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Harmonizing Concepts

 Engaged in Life,

  The unifying theme, if any, to the news links today is that we are in a world undergoing rapid change, after three centuries of industrialization driven by fossil fuels, mining, and advances in mechanical, then electrical and electronic technology. Our human numbers are multiplied by ten in that time, while the number of wild animals is much less than a tenth of what it was. The climate of earth is different, and changing, and there is a lot of pollution of many kinds, including in our processed foods. 
  I am not scare-mongering about climate and pollution. We just need to cope and adapt. 
  When we look at geological epochs, inhabited by life-forms, we see that mammals are pretty adaptable. We are unusually adaptable mammals.
  What we may rightly fear is that a lot of us won't make the transition. None of us lives very long, but we don't want to freeze and starve to death or be murdered in war. The elites of human societies walk upon a raft of the rest of us, who are treading water. Their interests naturally differ from our interests. They want to walk, not to tread-water.
  As our interests diverge, we must look to our own near term and longer term survival within a new context of less energy and more localization. We have the same human needs. We need to secure the means of providing our food, water, shelter, fuel and community.
  The elites control us through narratives which are usually false, or at least misleading. We see that in the COVID-pandemic control-narratives, which did not beat the pandemic, but actually increased human deaths, denying effective antiviral treatments, then pushing "vaccines" which kill more than save.
  We now see Nuclear War as the next control-narrative. It's powerful and desperate, very risky, but the real war is the war of financial systems, between the western banking and military system, which shifted to the $US around WW-2.  The new competitor, the BRICS system, is not based upon debt, but upon physical goods: oil, gold, wheat and other-commodities. A debt based monetary system requires trust that debts will be repaid, which is evaporating. There is fear of reprisal for leaving the system, but the Russian army going against NATO forces in Syria, now Ukraine, is reducing that concern. It is a critical last stand for the $US empire. Russia must be openly punished to sustain the western financial system. Tributary countries are already quietly backing away...

Houston, The CDC Has a Problem, Part 2 of 3The Ethical Skeptic (Forensic analysis of data manipulation of statistics by the CDC, and showing that data as it would have appeared before the recent data-system overhaul, shows the resultant falsifications, and how they were accomplished. The author has professionally analyzed corporate embezzlement multiple times. This is similar.)
​​  Official data compromised so as to portray disinformation, is the warning sign that an entity, ostensibly one granted a government-authorized monopoly, under joint action to serve the American Public, is no longer serving science nor their fellow citizen – rather only social doctrines and out-of-control politics.​..​
​..​The National Vital Statistics System Upgrade (the ‘System Upgrade’) afforded the CDC a timeframe inside which it could alter 22 weeks of NCHS-MMWR data. During this window of opportunity the CDC surreptitiously removed excess death records from its database, and adjusted the policies and techniques as to how ICD-10 mortality codes were populated with state death certificate data thereafter.​..
​..Excess Cancer Mortality is being concealed through Cancer MCoD categorical reassignment to Covid-19 UCoD.
​  ​Sudden Adult Deaths are being concealed by holding Pericarditis-Myocarditis-Conductive heart related deaths inside the R00-R99 temporary disposition bucket, far longer than per historical practice, thereby falsely depleting the associated ICD-10 mortality trend for these related deaths.
​  ​Finally, the CDC is using the exact opposite technique, exploiting Multiple Cause of Death attributions and adding in completely fictitious deaths as well, in order to make its mRNA vaccines appear to be performing better than they are.
​  ​The CDC is using Multiple Cause of Death categorical gaming, and is creating novel death counts, in order to counterfeit an appearance that the unvaccinated are dying at a rate twelve times that of the vaccinated.
  Full accounting details and graphic representations follow. This is why reporters are finding things in raw data, which are not found in official CDC reports.

  New York has been a stronghold of the COVID-19 political-compliance control-narratives.
NYC Government Employee Vaccine Mandate has been Defeated, Declared 𝙐𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙩𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡

​  This detailed essay looks at each aspect of the current wars of global reset, which I briefly alluded to in the introduction. 
I pick one excerpt about the financial warfare between American and European banking interests, which is not much discussed. 
US banking and economy profit greatly from reserve-currency status, a cornucopia of free(ish) stuff from the whole world.
  Whichever side is losing or winning should consider a deal with the BRICS system, ahead of the competing western-banking interests. Europe is now a banking-war zone.​
The Many Interwoven ‘Wars’ – A Rough Guide Through the Fog​ , Alastair Crooke​
​  ​The Fed may keep raising rates for some time – even at the price of some market, hedge fund and small business collapse. Powell has the support of certain big New York banks who see the writing on the wall for the liberal-woke model: An end to their banking business as bailouts go digital and are paid straight into claimants’ bank accounts (as Governor Lael Brainard has proposed).
​  ​Powell says little (he is likely to stay clear of partisan U.S. politics at this sensitive moment).
​  ​The Fed however, may be attempting to implement a contrarian, controlled demolition of the U.S. bubble-economy, orientated precisely to haul America back onto more traditional financial tracks. To break the ‘leveraged-asset culture’ … You begin to resolve the huge societal inequality divide that the Fed has helped create, through QE facilitating giant asset bubbles … You begin to rejuvenate an American economy by ending the distortions. You dissipate the urge toward civil war because the issue no longer becomes just between ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.
​  ​This vision may itself be a tad utopian, yet break the ‘everything bubble’, break the leverage culture, and it stops the ratchetting extreme of bubble beneficiaries versus 18 straight months of U.S. falling real wages.
​  ​But … but this is only possible if nothing systemic breaks.

​Pepe Escobar looks at battlefield-Europe, with compromised EU leaders owned by competing interests, largely NATO.
​  ​Europe is peppered with American military bases.
​  ​All those bases may play the role of major terror bases – very much like in Syria, in al-Tanf and the Eastern Euphrates. The US lost the long proxy war in Syria – where it instrumentalized jihadis – but still has not been expelled.
​  ​In this process of Syrianization of Europe, US military bases may become ideal centers to regiment and/or “train” squads of Eastern Europe émigrés, whose only job opportunity, apart from the drug business and organ trafficking, will be as – what else – imperial mercenaries, fighting whatever focus of civil disobedience emerges across an impoverished EU.
​  ​It goes without saying that this New Model Army will be fully sanctioned by the Brussels EUrocracy – which is merely the public relations arm of NATO.
​  ​A de-industrialized EU enmeshed into several layers of toxic intra-war, where NATO plays its time-tested role of Robocop, is the perfect Mad Max scenario juxtaposed to what would be, at least in the reveries of American Straussians/neo-cons, an island of prosperity: the US economy, the ideal destination for Global Capital, including European Capital.
​  ​The Empire will “lose” its pet project, Ukraine. But it will never accept losing the European “garden.”

​  ​Moscow has discussed the threat of Kiev potentially using a “dirty bomb” with London and Washington at the level of the chiefs of the General Staff, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.​.. ​Moscow has been warning Western nations about Kiev’s alleged plans to use a “dirty bomb” to frame Russia for quite some time. The West, however, has remained largely dismissive of such warnings.
​  ​Earlier on Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Kiev wants to frame Moscow as a “nuclear terrorist” by accusing it of using weapons of mass destruction and thus potentially launching a “powerful anti-Russia campaign.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also stated that the West’s disbelief in this scenario does not make the threat any less pressing.

​Ukraine has to make the move (but we told our puppet not to move.)​ Nuclear-Armageddon threat is necessary for the good of the nation.
​  ​US officials have dismissed the idea of direct talks with Moscow without Kiev’s involvement, after some 30 Democratic representatives wrote a letter urging President Joe Biden to pursue a diplomatic end to the conflict in Ukraine.
​  ​“We’ve been very clear: Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Monday, adding that “this is a decision that President [Vladimir] Zelensky is going to have to make when it comes to any type of conversation with Russia, any type of negotiation.”

​  Video and transcript of Russian warning to UN security Council about Ukrainian attacks against civilians with US-targeted specialty munitions​, as well as extrajudicial reprisal killings of civilians in contested cities, taken by Ukrainian forces. The threat of dirty-bomb fallout persists, from the Zaporozhye nuclear plant targeted shelling, and also from a "dirty-bomb" false-flag attack, which MI-6 in the UK is rumored to be coordinating with Ukrainian forces. Reading the transcript saves a lot of time.

  I am told that the US military has taken their important chip manufacturing lines out of Taiwan already this summer, and that critical Taiwanese manufacturing plants have been prepared for quick explosive demolition by company workers, which would avoid civilian casualties from American military attacks to deny them to China in the event of invasion. 
  Other critical manufacturing lines may move to the US, Japan, even India, but the global monopoly on chip manufacturing, which is embodied in TSMC cannot move. It is a uniquely Taiwanese manufacturing economy and global supply chain node.
​  ​As of right now, the West's goal is to break up Taiwan's chip hub, though, as we noted earlier, TSMC's Chang warned that any such move would fail.
​  ​However, TSMC customers are already looking to diversify production out of the region, as explained by Sebastian Hou, managing director at Neuberger Berman, an investment management company:
​  ​"There have been some concerns among TSMC customers since two years ago ... It was the time when in Taiwan we started to have more fighter jets from China hovering around the Taiwan Strait, and that has become a daily routine."
​  ​So far, those customers include Qualcomm and Nvidia, who have recently stated that some chip production from TSMC's facilities would be shifted elsewhere.
​  ​Hanbury said the big question would be if Apple changes manufacturing partners due to the increasing risks in the Taiwan Strait.
​  ​"Taiwan's monopoly in semiconductor production creates instability," Brad Martin, director of the National Security Supply Chain Institute at the Rand Corporation, said. "If the US is faced with a need to make a decision between protecting its economy and defending Taiwan, that starts to become a very stark decision."

​  This Biden-corruption may be the point around which a transfer of power may be negotiated after US midterms. 
It is feasible to scapegoat the Biden family for "mistakes made" and have a national policy pivot away from so many currently failing policies.   This cannot actually happen without so many special-interests and deep-state players getting taken-care-of that it is hard to envision. Still, in history changes do come, and they tend to come in big packages after a long period of systemic stagnation, so it would be timely. A power-transition can't happen without a lot of serious deal-making, and some losers. Nobody wants to lose.​
​  ​A year-long exploration of Hunter Biden’s laptop has yielded a 630-page report that its authors say document 459 violations of state and federal laws and regulations by President Joe Biden’s son and his business partners.

​  Plastic formulations and container formats could change to optimize the channeling of plastic into incineration for electrical generation. Lots of toxic compounds are released into the air. It's an industrial scale undertaking, done in some places already. Reusable grocery bags, OK?
​  ​Recycling plastic a ‘failed concept’ – Greenpeace
Only 5% of US household waste was recycled in 2021, so “systemic changes” are needed, the organization said​...
​..​“Instead of continuing on this false path, companies in the US and around the world must urgently phase out single-use plastics by replacing their packaging with reuse and refill systems and offering packaging-free products,” it said.

​  Professor Ugo Bardi does not focus on human evolution, or climate change here, but on the evolution of forest ecosystems over hundreds of millions of years, which happens to include a lot of those finer points, but does not get distracted by them. There is a lot of useful information integrated into this work of revelatory insight​.
The Great Cycle of Earth's Forests
​​  A forest is a magnificent, structured, and functional entity where the individual elements -- trees -- work together to ensure the survival of the ensemble. Each tree pumps water and nutrients all the way to the crown by the mechanism called evapotranspiration. The condensation of the evaporated water triggers the phenomenon called the "biotic pump" that benefits all the trees by pumping water from the sea. Each tree pumps down the carbohydrates it manufactures using photosynthesis to its mycorrhizal space, the underground system of roots and fungi that extracts mineral nutrients for the tree. The whole "rhizosphere" -- the root space -- forms a giant brain-like network that connects the trees to each other, sometimes termed "the Wood Wide Web." It is an optimized environment where almost everything is recycled.​..

​  This article is very well explained, with good graphics and video representations. I like the search for fundamental understanding of reality.
​Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’

Imagining Complexity (picturing our first developing stalk of bananas)

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