Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Unreality TV

Mud Rasslin',

I just watched the most TV I've watched in the new millennium (most of the debate).
Hillary looked really uncomfortable with her lies about black injustice for some reason. I was surprised. I don't know what's up.
She looked uncomfortable talking about cybersecurity (ok...I get THAT)
Donald started out seeming thoughtful, but by halfway through he was a narcissist who couldn't shut up when he was hurting himself, and Hillary smiled more and looked grand and imperial and haughty. She got into her stride talking about killing people and name-dropping  world leaders and targets. Donald was just snitty, and kept his whining teenage girl face on.
I think he said he would not have nuclear fist strike policy, but then he said "North Korea" and "not take anything off the table", so I don't know.
He talks like he's pals with Bibi Netanyahu. Shit!
The rest of the world got no indication here of anything but more killing by the empire, and Trump wants to extract more tribute of a monetary sort, pretending "we aren't paid enough for all our nice defending of allies."
Can our owners really be in 2 factions with these 2 dogs in the fight?
There is no hope for humanity in these candidates.
We must really look to ourselves, and to be as helpful as we can to help each other, and those who are in acute need.

Trump/Clinton debate, "a degrading spectacle" according to World Socialist Website. 
"Whatever the outcome of the election, whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton replaces Barack Obama in the White House, the next administration will be the most reactionary government in the history of the country, committed to a program of imperialist war, social austerity and attacks on democratic rights."

Most polls say Trump "won" the debate. (I see a whole world full of losers, myself.)

Elizabeth Warren is setting up a shadow-cabinet for Hillary Clinton's administration. (I think it could easily transfer to a democratic October-surprise-replacement candidate, such as Warren, Biden, or Sanders.  

US and Turkey have begun WW-3 in Syria, and it is a war against Russia.

If elected President of France, Marine LePen will recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

Facing Reality

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