Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Parasitic Illness

Perfect Hosts,

Who are the parasites? 
Classical economics looks at that question rather piercingly, which is why wealthy capitalists began endowing universities for economists they liked, "neoclassical" and "neoliberal" economists, who justify what ever pays their salaries, which is global-multinational-financial-capitalism.
Henry George and Karl Marx cut more directly to the issues of production, allocation, and parasitism. 

Google search rankings are biased about 3 million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton, by best recent academic analysis. (That is looking more and more inadequate, but there's always the electronic vote counting..)

How Sick is Hillary? Look at updates 3 and 4, written by an Internal Medicine doc. He analyzes and writes well, and does not diagnose from afar, but lays out what the common causes are for what we all see on video snippets. He's suspecting  cardiac arrhythmias and automatic defibrillator events, which he sees a lot of.  (I agree with what he says, but he downplays psychomotor epilepsy on the crazy laughter , coughing mechanically, and weird utterances, video snippets, which I think look like psychomotor-epilepsy/complex-partial-seizures. She certainly has a medical history that could cause those.) Thanks Ryan.

The Independent UK asks, "What happens if Hillary's Clinton's health problems force her out of the race for the White House?" We'll see this question asked more.

Charles Hugh Smith says "It's Time to Bring Back Bernie".
Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself to be President of the United States because she is incapable of telling the truth about anything.
This process of replacing explanations and narratives, interspersed with attacks on anyone who questioned the previous narrative, is repeated until the perception management result is satisfactory. Hillary is clearly incapable of honesty--the word has no meaning, because all communication is aimed at concealing or obscuring the facts of the matter and defending what is visibly indefensible as if perception management is the same as the truth. It is not the same, but Hillary is incapable of discerning the difference.

Ants are destroying your plants by nurturing perfect aphid colonies. Really.

Pulling Off Ticks

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