Thursday, September 15, 2016

No Internet

Minefield Messengers,

Someone is learning to take down the internet. (I suspect a lot of "someones" need this capability these days, mostly state-actors, from North Korea and Israel on up. This weapon of mass destruction has to be really widespread.)

Hillary Clinton offers Colin Powell condolences that his email got hacked. 
The hack was of Powell saying that he really didn't want to vote for Hillary, listed her character flaws, said she was a friend, and that Bill was "still dicking bimbos" at their house.

Ballotpedia looks at what it takes for the Democratic PArty to replace a presidential candidate on the ballot. It takes time, which is tightening every day that passes, and a lot of "cooperation" from the states. I suspect discussions are quietly underway. Thanks Eleni.

How Israel Stole The Bomb (and a few hundred pounds of weapons grade enriched uranium from the US) Thanks Eleni. And thanks again, LBJ!

Syria files formal complaint with the UN after Israeli air force attacks Syrian army. Syria reports taking down a fighter and a drone. Israel is increasingly aggressive in supporting ISIS against Syria. Thanks Eleni.

Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte didn't mean to slur Barack Obama by calling him the "son of a whore". He really meant it for the United States, which has had the Philippines as an actual and virtual colony for over a century, with untold murders of Filipinos. He's getting much friendlier with China and Russia, and may buy weapons systems from them. This throws down the gauntlet.

David Stockman's article looks at the Government Accounting Office (GAO) investigation of laxity in Obamacare subsidy standards. The GAO put in 15 fake applications, all with glaring errors and omissions, and they all went through, with government subsidies totaling $60,000. (Major insurers are still pulling out, due to financial losses. This is about subsidizing the big private players who actually get those subsidies. In the next collapse we should probably get Medicare-for-All.)

The Iraq war cost $3 trillion ("still going!") and other little secrets of the imperial military complex. Where does that money come from? How long will China take it?

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