Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Light And Heat

Increasingly Less Fooled,

Trump takes 7 point lead in LA Times poll, as blacks ditch Clinton. (Most other polls have them about even. Barack Obama says he'll be hurt if blacks leave Clinton, but blacks already know, from Colin Powell's emails, that Obama doesn't like Clinton, and she despises him.) 

Despite denying it, Hillary Clinton's main aide, Sidney Blumenthal, really did pay to dig up information to implicate Barack Obama as having been born in Kenya. 
Busted by emails. Don't tell black folks, ok?

The former Haitian Senate Leader has gone public that Hillary Clinton tried to bribe him, promising he would be "the richest man in Haiti" if he would conspire with the Clinton Foundation plans to squeeze wealth out of the rebuilding attempts for that desperately poor country. He didn't, and she revoked his visa. I think black folks already heard about this.

Clinton is picking up votes in other demographic categories, where Trump is losing them, particularly in the Bush family. They have been trying to keep this quiet, but George HW Bush has told a blabbermouth Kennedy that he's voting for Hillary this time. (Black folks and young people should be ok with that, right? He's just an old man now.)

14 pro-Clinton super PACs and non-profits are implicated in money laundering.

 On Saturday U.S. airplanes attacked the most important Syrian government position in Deir Ezzor. Nearly a hundred Syrian soldiers were killed and most of the heavy equipment the Deir Ezzor garrison had left was destroyed. Immediately after the attack fighters of the Islamic State occupied the bombed out government positions. These Islamic States fighters now own the heights above the Deir Ezzor airport. A day later the Islamic State shot down a Syrian government plane near Deir Ezzor. The city and its 150,000+ inhabitants are surrounded by the Islamic State. They had been supplied from Damascus by nightly flights to the airport. As the Islamic State now has fire-control over the airport as well as anti-air weapons those supply flights are no longer possible. The U.S. air attack practically closed down the Syrian government ability to supply the city. If this situation continues the city will fall to the Islamic State. The U.S. plan is to eventually take Raqqa by using Turkish or Kurdish proxies. It also plans to let the Iraqi army retake Mosul in Iraq. The only major city in Islamic State territory left between those two is Deir Ezzor. Should IS be able to take it away from the isolated Syrian army garrison it has at least a decent base to survive. (Conveniently there are also rich oil wells nearby.) No one, but the hampered Syrian state, would have an immediate interest to remove it from there.

 We [Syrian soldiers] first thought the aircraft are support to us after the first 2 shots, but we quickly found out that they are targeting our forces aggressively, while we were fighting IS terrorists. The aircraft used cluster bombs against us.- A day before the airstrikes, the [US] drones were flying and scanning all the area- The US air-strikes destroyed all our equipment and defense points.  
- IS fighters attacked us immediately after and during the US strikes. Some of them were laughing
- US drones and helicopters opened fire from machine guns on our retreated forces
- It for sure wasn’t a mistake, they targeted us intentionally to help IS.         
“Nobody believes in it. You’re like, ‘Fuck this,’” a former Green Beret says of America’s covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian militias. “Everyone on the ground knows they are jihadis. No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort, and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘Fuck it, who cares?’”
Saudi Arabia is using horrific , American made  white phosporous bombs and shells against people in Yemen.       

"To avoid secondary movement to the rest of Europe, that means keeping asylum seekers on the islands for the most part,” Bertaud said also and threw the ball in the court of the Greek government. She said “the Greek government had described the situation as being under control. Transfers to the mainland would remain limited,” Bertaud said. [Concentration-Camp-Lesvos: That's it, the "solution". Thanks, Eleni]
Elections to the Russian Duma show very high levels of agreement and sharing of purpose among Russians. Thanks Eleni
"Bankers in Sweden and Austria, Germany and Britain are about to discover that extending credit to nations that can’t (or won’t) pay may be their problem, not that of their debtors. No one wants to accept the fact that debts that can’t be paid, won’t be." (Massive structural defaults are about to end the Euro as a "hard currency", in Michael Hudson's analysis. History is about to rhyme again, as it faces global mountains of unpayable debt, with collateral that's no longer worth the loan.)     

Yes, it is technically feasible to build a sustainable-energy infrastructure, using "seed-corn" of fossil fuels, without exceeding 2 degrees C of global warming. Whether there is a political path to this, remains the very open question. (We comfortable human herd should expect to be shocked by a huge crisis for such an abrupt change in direction of our stampede. That usually means war and acute fear of death.) 

Loss of the reflectivity of ice sheets and ice caps, causing acceleration of global warming, as brown dirt soaks up the sun, is one tipping mechanism looked at here. The massive release of methane from thawing "permafrost" is another, and it is way bigger than is being openly discussed.

Seeing the Light

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