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Dr. Stein Zip Tied And Arrested

 Resisting Injustice,

  Israel Rejects Calls for Independent Investigation Into Mass Graves 
  Leaders from the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) have called for an independent investigation into the mass graves that were discovered in Palestine. Volker Türk, the UN Human Rights Chief, said on Tuesday that an independent investigation into the mass graves - not an Israeli one - is needed “given the prevailing climate of impunity.”
  When asked by reporters about the mass graves, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Nadav Shoshani disregarded the reports as “fake news.” He also asked, “investigate what?” When asked if Israel will investigate the mass grave reports, he claimed that Israel had already looked into the report and found no evidence of wrongdoing.
“We gave answers. We don’t bury people in mass graves. Not something we do,” said Shoshani, without providing details of the investigation.
However, a US official who requested anonymity said the US is not “in a position” to validate Israel’s claims.

  Khan Younis Mass Grave: Bodies Beheaded and with Signs of Organ Removed…
For the Israeli awful Black Market revealed by our investigation on Western traffic in NATO protected countries!

  US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said On Wednesday that Washington wanted to see the circumstances surrounding the hundreds of deaths “thoroughly and transparently investigated.”

  Netanyahu: ‘ICC decisions will not affect Israel’s actions, right to defend itself’
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on X: “Under my leadership, Israel will never accept any attempt by the ICC to undermine its inherent right of self-defence. The threat to seize the soldiers and officials of the Middle East’s only democracy and the world’s only Jewish state is outrageous. We will not bow to it.”
  “Israel will continue to wage to victory our just war against genocidal terrorists and we will never stop defending ourselves,” he added.
  Netanyahu also noted: “While the ICC will not affect Israel’s actions, it would set a dangerous precedent that threatens the soldiers and officials of all democracies fighting savage terrorism and wanton aggression.”
  Netanyahu’s statement comes in light of Israeli fears of the legal repercussions that may result from the cases being considered by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel, which may lead to the issuance of international arrest warrants against senior Israeli officials, including the prime minister himself, due to the war on Gaza.

​  I think the question is "when", not "if"​. Who deserves it more?  Israel Reportedly Concerned Biden May Throw Netanyahu ‘Under the Bus’ at ICC

U.S. memo shows Israelis violating international law​ ,  Leaked document highlights concern within the State Department

  Active Duty US and UK Special Forces "advisers" were reportedly killing Palestinians in Gaza, too.  Israel uses foreign mercenaries in Gaza  [$2200-$4200/wk, now hiring.]
The US are trying to make the Kurds partners with Israel. But, many Kurds take the side of the people of Gaza and the Palestinian resistance.
  Israel intends to use PKK terrorists in its land attack on Gaza as it does not want to send its own soldiers into the tunnels of Hamas. Nearly 2,000 terrorists and mercenaries from Europe, Iraq, Syria and the US have moved into Israel. Peshmerga forces from northern Iraq have also been sent to the frontlines in Israel.

​  Israeli officials are threatening to invade Rafah if a hostage deal is not reached amid Egyptian and Qatari-mediated negotiations with Hamas.
​  Axios reported on Friday that Israeli officials told their Egyptian counterparts that Israel is giving Hamas “one last chance” to reach a deal. If an agreement is not reached, Israel will order a ground invasion of Rafah, which is packed with over 1 million civilians.
​  Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Saturday that Israel could suspend its plans to launch an assault on Rafah. “If there is a deal, we will suspend the operation,” he said. “The release of the hostages is a deep priority for us.”​  
["Suspend" is not "cancel", is it? Can't trust these guys...]​

  ​I keep looking for a "good-cop".  Israel's Smotrich urges 'complete destruction' of Gaza instead of truce talks  Far-right minister condemns indirect negotiations with Hamas and calls for their assassination across the globe

Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla' blocked in TurkeyThe alliance of NGOs and groups failed to set sail after Guinea-Bissau withdrew their flagged vessels.

​  World Central Kitchen announces resumption of work in Gaza​ , The World Central Kitchen (WCK) yesterday announced the resumption of its operations in the Gaza Strip after ceasing work following Israel’s targeted assassination of seven of its staff on 1 April​

The United States has thus far arrested more than 700 pro-Palestinian protesters as universities all over the US are protesting the Israeli genocide.

​  I happen to be wearing one of the 100 "Jill Stein MD, President 2016" t-shirts I had made (in green-on-green) as I read this. Dr. Stein wears a "small". I gave her one:  
US Presidential candidate arrested at anti-Israel protest​ , Jill Stein has accused the Jewish state of committing “genocide” in Gaza​  
​  Jill Stein of the US Green Party has been arrested at a pro-Palestinian rally at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Stein’s arrest came amid a nationwide crackdown on anti-Israel demonstrations.
​  Stein, her campaign manager, and her deputy campaign manager were among 100 people detained at a protest camp on Washington University’s campus on Saturday. Video footage shows the 73-year-old being led away from the camp by three police officers, her hands apparently bound behind her back with zip ties.
​  The encampment was set up to demand that the university divest from Boeing, which manufactures arms used by the Israeli military to strike Gaza, Stein’s campaign manager, Jason Call, said in a statement.

Videos show brazen police brutality across U.S. universities at the demand of Israel​

  Caitlin Johnstone, Gen Z Just Might Save The World  
  Northeastern University brought in the police to break up a pro-Palestine demonstration, claiming antisemitic slurs and hate speech were being used by the demonstrators, but witnesses say it was actually pro-Israel counter-demonstrators who’d been shouting the antisemitic slogans, and a video confirms this. The pro-Israel agitators got some 100 demonstrators arrested by standing near them and shouting “Kill the Jews”, but they themselves were not arrested.   [Agents Provocateurs]

  Fast-Paced Russian Offensive Yields Over a Dozen Conquered Cities and Villages, as Ukrainian Morale Is Collapsing Along the Front, With Over 100K Troops Deserting Their Positions  [Don't be the last Ukrainian to get bombed to death for nothing.]

  Ukrainian soldiers have developed a new phobia due to Russian KABs (FABs)
  Russian guided (adjustable) aerial bombs (KABs), which belong to high-precision weapons, have developed a new phobia among the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters - they are now terrified of these bombs, which during flight make a sound similar to that of an airplane. The deputy commander of a tank company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleg Andronyak, spoke about this.
  Constantly, when I hear the sound of an airplane, even if I understand that it is ours, I still get scared, I begin to twist, I want to fall. Because I'm afraid of aviation. In frontline areas you constantly hear the sound of aircraft, because they fly to work.
Andronyak said that at some point he decided to fight his fear of airplanes. True, the idea soon had to be abandoned.
  Once I was in the dugout and went out for a smoke break. I’m standing, smoking, and hearing planes flying. I think: “Don’t be afraid, these are ours, everything is fine.” And then it turns out that it was not a plane, but a KAB that fell nearby. Stunned, I ran into that dugout. It's just that the KAB sounds like an airplane. And after this I think that I will continue to be afraid. I'd rather hide when I hear the sound of an airplane.

​  Panic moods are growing among the AFU soldiers on the front line, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with Russia TV channel journalist Pavel Zarubin on April 28.   “On the Ukrainian side, panic is growing on the fronts. <…> And this information comes directly from first-hand witnesses. There, from that side, panic is growing. It is very important for us now to maintain this dynamic. It is very important not to stop and go on the way to fulfill (the tasks of the special military operation),” Peskov said.​

​  Ukraine's Deep Manpower Shortage Overshadows Arms Deliveries​ [Dead, amputated, hiding out in Ukraine or other countries, never to be combatants]
​  Ukrainian military personnel are increasingly deserting, Oleynyk added.
"I've analyzed the situation for the first quarter of this year: about 20,000 criminal cases related to desertion have been opened over the past three months," he said. "In general, it is believed that about 100,000 deserters are on the run​ 
[or they are dead, with benefits not being paid]. How many cases have been sent to court? Over these three months only 80 criminal cases were sent to court. This shows that even the judicial system does not want to consider these cases, because officials are afraid of later revenge by those convicted."​

  ​Andrew Korybko, Ukraine’s Top Five Challenges Are Unsolvable
​  These unsolvable challenges have converged to create a full-fledged crisis for Ukraine that Commander-in-Chief Syrsky is unable to resolve, which is why he candidly informed Ukraine’s partners that “the difficult operational and strategic situation…has a tendency to get worse.” Unless Ukraine agrees to demilitarize the regions still under its control east of the Dnieper and turn them into a buffer zone, the front might collapse by summertime, which could either lead to capitulation or a NATO intervention.

  Simplicius , SITREP 4/27/24: U.S. Admits Top Weapons Failures to Superior Russian EW
  The Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, William Laplante, just dropped a major bombshell which should dim any hopes of major ATACMS triumphs ...Laplante outright admitted that the much-hyped GLSDBs have proven an abject failure due to Russian jamming environments. Some have rightfully proposed this is due to the fact that an SDB glide-bomb is pretty slow once it detaches from the HIMARS booster rocket. And thus, as it slows while gliding toward the target, it must overfly a lot of EW contested airspace which gradually degrades its GPS course correction more and more until its targeting is way off by the time it reaches the actual target...
..That’s right, Ukraine has now officially pulled its Abrams off the line because they have proven ineffective. [Vulnerable to $300 FPV drone attack.]...
..Names ex-Google CEO Schmidt as being the main impetus behind Ukraine’s new push toward autonomous AI drones which can hunt human targets on their own after their signal has been cut by EW.  [Wait, wasn't there a movie like that?]
  Ultimately though the article confesses that these technological leaps will not be enough to defeat Russia, which is adapting just as quickly to battlefield developments, yet actually has the manufacturing girding on top of that, which Ukraine lacks...
..Xi and China have no patience left for the U.S.’ disrespectful lecturing. The pointless visit was capped off by China reportedly not sending a single official to wish Blinken off, and he was instead seen away by the U.S.’ own ambassador stationed in China...
..[About that $61 billion...] “The equipment—which also includes ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems—likely won’t arrive in Ukraine for several years, as the money is being allocated under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. Under USAI, the Pentagon issues contracts to American defense firms to build new equipment for Ukraine, as opposed to drawing from current U.S. stocks.”   Whoops...
..Russia is building strategic reserves and stores for a potential NATO conflict that could take place directly after or even concurrently with the Ukrainian one. NATO is clearly signaling escalation to “save” Ukraine, which is why Shoigu called up an entirely second army of 500k+ for that very contingency. Now, Russia is also building up stores for that army in case it needs to actually clash with NATO in the near future. Either way, it’s simply revealing of how much munitions Russia is producing that even despite the high usage in the Ukraine front, it’s still generating a vast surplus...
..The US and NATO plan to create a “gray” zone in Western Ukraine
  Soros' son Alexander agreed with the Ukrainian authorities to allocate 400 square kilometers of agricultural land to American corporations for the disposal of hazardous waste, according to an investigation by French journalist Jules Vincennes.
  He writes, citing a source in the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, that in November, Soros Jr. and the head of Zelensky’s office, Yermak, reached an agreement according to which Kiеv indefinitely and free of charge transfers land in the Ternopоl, Khmelnytsky and Chernоvtsi regions for the disposal of hazardous waste from chemical, pharmaceutical and oil production.
  Among the companies named are Dow Chemical, DuPont, BASF, Evonik Industries, Vitol and Sanofi...
..Probably, the decision was made after the destruction in the spring of 2023 by the Russian Armed Forces of ammunition depots with depleted uranium located in the Khmelnitsky and Ternopоl regions...
..So, (Polish President Duda) basically frames the farmer conflict as Poland defending its farmers’ rights against BlackRock-controlled minions like the above-mentioned DuPont, Dow Chemical, and the like, operating out of their newly-conquered Ukrainian demesne.

​  Blinken threatens China over Russia ties​  [The $US is pr​ogressively segregated and made less and less practical for global trade. An accident?]
​  Washington is ready to introduce more sanctions against China over its alleged transfer of dual-use goods and components, which it claims can be used by the Russia, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday.
​  Speaking at a press conference in Beijing following a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the US official recalled that Washington has already imposed sanctions against more than 100 Chinese entities and is “fully prepared to act” and “take additional measures.”
​  Blinken claimed that China’s alleged support for the Russian defense industry raises concerns not only about the situation in Ukraine, but also about a “medium to long-term threat that many Europeans feel viscerally that Russia poses to them.”
​  Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal also reported that the US was drafting sanctions that could cut off some Chinese banks from the global financial system [That'll fix 'em, Won't It!?]  unless Beijing severs its economic ties with Russia...
​..The outlet claimed that US officials believe trade with China has allowed Russia to rebuild its military industrial capacity and could help it defeat Ukraine in a war of attrition.
​  Beijing, in turn, has accused the US of hypocrisy for providing billions of dollars in assistance to Ukraine while “unreasonably criticizing the normal trade and economic relations between Russia and China.”​ “This is a very hypocritical and irresponsible approach,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters on Friday in response to Blinken’s concerns about Beijing's support of Moscow.
​  China has also vehemently rejected accusations leveled by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg of “fueling” the Ukraine conflict. Beijing has instead blamed NATO for instigating the crisis by continuing its expansion in Europe and refusing to respect Russian national security concerns.​

​  Chinese Premier Calls Tesla's Development Successful Example of China-US Cooperation​ 
​  "The development of Tesla in China can be called a successful example of trade and economic cooperation between China and the US," the China Central Television (CCTV) broadcaster quoted Li as saying during his meeting with Musk in Beijing.
Equal cooperation and mutual benefit correspond to the fundamental interests of the two nations, the Chinese premier added.​

 US TikTok ban unconstitutional – RFK Jr.
RFK Jr. intends to sue the White House, claiming it is trying to “screw” young Americans simply to appear tough on China​

​  Making it happen faster. It must be intentional... Trump plans to sanction countries for refusing to use dollar – Bloomberg
Advisers to the former US president are considering penalties for nations seeking to trade in national currencies, the outlet has reported
​  Economic aides to former US President Donald Trump are looking for options to stop countries from shifting away from the US dollar as it faces a growing challenge from emerging markets, including BRICS nations, Bloomberg reported on Friday.
​  The presumptive Republican nominee for the November presidential election and his team are discussing penalties against both allies and adversaries who seek to divert their trade from the greenback to other currencies. The options could include export controls, currency manipulation charges, and tariffs, the outlet said, citing people familiar with the matter.​

​  RFK Jr.’s Environmental Colleagues Turn On Him! Urge Him to Drop Presidential Bid – Declare RFK Jr. to be a ‘dangerous conspiracy theorist and a science denier’ who promotes ‘toxic beliefs’ on climate change​.

​  Too close for comfort, now... "Wasted Protest Vote": Trump Says He'd Take Biden Over RFK Jr.
  Former President Donald Trump criticized Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s bid for presidency in the 2024 elections, pointing out his progressive stances on climate, guns, border, and energy.
​  “RFK Jr. is a Democrat ‘Plant,’ a Radical Left Liberal who’s been put in place in order to help Crooked Joe Biden, the Worst President in the History of the United States, get Re-Elected,” President Trump wrote in an April 26 Truth Social post. “A Vote for Junior’ would essentially be a WASTED PROTEST VOTE, that could swing either way, but would only swing against the Democrats if Republicans knew the true story about him...
​  President Trump insisted he prefers President Biden over Mr. Kennedy as the United States “would last a year or two longer prior to collapse - But it would be dead either way.”​ “I’d even take Biden over Junior,” Mr. Trump added.
​  President Trump had criticized Mr. Kennedy in March along similar lines, calling him the “most Radical Left Candidate in the race” late last month. Calling RFK Jr. a “big fan of the Green New Scam, and other economy killing disasters,” he suggested Mr. Kennedy could take away votes from President Biden.
​  Mr. Kennedy initially wanted to challenge President Biden for the Democratic Party nomination. However, he alleged that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was “rigging the primary” by not allowing any challenge against the current administration. In October last year, he announced running for the 2024 presidential race as an independent.​ RFK Jr. claimed in a social media post that the DNC attacked him as they feared he would be a “spoiler candidate” in the election. He said Democrats were spending “millions” to take down his campaign and that they “never expected” his movement to gain the momentum it has.
​  Stefanie Spear, the Kennedy campaign’s press secretary, says both Republican and Democrat parties are unable to “understand a candidate who does not fit into conventional political categories.”​

​  Joe Biden's Brother Embroiled In High-Ranking Qatari Scheme To "Provide Wealth Of Introductions" Through "My Family"​   [Still less-worse, Donald?]
​  Politico reports that the Biden family's ties to Qatar "would constitute some of the closest known financial links between a relative of President Joe Biden and a foreign government," if courtroom testimony about Jim Biden's foreign fundraising efforts is substantiated.​

​  Good riddance to bad rubbish. JK Rowling wins now?  'Anti-White' Scottish First Minister Quits After Disastrous 'Hate Crime Law'
  Scotland's leader Humza Yousaf resigned on Monday, quitting as head of the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) after scrapping a coalition agreement with Scotland's Greens. He then failed to secure enough support to survive votes of no confidence against him expected later this week.
​  Yousaf, born to Pakistani immigrants in Glasgow, built an infamous reputation as a woke activist politician going into the 2023 elections.  His rabid pro-immigration stance and consistent arguments in favor of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) should have been a red flag to the Scottish public; however, with an increasingly progressive voting population Yousaf narrowly scored a victory.​.. 
 Keep in mind that Scotland is 96% white.​  [Indigenous white-people?  :-o]​ ...
..Beyond his insistence on going against the growing public opposition in Scotland to more migrants being allowed into the country, Yousaf's biggest mistake was the passage of his now wildly unpopular "Hate Crime Act."  The law which recently went into effect criminalized many forms of speech including criticism or skepticism of gender fluid theory and trans identity.  Misgendering and misuse of a trans person pronouns could now land a Scottish citizen in jail.
​  In ​[democracy-at-work] response, the Scottish public flooded law enforcement agencies with fake calls accusing various trans activists and even political leaders of various hate crimes.  Police were so overwhelmed by the paperwork that any effort to enforce the law has ground to a halt. ​

​  The European Parliament has approved a directive that will severely limit the use of cash.
​  Under the directive, ostensibly aimed at curbing money laundering and the funding of terrorism, anonymous cash payments over €3,000 will be banned in commercial transactions. In business transactions, cash payments over €10,000 will be completely banned. Anonymous payments in cryptocurrencies will also be completely banned.​  “Under the guise of combating money laundering, you are actually waging a war against cash which has protected our financial privacy since time immemorial,” said German Pirate Party MEP Partick Breyer.​

​  Did the WHO Water Down Its ‘Pandemic Treaty’? Not Really, Experts Say
​  The latest draft of the WHO “pandemic agreement” no longer states that the document is binding on WHO member states, according to reports circulating widely on blogs and social media. But experts following the treaty negotiations said the latest language is “deceiving.”​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  The WHO has announced it will not complete the IHR Amendments or the Pandemic Agreement final drafts until after the middle of May

  Meryl Nass MD, States Move to Reject WHO Treaty, Federal Health Diktats
‘Nullification is not revolt, all it is is ignoring: We’re taking a position that we are going to ignore this edict,’ said Tennessee state Rep. Bud Hulsey.​ 

​  Meryl Nass MD, Bird Flu Outbreaks & the WHO/IHR Pandemic Treaty Push
NOTE: 0.5% of subjects who received the Audenz bird flu vaccine died during the clinical trial, while only 0.1% of subjects in the placebo group died. ​                     DON'T TAKE ANY BIRD FLU VACCINES!!!​

​Jane Orient MD,  COVID-19: Is the Death Rate Higher after Vaccination?  [Why does the daily death rate keep rising for a year after "vaccination"?]

​  Oncogenesis and autoimmunity as a result of mRNA COVID-19 vaccination
​  In summary, the Treg responses produced after mRNA vaccination and the subsequent mRNA-encoded SARS-CoV-2 spike protein expression may lead to a harmful influence on the immune system of vaccinees, and subsequent accelerated development of cancer and autoimmune disease. These mechanisms are consistent with both epidemiological findings and case reports.​

​  Kids, Vaccines and Autism: Will a New Legal Strategy End the Decades-long Battle for Truth and Justice?
The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program denied compensation to 5,000-plus families of children diagnosed with autism after receiving vaccines.
More than 10 years later, new revelations of fraud in legal proceedings could reopen the possibility for the justice these families say they were denied.​

​  FDA Finds mRNA COVID Vaccines May Cause Seizures in Toddlers
FDA researchers detected a safety signal for seizures in children ages 2-4 following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination
, according to a study published Wednesday in JAMA Network Open. A preprint study published last month found similar results.​

​  This story never dies... Why not?  When you were distracted by the “Where’s Princess Kate Conspiracy”, Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast was confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents
  A controversial forecast by Deagel, a global intelligence and consulting firm controlled by the CIA & Rockefeller Foundation, gained attention in 2020 for its startling prediction of a significant depopulation event across the Western World by 2025.
​  This was a very bold claim to make.
​"Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.
​  Unfortunately, these bold claims are now backed up with a mountain of evidence, and most of that evidence can be found in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has been forced to publish by court order.​ And sadly, the evidence strongly suggests that Covid-19 vaccination is causing mass depopulation.​

  This increase in UV, including UVC at the planetary surface is covered in the first 6 minutes. Only UVA and the longer-wave half of the UVB spectrum are openly measured, because "UVC does not penetrate the ozone layer". The falsification of that statement is being assiduously avoided by Officially-Not-Looking. (My skin cringes in summer now.)
​  Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 27, 2024, #455 , Dane Wiggington
 The latest surface UV radiation readings are beyond grim, the ozone layer is nearing functional collapse which would mean the end of crop production along with most life on Earth. Coral reefs are dying all over the world in parallel with imploding fish populations.

Doing What I Can (pictured with first eggplant of 2024)

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