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 Still Drawing Breath,

  It's necessary again to present what I see as the context for the attacks upon life, personal (not corporate) property and political speech, as economies worsen almost everywhere.
  Our world-wide economy has been working in colonial models since the English started burning coal for heat and using forests for warships and trading ships. They made cannons and then steam engines to mine coal and manufacture weapons and parts, getting a jump on the rest of the world, which copied them as quickly as possible. Colonies of the Empire sent whatever the empire needed and desired, while accepting the manufactured goods the empire sent them in return, or-else, the army visited with Maxim-Guns.
  This coal-fired model got a second wind when the UK Pound Sterling became the global trade currency, allowing more subtle forms of wealth extraction through the banks of the City of London. British coal production peaked during WW-1, and the empire clearly declined after that. 
  WW-2 declared the supremacy of oil, which the US produced the most of, and used the most of. The financial powers of the City of London diversified to New York and Washington, as the American military became the enforcement-arm of global empire.  That iteration of global empire is in the final stage of terminal-financialization with weakening military threat which the British Empire faced during the Suez Crisis.
  This time the post-peak-oil (November 2018 or so) epoch, not yet announced, limits most economies to contraction, or at least a changed format, unless they have ample resource bases. The only major country with actual growth of real-economy appears to be Russia. The US prosperity per capita has been declining since about Y2k, or 2001 at the latest.     The Global War On Terror was a big breakout to a more overt global imperialism. It failed. 
  My basic understanding of the passing of the torch from one global financial regime epoch to the next is that the new model has to be more efficient, less extractive of lower level participants, so that the great majority of lower level participants want to move to it when they are no longer threatened enough to dissuade them. The British Empire fell, replaced by free-trade, though still under a global financial regime, and split into the "free world" and "communist world", though the $US was the "free world" currency for value-extraction, as the world had to pay full price for $US printed on a fractional-reserve promise, then just on a promise alone after 1971.
  This current iteration of financialized-industrial-colonialism is based upon the debts incurred under the $US regime, which cannot be serviced forever, but few have a clear idea of when that debt-service may fail the global trust. A lot of people are getting antsy, like Benjamin Netanyahu, who is sprinting for the finish line of the final-solution, Palestinian genocide from "The Land of Israel". 
  This particular Mideast war may be the Suez Crisis of the current Imperial Global Financial Regime of London, New York, Frankfurt, Brussels, Tel Aviv and so on. The proximal threat is the BRICS+ coalition, with Russia, China, Iran, India and Saudi Arabia, among others. 40 countries want to join. Alternative trade and finance vehicles have been worked out and are gaining more and more currency within and between these countries. Time is on their side. They can hold back, make careful adjustments and avoid WW-3.

  CJ Hopkins presents the Kafkaesque tale of The Palestine Congress:
​  Yes, that’s right, once again, democracy-loving people here in New Normal Berlin and all across the New Normal world were right on the brink of being exposed to “hate,” and would have been exposed to “hate,” had the Hate Police not sprang into action...
..Some pro-Palestinian activists organized a “Palestine Congress,” and attempted to discuss the situation in Gaza, and call for solidarity with the Palestinians, and so on, right here in the middle of Berlin, the epicenter of European democracy, as if they thought they had a right to do that. The German authorities were clearly intent on disabusing them of that notion.
​  Early Friday morning, hundreds of black-clad Hate Police descended on the congress location. Reinforcements were called in from throughout the nation. Metal barricades were erected on the sidewalks. Hate Police stood guard at the entrance. The German media warned the public that a potential “Hate-Speech” attack was now imminent. Berliners were advised to shelter in place, switch off their phones and any other audio-receptive communication devices, and wad up little pieces of toilet paper and ram them deep into their ear canals to prevent any possible exposure to the “hate.”...
..Anyway, the Hate Police stormed the venue, pulled the plug, dispersed the crowd, and banned the rest of the “Palestine Congress,” which was scheduled to continue on Saturday and Sunday. Then they arrested a Jewish guy who was wearing a Palestinian-flag-kippah, presumably out of an abundance of caution.

Transport Minister Threatens Germans With "Indefinite Weekend Driving Ban" To Meet Mandated Emissions Targets

NSA "Just Days Away From Taking Over The Internet" Warns Ed Snowden​ https://www.zerohedge.com/political/nsa-just-days-away-taking-over-internet-warns-ed-snowden

​  Eighty-six House Republicans on Friday voted against an amendment to require a warrant for surveillance of Americans’ communications.
A warrant requirement is overwhelmingly backed by Americans. A YouGov poll commissioned by FreedomWorks and Demand Progress found that 76 percent of Americans support a warrant requirement, while only 12 percent oppose.​ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2024/04/12/eighty-six-house-republicans-warrantless-surveillance-americans/

'Oral Argument Favored Defendants' - Supreme Court Just Ended Hearing Obstruction Case Affecting J6 Defendants​  https://www.zerohedge.com/political/oral-argument-favored-defendants-supreme-court-just-ended-hearing-obstruction-case

​  Charles Hugh Smith on the effort to preserve wealth when the economic model breaks down.  Financial Forecast 2025-2032: Please Don't Be Naive
Rather than attempt to evade Caesar's reach, a better strategy might be to 'go gray': blend in, appear average.​ [Get debts, expenses and external needs down, as possible.]
  It gives me no pleasure to say the obvious: please don't be naive. Those who will be trying to save the system from collapse understand that every asset is only richly valued now because of the credit bubble. From their point of view, "investors" who are planning to preserve the bubble-valuation of their assets and then emerge to snap up everything for pennies on the dollar are, well, the enemy.
  Another widespread belief holds that the hyper-wealthy always sneak through the wormhole and emerge with all their goodies intact. This fosters the idea that if they can do it, so can I. History offers examples on both sides: the great estates of the wealthiest Romans did not survive intact when the empire crumbled (or put another way, when control of the shards shifted to a new elite).
  As the bottom 99.5% feel the squeeze, their rage at those at the top not paying their fair share will rise exponentially, and the political pressure on authorities to go after the hyper-wealthy will become too intense to ignore. Many of those trying to save the system will have already had enough of coddled billionaires, bankers and financier grifters.
Another conviction that will be revealed as naive is the faith that the rules will stay unchanged, allowing us to hoard our stash and emerge unscathed to scoop up the bargains offered by the less prescient. History is again rather definitive: the rules will change overnight, and continue changing, as needed. One "emergency measure" after another will be imposed and become normalized.
  It's important to put ourselves in the shoes of those struggling with the impossible responsibility of keeping the system from collapsing. From their point of view, everyone trying to evade the wealth taxes, windfall taxes, special assessments, etc. are ungrateful whiners, as what will anyone have if the system collapses? We're doing you all a favor, taking only 10% in a wealth tax to preserve the 90% that remains yours.
  Another point of naivete is what happens to obstructionists in a full-spectrum surveillance Corporate-state. China has shown other nation-states how to do it properly: every digital communication and transaction is monitored...
​..In summary: to understand the next 8 to 10 years, start by having some sympathy for the fox and not just for the hare. Here we are, trying to save the system that everyone depends on, taking a modest 10% wealth tax, and the ungrateful wretches are whining and trying to evade paying their fair share.
​  Rather than attempt to evade Caesar's reach, a better strategy might be to go gray: blend in, look average: post photos of kittens and puppies, complain about the cost of groceries, drive a look-alike vehicle, live in an unremarkable house, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, forget about emerging as one of the rich who evaded Caesar and get on with enjoying one's private life focused on well-being​.  

​  Eleni sent this article for contextual reference as to who controls the levers of imperial power beneath the surface:   The NATO Caliphate: Part 1
A history of collaboration between the CIA and IS
​..Hekmatyar’s group had a reputation for being worthless to the point of being a liability on the battlefield, yet they remained the largest recipient of CIA funding.
​  The reason for this is simple. HiG was the largest heroin trafficker in the world. Under the supervision of Pakistani intelligence, Hekmatyar set up 6 heroin refineries in Pakistan and shipped his product worldwide on CIA aircraft. At the same time, the CIA’s soft power arm USAID launched an initiative to “eradicate Opium”, which shut down other local producers even as Hekmatyar doubled his production every 3 years. Soon, HiG, the ISI and the CIA had the entire heroin market cornered and controlled the majority of the world’s supply.​ ...
Hekmatyar (center) dining with future Turkish president and fellow drug trafficker Recep Erdogan (circled)

​  Pepe Escobar, How Iran’s ‘strategic patience’ switched to serious deterrence
Iran’s retaliatory strikes against Israel were not conducted alone. Strategic partners Russia and China have Tehran’s back, and their role in West Asia’s conflict will only grow if the US doesn’t keep Israel in check.
​  Here, concisely, we had Russia’s top diplomatic coordinator with BRICS – in the year of the multipolar organization’s Russian presidency – indirectly messaging that Russia has Iran’s back. Iran, it should be noted, just became a full-fledged BRICS+ member in January.
​  Iran’s aerial message this weekend confirmed this in practice: their missile guidance systems used the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system as well as the Russian GLONASS system.  This is Russia–China intel leading from behind and a graphic example of BRICS+ on the move.
​  Ryabkov’s “we stay in constant touch” plus the satellite navigation intel confirms the deeply interlocked cooperation between the Russia–China strategic partnership and their mutual strategic partner Iran.​..
​..Iran started with a misdirecting masterstroke. As US–Israeli fear porn went off the charts, fueled by dodgy western “intel,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) made a quick sideways move, seizing an Israeli-owned container ship near the Strait of Hormuz.
​  That was an eminently elegant manoeuvre – reminding the collective west of Tehran’s hold on the Strait of Hormuz, a fact immeasurably more dangerous to the whole western economic house of cards than any limited strike on their “aircraft carrier” in West Asia.​..
..The Iranian attack targeted key Israeli military sites such as the Nevatim and Ramon airbases in the Negev and an intel center in the occupied Golan Heights – the three centers used by Tel Aviv in its strike on Iran’s Damascus consulate.
​  This was a highly choreographed show. Multiple early warning signs gifted Tel Aviv with plenty of time to profit from US intel and evacuate fighter jets and personnel, which was duly followed by a plethora of US military radars coordinating the defense strategy.
​  It was American firepower that smashed the bulk of what may have been a swarm of 185 Shahed-136 drones – using everything from ship-mounted air defense to fighter jets. The rest was shot down over Jordan by The Little King’s military – the Arab street will never forget his treachery – and then by dozens of Israeli jets...
​..For Israel – without even counting the price of US, UK, and Israeli jets – just the multi-layered interception system set it back at least $1.35 billion, according to an Israeli official. Iranian military sources tally the cost of their drone and missile salvos at only $35 million – 2.5 percent of Tel Aviv’s expenditure​...
​..It’s no wonder that the Biden combo, days before the Iranian response, was frantically begging Beijing, Riyadh, and Ankara, among others, to hold Tehran back. The Iranians might have even agreed – had the UN Security Council imposed a permanent ceasefire in Gaza to calm the regional storm. Washington was mute.​..
​..The US dilemma is confirmed by former Pentagon analyst Michael Maloof:
We have got some 35 bases that surround Iran, and they thereby become vulnerable. They were meant to be a deterrence. Clearly, deterrence is no longer on the table here. Now they become the American’ Achilles heel’ because of their vulnerabilities to attack.
​  All bets are off on how the US–Israel combo will adapt to the new Iranian-crafted deterrence reality.​  

​  Scott Ritter: Ukraine 'Owned' by US, While With Israel It’s the Other Way Around
​  “Let me make this very clear to the Ukrainian crowd. You see, the difference between Israel and Ukraine is that, whether you like it or not, Israel has bought and paid for the United States' support,” while Ukraine hasn’t, Scott Ritter told Sputnik...
​  “Israel, through its political action committee, AIPAC, in the United States, has pretty much bought the United States Congress. They've bought the United States presidency. They control American media. And as a result, America comes to the defense of Israel because we've been paid to do so,” Ritter said.
With Ukraine, it’s the other way around, the observer said.
​  “America, on the other hand, has bought and paid for Ukraine.You're not a friend. You're not an ally. You're a tool being used by the United States for its larger foreign policy and national security objectives vis-à-vis Russia. We provide you weapons only so far as it facilitates our objective of creating a problem for Russia. We don't want you to win. We don't care about you. We give you just enough to keep you going. And then we stand by and watch you bury your dead. Because we don't care,” Ritter said, channeling the sentiments of the American establishment.​  

  ​It is no longer just about force, but about political accommodation.  Netanyahu a threat for Israel, opposition leader says
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet pose a threat to their own country, Yair Lapid, leader of the Israeli opposition, said, calling to hold new elections.
​  Speaking before reporters after his trip to Washington, the politician said that the US Administration is "appalled" by the behavior of the Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, according to The Jerusalem Post.​ "This government, this prime minister, has become an existential threat against Israel," Lapid said. "They destroyed Israeli deterrence. Our enemies look at this government, smell weakness, and raise their heads."  According to Lapid, Israeli allies "smell this weakness," too.​  https://tass.com/world/1775555

​  Israel War Cabinet Decides On Military Response To Iran Even As Blinken Pleads 'Not In Anyone's Interest'
​  Israel's war cabinet has just decided on a response to Iran's weekend attack, according to a breaking report by the country's Kan public broadcaster. At this point it seems a matter of if not when - even as the US (and European countries) leans on Israel not to escalate. Below is the Hebrew media statement at the conclusion of Tuesday's high-level meeting (machine translation):
​  Israel has decided how to respond to Iran's missile attack. This was reported Tuesday evening on Kan 11 evening news. Israel is now waiting to "seize an opportunity." The agreement came against the backdrop of significant disagreements in the Israeli leadership over the timing and nature of the response. Some ministers demanded to wait for agreement on the international coalition, while others thought it was necessary to respond immediately.
​  Axios at the same time is reporting that US Secretary of State Blinken just told a group of American Jewish leaders that the White House wants to see no further escalation.

He​ may be safer on the other side of this. ​  King Abdullah Warns Israel He Won't Let Jordan Become "The Theater Of A Regional War"​ https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/king-abdullah-warns-israel-he-wont-let-jordan-become-theater-regional-war

Israel mobilizes more reservists​ , Two additional brigades are being called up to fight in Gaza, the military has said​  https://www.rt.com/news/595972-idf-mobilization-reservists-gaza/

Israel postpones Rafah operation after Iranian attack — CNN​ , According to the sources, Israel is now focused on how to respond to the Iranian attack​  https://tass.com/world/1775539

​This Greek site reports that 4 Israeli tankers are in the air to refuel strike aircraft, as Iran says that it will strike back "within seconds" and "with a weapon never used before". (That sounds like something to shoot down Israeli jets to me. What's it sound like to you?) https://warnews247-gr.translate.goog/war-monitor/israhl/mplofa-h-kati-allo-iran-tha-plhksoume-amesa-to-israhl-me-akrws-aporrhto-oplo-an-epitethei-apogeiwthhkan-tessera-iptamena-tanker-pros-uposthriksh-tou-idf/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

  Johnson Unveils Separate Israel, Ukraine Funding Bills That MTG Calls A "Scam"​ 
​  After months of pushback over packages to send US-taxpayer-funded foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine, House Speaker Mike Johnson unveiled a plan Monday evening to hold four different votes on bills which would decouple aid by country, including Taiwan. Johnson will also put forth a House-approved bill that could ban TikTok from the US, and a measure aimed at satisfying Republican foreign policy demands...​ 
​.."I hate this, that [Johnson’s] saying it and not following through with it, that the hill to die on was the border and he would not put Ukraine up without the border. Looks like that’s going down the tubes," said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) following the meeting.​  https://www.zerohedge.com/political/johnson-unveils-separate-israel-ukraine-funding-bills-mtg-calls-scam

On April 13, this website reported the arrival of French Foreign Legion troops into Slavyansk, Ukraine.  Overnight, those troops were hit and mostly killed by the Russian Army.​  https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en-us/component/content/article/russia-hits-french-foreign-legion-troops-in-ukraine?catid=17&Itemid=101

​John Helmer, This is electric war.
​  To make the war aim unambiguously clear, President Vladimir Putin ordered his ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Vasily Nebenzya, to read out a paper at his desk in the UN Security Council chamber on April 11: “very soon, the only topic for international meetings in Ukraine will be the unconditional surrender  of the Kiev regime.”  
​  Note what the terms “unconditional surrender of the Kiev regime” mean: total military defeat of the Ukrainian, American, British, French, Polish,  and other forces on the Ukrainian territory and in the air surrounding; surrender of the municipal administrations of the east-bank cities, including Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk, and Odessa; disarmament and demilitarization of the territory between Kiev and the Polish border; exit of every member of the regime, starting with Vladimir Zelensky.
​  This is an ultimatum without alternatives for either Moscow or Kiev. In electric war, are there any alternatives?...
​..According to a NATO veteran and expert in applying electrical engineering to war,  there is no prospect that the regime in Kiev can fill the power hole being created by the Russian operations. “Renewables [solar, wind] are not even remotely close to filling the gap. They’re a scam, especially in the Ukrainian case. Taking generation out of the equation, if the Russians continue striking transmission and distribution infrastructure, as well as production, transportation and storage facilities, the inevitable conclusion is the collapse of the Ukrainian electricity grid. This means the collapse of Ukrainian society. As we watch the electric war unfold, I get the impression that pushing [Ukrainian] people west of the Dnieper is the [Russian] goal of the current phase of the electric war – so call this Phase 2.”
​  The source said the bordering NATO states lack the capacity to increase their electricity supplies to the Ukraine, even with the addition of newly announced power sources in the Baltic states.  This European industry publication has reported that in 2023 Ukrainian imports from the European Union (EU) had doubled from 2021 to 935 million kWh.  How much more EU sources can provide is uncertain.​  

​  Over 40 nations want to join BRICS — Russian lawmaker​ 
​  "More than 40 countries have said they want to join the group. And the number of such countries continues to increase every month. This proves that such a free and flexible format of cooperation within BRICS is very attractive," Grigory Karasin, head of the international committee of Russia’s Federation Council, or upper house of parliament, told a briefing following a meeting of the heads of BRICS parliamentary commissions on international affairs, which was held in Moscow last week.
​  According to Karasin, many BRICS members share the opinion that the association should be in no hurry to adopt a strict charter, "seeing how counterproductively and even provocatively the European Union is acting." "So far, this is quite justified. As long as BRICS’ future looks very promising for all of its members, the number of candidates for joining it will keep on growing," he said.
​  Touching on the prospects for the development of the BRICS financial transaction system, he noted that this is an important topic, which is being discussed by the association’s members. "This topic was raised during our working meeting. I am sure it will be addressed at the BRICS parliamentary forum in St. Petersburg. Many countries directly asked questions about the de-dollarization of the economy because too much attention is being focused on the dollar while major powers have their own currencies. The issue is quite pressing," Karasin said.​ 
Russia took over BRICS presidency on January 1, 2024​   https://tass.com/politics/1775535

"I Can't Go To My Son's Graduation": NY Judge Threatens Trump With Arrest​  https://www.zerohedge.com/political/trump-trial-manhattan-indictment-new-york-legal-system

​  The proceedings mark the first time a former US president has stood trial on criminal charges​ 
[Michael Cohen "was having an affair" with Stormy Daniels, who denied under oath having sex with Trump. What if that $130k ​payment was just embezzled by Cohen?]
​  The case is based on claims by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, that he paid $130,000 to the adult film actress, so she would keep quiet about an alleged affair with him. Trump has denied any relationship with the porn star. In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to charges of campaign-finance violations, tax and bank fraud, and spent two and a half years in a federal prison. He also lost his New York bar license.
​  Judge Juan Merchan has granted Bragg’s request for a gag order, meaning that Trump can’t criticize the prosecutor or his staff.
​  Merchan has threatened to arrest Trump if he does not appear in the courtroom each day the trial is in session. The judge also refused to recuse himself, even though his daughter works for a marketing company representing several Democrats – in apparent violation of state law that requires “six degrees of separation” from a family member..​. 

​  A Midwestern Doctor, (Please read this free information. I am personally horrified. Avoid vaccinations.) How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?
Story at a Glance:
A long history exists of a wave of severe injuries following new vaccinations being introduced to the market. In most cases, those injuries were swept under the rug to protect the business.
•In many cases, the severe “mysterious” injuries we see now are remarkably similar to those that were observed over a century ago. Unfortunately, a widespread embargo exists on ever allowing this data to come to light (as that would instantly destroy the vaccine program).
•A variety of independent studies (summarized below) have shown that vaccines cause a wide range of chronic illnesses.
•A 1990 book made a strong case that widespread vaccination was also causing an epidemic of widespread brain damage which was both lowering America’s IQ and causing a massive rise in violent crime.
•In this article, we will also review exactly what in that 1990 book and the classic signs that can be used to determine if someone has a vaccine injury (along with the subtle more spiritual ones).​  

6.4% of U.S. Adults Plagued by ‘Long Vax’ Symptoms After COVID Shots
“Long vax” symptoms, developed after COVID-19 vaccines, include exercise intolerance, excessive fatigue, dysautonomia, numbness, brain fog and neuropathy.​  

​  Jessica Rose Ph.D. S2 of SARS-2 spike buggers up p53  According to a recent study in preprint... (So you keep producing carcinogens after these "vaccines".)
​  The bottom line here is that the component of the spike protein of SARS-2, S2, responsible for cell entry as part of receptor-mediated endocytosis, messes up p53 activity. We all know by now that p53 - the guardian of the genome - assures that double-stranded DNA breaks are repaired and genome mutations limited, by surveillance of DNA and control of the cell cycle.
​  The suppressive effect of SARS-CoV-2 spike on p53-dependent gene activation provides a potential molecular mechanism by which SARS-CoV-2 infection may impact tumorigenesis, tumor progression and chemotherapy sensitivity.
​  This is the same spike S2 that is indeed encoded in the template that was used in the COVID modified mRNA shots.​ 

​  FDA Says ‘No Safety Signals’ Linking White Blood Clots to COVID Shots, Despite Embalmer Survey Suggesting Otherwise
More than 70% of 269 embalmers surveyed found fibrous white blood clots — clots they weren’t finding pre-pandemic — in significant percentages of corpses in 2023.
The FDA said it hasn’t seen any related safety signals and observations made on cadavers fall outside the agency’s “regulatory purview.”​  

​  CHD Files FOIA Requests: Why Did Government Shut Down Studies on Cellphone Radiation and Cancer?
The requests are for key communications and research documents related to studies that were underway and the factors that led the National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences to discontinue the studies, despite previous research finding evidence of cancer and DNA damage related to cellphone use.

​  ‘Autism Tsunami’: Society’s Cost to Care for Expanding, Aging Autism Population Will Hit $5.54 Trillion by 2060
A 2021 study predicting a tsunami of future autism cases and costs if environmental root causes of the disease remain unaddressed was retracted last year under pressure from the “autism industry,” and republished last month. Rising prevalence rates and lack of state services show the predicted crisis is already playing out.​  

​  10 Years of Studies Link Pesticide Exposure and Childhood Cancer
A meta-analysis of 174 studies published in the International Journal of Molecular Science between 2013 and 2023 found that more than 80% showed positive associations between pesticide exposure and heightened risk of childhood cancers.​  

​  Meryl Nass MD presents a petition I signed. You can, too.  Slow the WHO process down (if you don't kick it to the curb)
You don't have a final version of either treaty yet; the IHR negotiations have been conducted in secret for 17 months; no one is ready for this change in world governance

​  Governor Signs Climate Engineering Ban Legislation Into Law, Dane Wiggington
​  Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has now signed legislation into law that bans any form of climate engineering operations over the State of Tennessee. Courageous Tennessee lawmakers in the Senate and House had previously passed the legislation which put it on the governor's desk, it has now been signed into law. Though other states have tried, Tennessee has succeeded due to their solid, straightforward and simple bill. Now other states can follow suit by utilizing the Tennessee legislation as a template for their own. The following is an excerpt from the legislation that is now the law:
​  "Prohibits the intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight."​  

​Breathing Deeply (took this picture of Jenny with a row of green beans she planted last week)

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