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  US To Sanction Entire IDF Battalion Over Alleged Human Rights Abuses   [Is this an actual attempt to rein in the most visible offenses of Israeli genocide?]
  Axios is reporting what marks an unexpected and unprecedented development in US-Israel relations: the Biden administration will in the coming days announce sanctions against an entire battalion of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
  Three US officials told the outlet that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will unveil the punitive measures against the IDF’s "Netzah Yehuda" battalion for its allegedly committing human rights abuses against Palestinians in the West Bank. It is an ultra orthodox brigade founded in 1999 in coordination with rabbis who sought to allow easier entry into the military of a religious community which typically rejects national service.
  The controversial battalion has also served in Gaza Strip operations, as well as in the north of Israel. The Times of Israel has highlighted, "The battalion has been at the center of several controversies in the past connected to right-wing extremism and violence against Palestinians, notably including the 2022 death of Omar As’ad, a 78-year-old Palestinian-American who died after being detained, handcuffed, blindfolded, and later abandoned in near-freezing conditions by soldiers of the battalion."
  Blinken on Friday appeared to confirm that the sanctions are imminent. "You can expect to see them in the days ahead," Blinken said in response to a question about potential Leahy law violations. The 1997 law bans the possibility of US foreign aid or DOD training programs going to foreign entities found to have committed human rights abuses.
  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately blasted the coming US move in a Saturday message on X, writing:
"The IDF must not be sanctioned!" he wrote on X. "I’ve been working in recent weeks against the sanctioning of Israeli citizens, including in my conversations with the American administration."
  "At a time when our soldiers are fighting terrorist monsters, the intention to issue sanctions against a unit in the IDF is the height of absurdity and a moral low," he added, committing to "fight the move."...
..According to Axios, "The sanctions will ban the battalion and its members from receiving any kind of U.S. military assistance or training, the sources said."

  Palestinian official says Israel committing ‘genocide’ in Nur Shams camp in occupied West Bank  [That same battalion?]
  An official in the Palestine Liberation Organization said on Saturday that Israel is committing a “genocide” in the Nur Shams camp for the third day in a row as the Israeli army continues to storm the Tulkarm city and the Nur Shams camp resulting in several casualties, Anadolu Agency reports.
  “The siege has been ongoing since Thursday evening. The Israeli army is besieging the camp from all sides. No one can enter or leave it,” Mu’ayyad Shaa’ban, the head of the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission, told Anadolu.
  “The situation is catastrophic and difficult in every sense of the word,” he said.
Shaa’ban pointed out that “the Israeli army forces bombed Palestinian homes with Energa bombs where two martyrs were officially reported.”  “A number of martyrs are believed to be on the streets and neither ambulances nor even citizens can reach them,” he added.
  The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said on Friday that “the Israeli army continues to prevent ambulances from entering the Nur Shams camp in Tulkarm in the West Bank thus obstructing the transfer of injured people.”
  The Palestinian official said the Israeli army is arresting dozens of residents.
Shaa’ban called on the international community to intervene urgently to save the residents and allow medical teams to enter the camp to evacuate the casualties.
  “All residents of the camp have become hostages with no food or electricity, cut off from the outside world due to the ongoing siege and military operations,” Shaa’ban said.
 Late Thursday, Israeli Army Radio announced that the army began implementing a “broad-scale military operation” in the Nur Shams refugee camp, without specifying the objective or duration.

Blinken reveals US stance on potential Israeli invasion of RafahA major offensive would have “terrible consequences,” the US Secretary of State has said

  Israel Just Launched a Brutal Attack on Rafah. “Beyond Shame, Beyond Crime…”  [Approval by the Biden Admin. seems likely, but we are not certain.]
Brutality, atrocity no end. Horrendous indiscriminate firebombing of Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah.
  We know Netanyahu does not move a finger without Washington’s OK.  
[Was this ever completely true?]
  This was clearly proven by the benign counterattack on Iran – to “retaliate” against Iran’s 14 April “checkmate” (Scott Ritter) retaliatory attack on Israel. Retaliating against Israel’s blowing up Iran’s Consulate in Damascus on 1 April and killing seven Iranians, including two military officers.  
[Not the same. Iran can accurately strike Israeli targets.]
  President Biden demanded Netanyahu not to risk a large-scale war, to be soft with his retaliation. By contrast, Biden must have given Netanyahu green light to do away with Rafah, where currently more than a million Palestinians are stranded – bombed from the North of Gaza to the southern tip, Rafah, the locked gate to Egypt. 

  Israeli Strikes in Rafah Kill 22, Including 18 Children
Israeli strikes hit the southern Gaza city of Rafah Saturday night into Sunday morning, killing 22 people, including 18 children, The Associated Press reported.
  The bombardment came just hours after the US House of Representatives passed a $26 billion bill that includes about $17 billion in military aid for Israel to support the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.
  According to AP, one of the overnight strikes killed a man, his wife, and their three-year-old child. The woman was 30 weeks pregnant, and medical staff at the nearby Kuwaiti hospital were able to save the baby. The second strike killed two women and 17 children.

  US Blocking Full UN Membership for Palestine – And US Congress Passes Law Depriving Palestine of Freedom of Speech
  The United States single-handedly vetoed Palestine from full UN membership, thereby blocking the world body’s recognition of a Palestinian State. The vote in the 15-member Security Council was 12 in favor, the US opposed and two abstentions, the UK and Switzerland.
  What is largely called Palestine, has since 2012 a non-member observer status. An application for full membership with voting rights must be approved by the UN Security Council and two-thirds of the General Assembly...
..On Wednesday, 17 April, the US House of Representatives passed a Resolution, condemning the chanting of the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”...  If nothing else, the Resolution is a breach on Freedom of Speech, as per the US Constitution’s First Amendment:
  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
  The Resolution passed Wednesday is a blatant attempt to abridge the freedom of speech. It is reminiscent of book burning in the not-too-distant past. Yes, humanity is progressing fast but backwards. In more ways than one.
  The supporters of the Resolution claim that the chant is “antisemitic”, even though the word Jew never appears in it. It only claims or wishes freedom for Palestine...
..Looking back at almost forgotten history, on 13 December, 1993, then U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher, signed the Oslo Peace Accords. These accords, which have the force of U.S. Law, specified that Israel would withdraw from Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank by 1997 and turn their governance over to the Palestine Authority, that is, the State of Palestine.

  I am not holding my breath. Alastair Crooke, Will Zionism Self-Destruct?
  What occurred this Saturday 14 April ... was of utmost importance.
  Despite the bruhaha and distraction following Iran’s attack, Israel and the U.S. know the truth: Iran’s missiles were able to penetrate directly into Israel’s two most sensitive and highly defended air bases and sites. Behind the whooping western rhetoric lies Israeli shock and fear. Their bases are no longer ‘untouchable’.
  Israel also knows – but cannot admit – that the so-called ‘assault’ was no assault but an Iranian message to assert the new strategic equation: That any Israeli attack on Iran or its personnel will result in retribution from Iran into Israel...

..(We) are still trying to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of secular, rationalist concepts – even as Israel quite evidently is seized by an increasingly Apocalyptic frenzy.
  And by extension, we are stuck in trying to address the conflict through our habitual utilitarian, rationalist policy tool-set. And we wonder why it is not working. It is not working because all parties have moved beyond mechanical rationalism to a different plane.
  Last year’s election in Israel saw a revolutionary change: The Mizrahim walked into the Prime Minister’s office. These Jews coming from the Arab and North African sphere – now possibly the majority – and, with their political allies on the right, embraced a radical agenda: To complete the founding of Israel on the Land of Israel (i.e. no Palestinian State); to build the Third Temple (in place of Al-Aqsa); and to institute Halachic Law (in place of secular law).
  None of this is what might be termed ‘secular’ or liberal. It was intended as the revolutionary overthrow of the Ashkenazi élite. It was Begin who tied the Mizrahi firstly to the Irgun and then to Likud. The Mizrahim now in power have a vision of themselves as the true representatives of Judaism, with the Old Testament as their blueprint. And condescend to the European Ashkenazi liberals...
..We might term this ‘hot eschatology’ – a mode that is running wild amongst the young Israeli military cadres, to the point that the Israeli high command is losing control on the ground (lacking any mid-layer NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) class)...
..Then, at another level, we have, as it were, ‘dispassionate eschatology’: When Yahyah Sinwar writes of ‘Victory or Martyrdom ’for his people in Gaza; when Hizbullah speaks of sacrifice; and when the Iranian Supreme Leader speaks of Hussain bin Ali (the grandson of the Prophet) and some 70 companions in 680 CE, standing before inexorable slaughter against an 1,000 strong army, in the name of Justice, these sentiments simply are beyond the reach of western Utilitarian comprehension...
..Just occasionally, very occasionally, a military revolution can upend the prevailing strategic paradigm. This was Qasem Suleimani’s key insight. This is what ‘active deterrence’ implies. The switch to a strategy that could upend prevailing paradigms.
  Both Israel and the U.S. have armies that are conventionally far more powerful than their adversaries which are mostly composed of small non-state rebels or revolutionaries...
..The West, however, has not fully assimilated the military revolutions now underway. There has been a radical shift in the balance of power between low-tech improvisation and expensive complex (and less robust) weapons platforms...
..The philosophy driving this military strategy is clear: the West is over-invested in air dominance and in its carpet fire power. It prioritises ‘shock and awe’ thrusts, but quickly exhausts itself early in the encounter. This rarely can be sustained for long. The Resistance aim is to exhaust the enemy.
  The second key principle driving this new military approach concerns the careful calibration of the intensity of conflict, upping and lowering the flames as appropriate; and, at the same time, keeping escalatory dominance within the Resistance’s control...
..Israelis widely believe that without deterrence – without the world fearing them – they cannot survive. October 7 set this existential fear burning through Israeli society. Hezbollah’s very presence only exacerbates it – and now Iran has rained missiles down into Israel directly.
  The opening of the Iranian front, in a certain way, initially may have benefited Netanyahu: the IDF defeat in the Gaza war; the hostage release impasse; the continuing displacement of Israelis from the north; and even the murder of the World Kitchen aid workers – all are temporarily forgotten...
..Netanyahu senses Biden’s weakness and has the tools and knowhow by which he can manipulate U.S. politics: Indeed, worked in this way, Netanyahu might force Biden to continue to arm Israel, and even to embrace his widening of the war to Hizbullah in Lebanon...
..Rational argument advocating moderation is read as inviting defeat.
  All of which is to say that Israelis are psychologically very far from being able to reconsider the content to the Zionist project of Jewish special rights. For now, they are on a completely different path, trusting to a Biblical reading that many Israelis have come to view as mandatory injunctions under Halachic Law...
..A ‘trial of strength’ between Israel and the Resistance Fronts ranged against it likely cannot be avoided. The die has been deliberately cast this way.
  Netanyahu is gambling big with Israel’s – and America’s – future. And he may lose. If there is a regional war, and Israel suffers defeat, then what?
  When exhaustion (and defeat) finally settles in, and the parties ‘scrabble in the drawer’ for new solutions to their strategic distress, the truly transformative solution would be for an Israeli leader to think the ‘unthinkable’ – to think of one state between the River and the Sea. And, for Israel – tasting the bitter herbs of ‘things fallen apart’ – to talk directly with Iran.

  Israel Targets Syrian Air Defense Sites, Causing Significant DamageAttack was launched concurrently to a drone raid on Iran’s Isfahan
Timed concurrently to the Iran attack, it is probable that Israel considered this part of their “retaliation” against Iran, as they treat Syria as a de facto proxy of Iran.
Israel carries out attacks on Syria fairly regularly, and there have been over a hundred such strikes against targets inside Syria, mostly targeting Syria’s military or its Iranian advisers.

Ukraine Gets Their Billions Despite CIA Director Reportedly Warning Zelenksy To Stop Stealing So Much Money

  What it costs to get the surviving Palestinians out forever, to somewhere else. While Congress failed to pass a border security bill over the weekend amid a flurry of billions in international aid to Ukraine and Israel, they did set aside $3.5 billion for "Migration and Refugee Assistance" for the State Department to "address humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations and communities."

  "To the last Ukrainian"  Last chance to feed Raytheon before the collapse, too.  Mobilization law condition for new supplies of arms to Kiev by NATO — source
Arms supplies are only reasonable if a large number of military personnel able to use those weapons in defense and assault operations is available
  "Passing of a new harsh bill on mobilization in Ukraine was a condition for new supplies of weapons by NATO countries. Arms supplies are only reasonable if a large number of military personnel able to use those weapons in defense and assault operations is available, and if losses are swiftly made up for, for doing which new soldiers should be actively drafted into the military," the diplomat said. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed the bill into law to tighten mobilization rules on April 16.

  US Confiscation of Russian Assets Will ‘Supercharge’ De-Dollarization
On Saturday, the US House of Representatives passed the cheekily-named REPO Act, which would enable US President Joe Biden to confiscate roughly $6 billion in frozen Russian assets held in US banks and send it to Ukraine.

In economic terms, material prosperity is at, or very near, the point at which prior growth inflects into contraction. Meanwhile, the real costs of necessities are continuing to rise. The result is leveraged compression of the affordability of discretionary (non-essential) products and services...
..The projections provided by SEEDS don’t, at first sight, look particularly frightening. In comparison with 2023, aggregate prosperity is forecast only fractionally lower by 2030, though 14% reduced by 2040. The world’s average person is set to be 7% poorer by 2030, and 25% less prosperous by 2040. This is a far cry from the imminent economic “collapse” predicted by some.
  The devil, though, is in the detail. Whilst the world’s average person may be “only” 7% poorer by 2030, his or her cost of essentials is projected to rise by 14% in real terms over that period. This means that per capita PXE – Prosperity eXcluding Essentials – will fall by 17% in the coming seven years, and will have more than halved (-54%) by 2040.

  As well as ceasing to be able to afford costly holidays, a new car or entertainment subscriptions, and in addition being unable to respond to the allure of the advertised, the average person is going to find it increasingly hard to ‘keep up the payments’ on all of the mortgages, secured and unsecured loans and broader financial commitments taken on in the years of reckless credit expansion...
..It was never likely that we would choose to address environmental and ecological hazard by voluntarily relinquishing our fixation with “growth”. One doesn’t need to be unduly cynical to think that sustainability alone could never have been sold to the public as a choice preferable to consumerism. This, perhaps, is why the pursuit of environmental responsibility has been presented to the public as a promise of “sustainable growth”.
  As the economy inflects from growth into contraction, two trends, at least, are clear. The first is that we’re going to have to prioritise needs over wants. The second is that we’ll have to redesign a financial system built on the false predicate of infinite, exponential economic expansion on a finite planet.

  The Irony Is Thick – Congress Passes FISA-702 Extension, Allowing Warrantless Document Searches and Electronic Surveillance of Americans, on Patriots Day 
 The Senate voted to authorize warrantless federal government searches of every American’s private papers, effects, emails, electronic data records, cell phone calls, contact lists, text messages, buying habits, purchases, banking records, social media posts, direct messages, private communications and every keystroke of every electronic device in your life.  All of it continues to be subject to the capture, review and surveillance of an unelected opaque law enforcement mechanism, and Congress supports it.
  The issue is magnified, because the Supreme Court has never ruled on the constitutionality of the FISA-702 data collection system, because the Supreme Court also says no American has standing to challenge the federal government violation of their 4th Amendment right to privacy.

  Biden To Withdraw Troops From Niger As Region Increasingly Turns To Russia
  The White House on Friday announced that US military forces will be withdrawn from Niger over the coming months. The move comes after Niger's mid-March declaration that was ending its military cooperation with the United States.  
  Following Niger's announcement, US military officials scrambled in vain to salvage the relationship. At stake: The $110 million Air Base 201, which the New York Times characterized as the Pentagon's "most strategic military asset in sub-Saharan Africa." Said to be a key base for counterterrorism, it was a major hub for drone operations in the region.

  "Not so Fast!" , Moon of Alabama looks closer. State Department To Delay Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Niger
The U.S. drone base in Niger is used by the Pentagon and CIA to keep control of ISIS in the region. So are U.S. troops really leaving Niger? Of course not - at least not yet.
The next paragraph reveals what was really agreed upon. It makes it obvious that the U.S. wants to delay the issue as long as possible:
  “We’ve agreed to begin conversations within days about how to develop a plan” to withdraw troops, said the senior State Department official. “They’ve agreed that we do it in an orderly and responsible way. And we will need to probably dispatch folks to Niamey to sit down and hash it out. And that of course will be a Defense Department project.” 
(["We agreed to start talking about how to start planning to withdraw US troops. This should be 'orderly and responsible' 
(pay bribes and drag feet for years?)  We will send a bribery-negotiation-team to the capital, but the Pentagon will do the final negotiating."]

Internet, AI and Bitcoin will consume more and more and more electricity. What gets cut back? You have electric heating, you say? A Tesla?  
How Big Tech Is Consuming America's Electricity And Water

  Jessica Rose Ph.D.  COVID-19 is not the problem , Secondary infections and cancers arising from immune deficiencies induced by the injections are...
Herpes Zoster ("Shingles"), Tuberculosis ,  Pneumonia, Toxoplasmosis (including congenital toxoplasmosis in pregnancy), and Cancer are all discussed.

  Dr. Mercola, looks at data from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics. Multiple COVID Shots Linked to Higher Mortality Rates in 18- to 39-Year-Olds  
  Young people who received multiple COVID-19 jabs were significantly more likely to die than those who skipped the shots, according to data from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics.
  An analysis by The Exposé revealed that, in February 2023, those who received four COVID-19 shots had a 318% higher mortality rate than the unvaccinated group.
The other months analyzed showed four-shot teens and youth were between 221% and 290% more likely to die than those who didn’t get the shot.
  Another study found that, compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children had significantly higher rates of asthma, allergies, eczema, respiratory infections, behavioral issues and other health conditions.
  Separate research showed that “for every life saved, there were nearly 14 times more deaths caused by the modified mRNA [COVID-19] injections.”

  Significant Increases in Cancer Mortality After COVID mRNA Vaccination, Japanese Researchers Find                                                                                                           A Japanese peer-reviewed study found statistically significant increases in cancer mortality, especially after the third COVID-19 mRNA vaccine dose. John Campbell, Ph.D., analyzed the study on his podcast. During a separate episode, Campbell discussed the study with Angus Dalgleish, a professor of oncology at St. George’s, University of London

  Purely evil. Please don't let them inject your baby.  Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies
  Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, proposed a new RNA-based vaccine they said could provide durable protection for infants against COVID-19 and flu with just one dose. Experts warn the untested technology could lead to breakthrough infections, higher mortality rates and potential brain toxicity in babies.

  Peter McCullough MD still wonders what will be designated "Disease X": 
WHO Press Conference Warns of Global Avian Influenza H5N1 Outbreak, Wellness Company Extends Contagion Kit to Cover Bird Flu
  Over the past few weeks we have reported this fact pattern about highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 otherwise known as bird flu:
Infection has been around for decades among poultry flocks and has been made much worse by the Chinese and others mass vaccinating poultry for > 20 years. The   US is on the verge of making this colossal public health error contaminating chicken meat with novel genetic vaccines on the horizon.
Gain-of-function research is being done to likely make the virus become more infectious, more lethal, and jump to man with human-to-human spread
  Government subsidies encourage farmers to destroy large number of birds when bird flu is detected by PCR testing in poultry. Cattle restrictions have started.
The CSL Seqirus human avian influenza vaccine has already been FDA approved.
  Multiple public health agencies have indicated that bird flu may be the Disease X; we have been forewarned and should get ready just ahead of WHO Pandemic Agreement meetings in May, 2024

  A Midwestern Doctor presents research about the pandemic of gender dysphoria, largely among vaccine-injured children and teens. 
How Vaccines Alter Intimate Relationships and Gender IdentityExploring the links between vaccination, human connection, autism, and sexual orientation

  (Maybe they will "choose" assisted-suicide?)  Who Will Care for Adults With Autism When Their Parents No Longer Can?
Polly Tommey, program director of CHD.TV, joined “The Defender In-Depth” to discuss the exploding number of children with autism, how society will care for the children as they reach adulthood and their parents can no longer care for them, and what she and other parents are doing to provide for their autistic children’s futures.  
  In some cases, the media focus on the need to treat the exploding numbers — 1 in 36 — of children with autism as a “market opportunity.”

Nothing new: Get sun, not sunscreen, but avoid getting sunburns. Melanoma is not from sun exposure, more likely a little bit the opposite. Get hard things on your skin checked, and removed or frozen if cancer or pre-cancer. Dermatology's Disastrous War Against The Sun , The forgotten side of skin health and the necessity of sunlight

Thanks Charles (Lots of stock nationwide), Pawn shops know something about the US economy that Biden doesn't: Times are still tough

  Charles also sent this about walking to the grocery store with your kids, letting them play in the creek, reading books, living without a smartphone and being a human.  
Sowing Anachronism: How to be Weird in Public, and PrivateFlip phones, dip ink, Vespers, and other time machines
  Several years ago, when we lived in the thick of the suburban jungle, we would load up the jogging stroller with a toddler, strap the youngest in a carrier, while our eldest sauntered alongside, and embark on an urban pilgrimage to the grocery store. I (Ruth) carried along the same backpack I had used while hiking the Camino1, except now it was filled to the brim with milk, pasta, fruit and vegetables, and had baguettes strapped on the sides. Although we did not manage to do all our shopping this way, we made it a regular habit to walk2 rather than drive, trading convenience for a less tangible reward. It was one of the small anachronisms that resisted the unbearably fast pace of life, and prompted many a driver who zoomed past to take note and wonder: Why would anyone choose to do something so slow and effortful?
  Now that we live on the edge of Mennonite country, we frequently encounter horse-drawn carriages conveying families to the grocery store or church, young ruddy-cheeked men and women cycling long distances to school or work, or gaggles of children walking alongside the fields toward home.

Cosmic Thunderbolt Will Strike The Earth - Thunderbolt of the Gods

​Regular Human (pictured doing 5 hour lawnmower workout a couple of days ago)


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    2. In the background you can see the other acre of the field, which I do not mow, which grows grass and weeds, and the city bales it into hay a couple of times per year. It used to be part of the property we bought, but it got sold to the owner of the house you can see behind me in the distance, presumably so cheap rent houses would not be put on it, which did happen across the street about 40 years ago. He has been there a long time. My keeping the yard and garden with all my work is really brining up property values. The criminals have left the rent houses, replaced by Mexican workers.