Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Speaking Out Of Turn

Contradicting the Teacher,

US Senator Richard Black (R.Va.) "We have never done anything more loathsome or despicable than what we're doing in Syria." Thanks Eleni.
This 70 year old USMC Vietnam vet takes a principled stand on the decade of US sponsored intrigue, leading up to the manufactured US-backed "Syrian uprising", which really didn't recruit very many Syrians. Senator Black has gone to Syria, toured Syria, met with Syrians at all levels, and discusses his experiences and insights here.

Who is Dick Black?

The US is ramping up for another wave of war in Libya, to regain the control of oil, local power, and the flow of Africans, Middle-Easterners and Asians to Europe.
(This all seemed like such a good idea when we needed Gaddafi's piles of weapons to arm our jihadis in Syria. It's all sour and stagnating now. Needs more blood and money!) More thanks, Eleni

This article from the Saker blog looks at post-Soviet Russia from an internal perspective, which is very different from what we see in the controlled-media West. It makes a lot of sense. The covert actions carried out by the neocons running our empire are clearly seen when they are aimed at you. These actions have been unsuccessful, increasingly unsuccessful. The world is taking heart. There is hope. We will also be better off without the neocons.
Thanks again, Eleni.

Prisoners of Europe, the human experiences of the refugees from the horrors of (our) wars, who are turned into an irregular force against European communities.
These humans are suffering deeply, would rather be at home, but a war is being made there.

"The cost of keeping the Eurozone together probably exceeds the cost of breaking it up", Joseph Stiglitz

The term “conspiracy theory” did not exist as a phrase in everyday American conversation before 1964. The conspiracy-theory label entered the American lexicon of political speech as a catchall for criticisms of the Warren Commission’s conclusion that President Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman with no assistance from, or foreknowledge by, any element of the United States government.

Our oceans have absorbed over 93% of the heat of global warming. They are sick, sicker than we comprehend, and getting sicker.

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