be customary.)

North Korea has seemingly tested another nuclear weapon underground, the second this year. Missile testing has also been impressive in 2016. 
(North Korea would likely put a smallish warhead on an ICBM, designed to create an intense EMP, electromagnetic pulse, and knock out a large portion of the US grid and internet. High above Kansas would give the most bang for the Won.)

Mish Shedlock presents analysis that this central-bank-funded stock market bubble will soon pop, and social mood will get very ugly. He points out how ugly it already is among those who do not own stocks and overvalued houses. This applies to the western world, though focus is American. Ugly... Soon...

David Stockman says, "It won't be long now; the end game of central banking is nigh".

Here are parts 2 and 3 of "Negative Interest Rate and the War on Cash. 
The main point is that central (and all) banks need to be able to reduce all assets, everywhere, not just the ones on their books. "Your money" is "currency" , not a "store of value" in this game. Banks must win this game, as they have done for centuries. 
Why fight it? Right? You are a renter, not an owner, and you really know it. 
Lets be honest with ourselves and just lose everything, huh? 
No? What'cha propose?

Missing Microbes, How Antibiotics can Do Harm.  We Kill Germs at Our Own Peril,  Thanks Solana

Newly discovered parasitic flatworm is named Baracktrema Obamai, an immortal honor, secondary only to the Nobel Peace Prize.

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