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 Publicly Insulted,

​  ​Putin Decries "Act Of Terrorism" On Crimean Bridge, Identifies Ukraine Secret Services As Culprits
​  ​"The authors, perpetrators and sponsors are the Ukrainian secret services," Putin said during a meeting with the head of the investigation committee, according to a video shared by the Kremlin.
"There is no doubt this is a terrorist act aimed at destroying critical Russian civilian infrastructure," Putin added.
The Investigative Committee head also said that the Federal Security Service (FSB) had identified the suspects that were involved in the attack.

​  ​Report: US Special Operations Forces are on the Ground in Ukraine
 ​The CIA initially predicted that Kyiv would fall quickly to Russia, but after it became clear that wouldn’t happen, the Biden administration sent its covert assets back into Ukraine.
​  ​The report said that US clandestine operations inside Ukraine “are now far more extensive than they were early in the war, when US intelligence officials were fearful that Russia would steamroll over the Ukrainian army.”
​  ​Several current and former intelligence officials said that there “is a much larger presence of both CIA and US special operations personnel and resources in Ukraine than there were at the time of the Russian invasion in February.”​ ...
​..​The Intercept report said the covert operations inside Ukraine are being conducted under a covert presidential finding that indicates President Biden has quietly notified Congress of a “broad program of clandestine operations inside the country.”

​  Moon of Alabama (excerpts not in order)
Boris Rozhin, aka Colonel Cassad, reported on Telegraph (machine translation):
  Today there was a sortie of foreign mercenaries in the Zaporozhye direction, which included, among other things, American special forces soldiers. They were so self-confident that they decided to carry out reconnaissance in battle with this stellar squadron. However, they did not take into account the presence of our units in this zone, which are able to maintain secrecy on the air, and suffered losses...

  On the increasing failures of Starlink communications in Ukrainian battlefield setting recently:
  At the beginning of the war the Ukrainian military was supplied with thousands of Starlink ground terminals that can connect to the swarms of small Starlink satellites, which were financed by the Pentagon, but managed by Elon Musk's companies. They allowed for communication between Ukrainian ground units as well as for general command and control of larger operations. Without Starlink the Ukrainian command will depend on cable based field telephone, runners and couriers. All of which are extremely vulnerable in an artillery rich environment.
  Since 2001 Russia developed the Tirada 2 electromagnetic system which can disable ground to satellite traffic in specific areas...
​  ​The Kerch bridges which connect Crimea with Russia, one for cars and one for trains, were sabotaged. At least one of the two road spans has fallen down while tanker rail cars on the parallel train bridge caught fire.​..​This is a severe handicap for Russian logistics to the frontlines in south Ukraine but not a catastrophe as alternative rail and road routes, as well as ferries, are available. Military logistics is designed to work even under significant constrains. It will find ways to work around the problem.

​  Pepe Escobar: Nordstream 2 Offers Germany a Date with Destiny​ (excerpts not in order)
​  ​It started with Gazprom revealing that the Line B string of NS2 is intact; not only it escaped Pipeline Terror but may “potentially” be used to pump gas to Germany...​  ​Pipeline Terror was a desperate gambit to keep Germany from concluding a sanctions carve-out for the Nord Streams with Russia.
​  ​A secret channel of negotiation was in effect.
 It’s enlightening to consider that all previous actions by Berlin and Moscow, delaying and restricting the gas flow, were carried out to keep the Empire from following through on its threat of terminating NS2.​..
​  Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak followed up, with a caveat: restoration of the whole system, including NS, is possible, and “requires time and appropriate funds”. But first, in Russia’s order of priorities, the perpetrators must be conclusively identified.​..
.​.N​either Russia nor the Nord Stream operators are allowed to investigate Pipeline Terror. Russia insists that without its participation the investigation is flawed..
​..​Line B is capable of pumping 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas a year, which happens to be half of the total capacity of NS.​ (1/4 of NS + NS-2 total flow)​...
​..T​he “investigation” of how Pipeline Terror happened feels like Kafka rewritten by NATO.
The operators of NS and NS2 – Nord Stream AG and Swiss-based Nord Stream 2 AG – cannot reach the scene of the crime because of absurd restrictions imposed by the Danes and the SwedesThe operators need no less than 20 working days to obtain the “permits” to carry out their own inspections.​..
..It’s NATO investigating itself – Sweden is about to enter NATO – with no Russians allowed. All top working hypotheses on Pipeline Terror point to an intra-NATO dirty op against NATO member Germany.
​  ​So any disturbing evidence pointing to NATO actors may conveniently “disappear” or be tampered with during these long 20 days necessary for the “permits” to be issued.​..
​..The Morgenthau Plan after WWII was concocted to literally starve Germany to death via the destruction of the Ruhr coalmines. It’s strikingly similar to the Straussian plan by American neocon psychos to cut Germany off from Russian natural gas by bombing NS and NS2.​..
​..US intel was very much aware of the rapprochement between Berlin and Moscow. Striking NS and NS2 was the signature gambit of the Morgenthau Plan remixed by the Straussian/neocon combo.​..
​..​Germany may have its own destiny on its hands after all. Just turn on the switch on NS2.

​  Polemos finds important discontinuities of the MonkeyWerx timeline of the P-8 Poseidon​ flying over the Nordstream pipelines the night they were sabotaged. It does not appear that a direct attack on the pipelines by the naval attack aircraft is plausible. It may have been evaluating damage, since it was overhead after the explosions. The P-8 did leave Iceland, not the US, before the explosions occurred that night. There was a large Sikorsky military helicopter over the scene that night also.

​  ​Elon Musk, Former PayPal Exec Led Backlash Before PayPal Abandoned Plan To Fine Users $2,500 For ‘Misinformation’​  
“Seriously, close your PayPal account immediately if they don’t reverse this today,” replied Scott Adams, creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip.

​  Meryl Nass MD: ​The first day of my Medical Board hearing (to end the suspension of my license) is October 11 at 1 pm
It will be live-streamed and live-blogged. I will be the first witness.  
There is a link to the live-stream. Witness history! 
  Dr. Nass was suspended for treating COVID with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin based antiviral therapies. Not a single patient filed a complaint about his or her care; not one.

 Dr. Peter McCullough's last tweet   “Are the kids OK?” is the video the media definitely doesn’t want you to see or share.  
Steve Kirsch, and the video at this link.  Maybe you can get this to a couple of Dr. McCullough's half-million former-Twitter-followers.

​  Dr. McCullo​u​gh emailed me this:  ​Welcome to Substack from Dr. Peter McCullough with John Leake​  ​Yes! We are starting a Substack!

​  ​Florida Surgeon General: Covid mRNA vaccine found to cause 84% increase in DEATH for men ages 18-39
The analysis found that "there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination."

​  ​T​​witter Removes, Then Reinstates Florida Surgeon General's Covid Vaccine Warning Tweet
Twitter appears to have pulled a PayPal, and promptly re-instated the post in question after blowback on the social media site about the censoring. As of about noon on the East Coast Sunday, the Tweet was once again showing up under Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo's feed.

​  Jessica Rose Ph.D. looks at "case-self-control" with each vaccine recipient 28 days before and 28 days after the injection even.​
The self-controlled case series study in Florida that shows increased risk of cardiac-related death
Here's what it all means...
​..​It is a powerful technique in that the controls are built-in - each individual included in the study comprises a case (individuals who have experienced the outcome of interest) with an observation time divided into control and risk periods, depending on when they were injected with a biological, in this case.

​  This is actually "real-news".  Steve Kirsch has the story:​  
Australia has solved the vaccine hesitancy problem: they offer a free funeral gift card with your vaccine
If you die from the vaccine, they'll pay for your funeral. So now, you have no reason to say "No." One minor problem: the payment is not guaranteed. Your next of kin still has to apply.

Avoiding That Risk  
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  1. Any articles on Novavax shot? Any idea if the same side effects are experienced with it?

    1. There was a lot of interest in Novavax as a less-evil COVID-19 vaccine last year, including myself.
      Now, you are injecting January 2020 spike protein into people for no good reason, since it is not something that they stand to be infected by.
      It is still less-bad than the others, since it does not trick your cells into making spike protein, but is no more useful. Having had any COVID infection is more useful.