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Experts Disagree

 Fellow "Mushrooms",

  Pepe Escobar's disputed "scoop":  THE NUCLEAR F-35 MYSTERY - FINAL UPDATE
1. It’s now fully established that The Information was confirmed independently by the intel of a Big Power.
2. The Information was NOT relayed by Russia.
3. It then reached a third nation - and from that to me.
4. The players involved are not backing down an inch from The Information.
5. I was privately provided with two examples of the accuracy of recent intel by the Big Power on two separate big developments in West Asia .
6. The source that contacted me notes that “sometimes, after news has entered the media space, there is no choice but not to provide clarification."
Additionally, a senior Russian diplomat who does not know The Information, said to me the following:
1. “That is entirely possible.”
2. It shouldn't have been revealed to the public.
3. “If this is true, then all sides will be determined to cover it up.”
  One unanswered question for me is: Why did the Big Power source relay The Information to an intel agency from another nation? I tend to believe this was to erase its tracks in the chain. Particularly because my initial source has now revealed that the Big Power gained their intelligence firsthand - and that it was not transmitted to them by the Russians, Iranians or other direct parties to the hot war in West Asia.
To sum it all up, via the source who originally received The Information: “If anyone should be accused of fabrication it is the ’source’; but in this case the ’source’ remains confident of the accuracy.
I rest my case. I published raw intel the way I received it.

  Pepe's Initial scoop: THE REAL STORY OF THE ISRAELI COUNTER RESPONSE , From a very high level intel source.
  Israel initially chose to respond with extreme force. An F-35 loaded with a nuclear bomb was sent east over Jordan. The mission: cause a high-altitude detonation over Iran that would provoke a surge in the high-capacity power lines, crippling Iran's electric grid, as well as disabling all electronic devices. An EMP attack. However... ... As the Israeli F-35 was leaving Jordanian airspace it was shot down by the Russian Air Force.

Pepe explains to Larry Johnson for 19 minutes yesterday: PEPE ESCOBAR and LARRY JOHNSON on the F-35/NUCLEAR BOMB/EMP OVER IRAN MYSTERY.

  Scott Ritter at 19:30, discusses Pepe Escobar's scoop that Israel had a nuclear armed F-35 in the air last week after Iran's missile attack, which was shot down by Russia as it exited Jordanian airspace over Syria. He basically says that Escobar is reliable, but that sources play journalists for various reasons (which Larry Johnson also said, relating how the Clinton campaign played him against the Obama campaign in 2007 by feeding him and his reliable-sources the same fake story, so that it was corroborated when he called them).  Scott Ritter Sends Warning: HUGE ESCALATION Is About To Happen In Ukraine And Middle East

  Here’s why Iran decided not to attack Israel again  4/24/24  [RT: Did Israel hit Iran's air defense radar, then have the Russians thwart the actual attack?]
The threat of a major war in the Middle East has passed because Tehran has decided to bide its time ,  Mikhail Gurevich
  Iran has again threatened Israel with a harsh response to aggression by the Jewish state. Tehran's army and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will ensure those who cross red lines regret it, Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination, Habibollah Sayyari has warned.
  Israel, meanwhile, has refrained from speaking out against Tehran, instead focusing its political rhetoric on Hamas...
..Tehran has chosen not to react vociferously to the Israeli air force’s retaliatory strike, dismissing all reports of the destruction of the radar protecting the Natanz nuclear centre as 'Zionist intrigue'.
 [I never saw those "reports" until this mention.] ...
..The Iranians had options. The Ayatollahs could have said that Israel had again crossed all the red lines. This would have led to further escalation, but might have protected Hamas. But Iran, for its own reasons, ignored the Palestinians and reported through the press that nothing serious had happened.
  The reason for this peacefulness is probably that they envisaged a working alliance between Israel, Jordan and the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf. This is precisely the nightmare that the Iranians have done their utmost to prevent. They even restored diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia in 2023. But apparently confrontation with the Shiites is more important to moderate Sunnis than dislike of the Jews.
  According to military analysts, if the Israeli Air Force did attack Iranian air defences, it means that they probably flew over Jordan or the Arabian Peninsula, and it is unlikely that this was done without the consent of the Hashemite Kingdom or the Saudis. As a result, the military alliance is not only defensive, which means that virtually all of Iran’s proxies in the region, including Hezbollah, the Houthis and the Shia militias in Iraq and Syria, are at risk.

  IDF hits 40 Hezbollah sites; Gallant says group’s south Lebanon command decimated , Times of Israel
Fighter jets, artillery target weapon depots, assets in Ayta ash-Shab amid incessant attacks, including missile fire on Avivim

  But what about "Jewish Voice For Peace" protesters?   Netanyahu Calls for Crackdown on Pro-Palestine Protesters in the US
Echoing President Biden, Netanyahu labeled the demonstrations 'antisemitic' 
  “What’s happening in America’s college campuses is horrific. Antisemitic mobs have taken over leading universities,” Netanyahu said. His comments echoed President Biden, who labeled the demonstrations “antisemitic protests.”
  At some American universities, police have arrested and dispersed protesters, but Netanyahu said more should be done. “Now, fortunately, state, local, federal officials, many of them have responded differently but there has to be more. More has to be done,” Netanyahu said.
  Israeli Opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yair Lapid also called for a crackdown on the protests. “What’s happening on American college campuses is unforgivable,” he wrote on X. “It is antisemitism, it is support for terrorism, it is support for Hamas which murders LGBT people and oppresses women. The administration cannot stand by, it has to intervene.”

  Caitlin Johnstone, Quashing University Protests And Banning TikTok To Make The Kids Love Israel
  It’s just a tough situation, with victims on both sides. On one side you’ve got people being slaughtered in droves by genocidal massacres and siege warfare, while on the other you’ve got people whose feelings get hurt when these atrocities are opposed.

  ‘It felt like pulling my heart out of the earth:’ testimonies from the mass grave at Nasser Hospital
As Civil Defense teams continue to unearth hundreds of bodies from the mass graves discovered at Nasser Hospital, Palestinians are flocking to the medical complex in search of their missing loved ones.

  Nancy Pelosi is a strategic player, making definitive statements to blame Bibi and get a 2-state-solution without him. Sounds like a good start...
Netanyahu should resign – ex-US House speaker
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace in Gaza and “should resign” from his position, former US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said.  
  She made the remarks on Monday in an interview with Irish public broadcaster Raidio Teilifis Eireann (RTE) during her visit to the country.  
Pelosi criticized the Israeli leader’s response to the October 7 Hamas attack which saw Palestinian militants kill over 1,100 people on Israeli territory and take around 250 hostages.  
  The former House speaker cited the recent resignation of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intelligence chief Major General Aharon Haliva over the failure to prevent the attack, before pointing the finger at Netanyahu.  
  “We recognize Israel’s right to protect itself. We reject the policy and the practice of Netanyahu – terrible. What could be worse than what he has done in response?” Pelosi told the outlet.   “He should resign. He’s ultimately responsible,” she added.  
  When asked if Netanyahu is a “block” to peace, Pelosi replied that “he has been for years,” adding that she doesn’t know whether the Israeli leader is “afraid of peace, incapable of peace, or just doesn’t want peace.”  
  She went on to argue that Netanyahu been an “obstacle to the two-state solution, I emphasize the word, ‘solution.’”

  UN Report Demolishes Israeli Propaganda Campaign Against UNRWAIsrael has waged a multi-year campaign against the UN aid group for Palestinian refugees in hopes of eradicating the right of return.  [2-state solution WITH Right of Return to stolen properties is key.]
  Israel has failed to provide any evidence of its claims that employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are members of “terrorist organizations,” according to an independent review led by former French foreign minister Catherine Colonna.
  In January, Israel claimed without evidence that some UNRWA staff – until then the primary conduit of humanitarian aid into the besieged and bombed Gaza Strip – were members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and had participated in the Hamas-led attack on Israeli military bases and settlements on 7 October, known as Operation Al-Aqsa Flood...
..The Guardian added that most donor nations have resumed their funding in recent weeks. However, UK ministers had said they would wait for the Colonna report to decide whether to resume funding. The US Congress has since banned any future financial support of UNRWA.  

Israel suffers major blow as Germany resumes funding to UNRWA

  US Secretly Armed Ukraine With Long-Range ATACMS Last Month
A Biden administration official said that Ukraine has already used the missiles in an attack on a Russian base in Crimea

  Simplicius,  SITREP 4/24/24: Comedown After Post-Aid 'High' Brings West Back to Reality
  The outlook for the near future is for Ukraine to make a bunch of big demonstrative and showy attacks with their new armaments, i.e. HIMARs and ATACMS ammo, to give the impression of some kind of battlefield initiative. They’ll likely make a few more large-scale drone attacks on Russia, Crimea, etc., in concert with ATACMS and will hope to put on a morale-boosting display, but on the real battlefield they will continue being wiped away by Russia’s nibbling advances.
  Will they seek to attack the Kerch bridge soon? No, I believe they will save that as a final damage control trump card when the Russian assault is peaking at its highest intensity. If Russia launches the large-scale offensives around June, and if there is a big collapse in the AFU, they will save their last gimmick for precisely that moment to try and turn perceptions around and make it look like they’ve dealt some kind of crippling blow to the Russian armed forces by striking the bridge. This is why they’ve already telegraphed the literal schedule of the Kerch attack to be precisely “before summertime” which is when they expect the Russian offensive to be launched. So look for an unprecedented Kerch attack around June.

  US sided with evil and fascism – Russian envoy
  Biden said the US would start sending weapons and military equipment to Ukraine “in the next few hours.”
  Following the announcement Ambassador Antonov told reporters that Washington is balancing on the brink of a direct clash between nuclear powers. The development has struck a severe blow to prospects for a hypothetical revival of Russian-American relations in the future, the ambassador stated.
  “For the sake of its greedy and insatiable defense industry, the [Biden] administration sacrifices the lives of ordinary people. With their decision, local politicians actually put an end to the fate of the entire state [of Ukraine], which is used as a ‘battering ram’ against Russia,” he stated.

  Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announces that the new S-500 air defense missile systems, "The Shield of Moscow" are to be put into place this year, and have already managed to shoot down a hypersonic missile in testing.

  Garbage-in : Garbage-out , Wrong a lot and failed to predict big attacks...  Project Maven: How US AI System Failed to Change Ukrainian Conflict
  While the United States has been using its Maven machine learning tool to help Ukrainian forces process intelligence data, it apparently turned out to be yet another creation of Washington's military-industrial complex that did not afford the Kiev regime forces any edge on the battlefield.

  In China, Blinken urges fair treatment of American companies
  U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday called on China to provide a level playing field for American businesses as he began a visit aimed at resolving a raft of contentious issues that could jeopardise the newly repaired relationship...
..Blinken also "stressed that the United States seeks a healthy economic competition with the PRC and a level playing field for U.S. workers and firms operating in China." The PRC, or People's Republic of China, is the country's official name.
  Responding to the comments later in the day, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, told a regular media conference that "China has always been carrying out economic and trade cooperation in accordance with the principles of the market."
  "We hope that the U.S. side will respect the principle of fair competition, abide by WTO rules and work with China to create favourable conditions for the sound and steady development of China-US economic and trade relations," said Wang...
..Just as Blinken landed in Shanghai, President Joe Biden signed a rare bipartisan bill that included $8 billion to counter China's military might, as well as billions in defence aid for Taiwan and $61 billion in aid to Ukraine.
  Biden also signed a separate bill tied to the aid legislation that bans TikTok in the U.S. if its owner, the Chinese tech firm ByteDance, fails to divest the popular short video app over the next nine months to a year.
  Blinken will press China to stop its firms from retooling and resupplying Russia's defence industrial base. Moscow invaded Ukraine days after agreeing a "no limits" partnership with Beijing, and while China has steered clear of providing arms, U.S. officials warn Chinese companies are sending dual-use technology that helps Russia's war effort.
  Without providing details, a senior State Department official told reporters that Washington was prepared to "take steps" against Chinese firms it believes are damaging U.S. and European security.
  State-run China Daily said in an editorial that there was "a huge question mark over what the discussions between Blinken and his hosts can yield" and that both sides "have been largely talking past each other." "On the conflict in Ukraine, the world can see it clearly that the Ukraine issue is not an issue between China and the U.S., and the U.S. side should not turn it into one," it said.

  Stealing Russian Assets Spells End of US as 'Bastion for Rule of Law'
  US lawmakers’ efforts to confiscate frozen Russia’s financial assets abroad and hand them over to Ukraine does not bode well for the United States in the long run, said financial and geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo.
  “Congress is literally throwing the entire concept of foreign exchange into the trash can and lighting it on fire by giving President Biden this power, which no one should have,” he told Sputnik. “This isn’t about Russia or anyone’s opinion about what they are doing in Ukraine. This is about the US as a bastion for the rule of law as it pertains to business and banking.”
  According to Luongo, the US moving to brazenly appropriate Russian assets “will signal to the rest of the world that their money is no longer safe from confiscation if it is held in US banks,” that anyone’s assets could be seized as easily if they earn the ire of “someone in Congress.”
  “Every country looking to do business with the US in the future now lives with that. This one act is what signals the end of the modern era of finance and trade. From here the world will fracture and the US will lose trillions in future trade,” the analyst remarked. “This confirms my argument that US leadership [figures] are vandals intent on the collapse of the US rather than having any allegiance whatsoever to the people or what’s left of the ideals on which the country was founded.”...
..“Capital flows to where it is treated best. This was the US’ real superpower for all of these years. We treated capital well. It’s what drove our banking dominance. That dominance will fade and the world, in the short term, will turn to gold until a new system emerges,” he added.

  Russia Vetoes US-Authored UN Resolution Banning Nuclear Weapons In Space
China was the only abstention while the US was among the 13 UNSC members that voted in favor. It had been drafted and brought forward by the US and Japan.
  In February the US government alleged that Russia was preparing to deploy a 'space weapon' which might be nuclear, which subsequently set off a frenzy of media speculation.
  Reuters  had reported at the time, "The space-based weapon U.S. intelligence believes Russia may be developing is more likely a nuclear-powered device to blind, jam or fry the electronics inside satellites than an explosive nuclear warhead to shoot them down, analysts said."
  The Kremlin has blasted what it characterized as a "malicious fabrication". It claimed US officials were seeking to distract the public and ram through more foreign aid and defense spending in Congress.

    Jim Rickards (among others) points out that Stagflation is Back: This "Emperor" Has No Clothes  [SPR is at the lowest level since 1983, so tap it again for some votes?]
  The Fed will not cut rates at its May or June meetings. Wall Street’s been predicting rate cuts for almost two years and they’ve been wrong every time. They’re predicting a June rate cut, and they’ll be wrong again.
  A rate cut at the July 31 meeting is possible but is in jeopardy now due to inflation going up again in the latest report. We’ll have three more months of inflation, unemployment and GDP data between now and then.
  If the Fed does cut rates in late July, it won’t be for good reasons. It’ll be because the economy has fallen into a recession. But given the boost to U.S. growth from out-of-control government spending in an election year, the recession may be postponed. So don’t count on a July rate cut either.
  There’s no Fed meeting in August. The next meeting after that is Sept. 18. The Fed may be ready for a rate cut by then but here’s the problem: The Sept. 18 date is just seven weeks before the election on Nov. 5. The Fed pretends it’s non-political but in fact, it is highly political.
  A rate cut in September will be viewed as helping Biden by boosting the economy and hurting Trump. At the same time, Trump is the likely winner based on currently available polling data and trends.
  The Fed won’t want to be in the position of appearing to boost Biden and hurt Trump if Trump is going to win. Trump will make the Fed Public Enemy No. 1 and that’s the last thing they want. So the Fed will take a pass in September.
  There’s no Fed meeting in October. The next two Fed meetings after that are on Nov. 7 and Dec. 18, both safely after the election. The Fed could cut rates at both meetings. But the Fed has painted itself into a corner on that...
..The problem is that inflation isn’t done. From the 3.0% in June 2023, inflation rose to 3.7% in August, and 3.7% again in September 2023. Inflation fluctuated between 3.1% and 3.4% until recently. March inflation came in at 3.5%, a full 0.3 percentage points higher than in February.
  That’s not all that’s going up. The price of oil was $68.50 per barrel last Dec. 12 and is over $83.00 per barrel today. That’s about a 21% increase in just four months.
  That oil price shock hasn’t worked its way through the supply chain yet. It has resulted in some price increases, but more are in the pipeline. This oil price spike will keep inflation at current levels or higher in the months ahead. The Fed is looking for signs that inflation is coming down but they’re not going to get them, as shown in the latest inflation report...
..Higher oil prices mean higher transportation costs whether by truck, train, plane or ship since all goods have to be transported to market. That means the price of everything is going up.
  Other factors driving inflation from the supply side include the Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, the closing of the Red Sea/Suez Canal shipping route and continued fallout from Ukraine war sanctions. Some of these supply side constraints may be deflationary in the long run, but they are definitely inflationary in the short run... Anyone under the age of 60 probably has no acquaintance with stagflation. The U.S. last experienced this in 1977–1981. I remember that period well. It was great for leveraged holders of hard assets such as gold and real estate. It was a nightmare for holders of stocks.

Tesla's sees 55% drop in net income in 1st quarterAmerican electric car manufacturer’s revenue down 9% to $21.3B 

  Musk Warns Australia Against ‘Controlling Entire Internet’ Amid Stabbing Video Censorship Row
The X chief executive earlier denounced that a video of a stabbing attack on an orthodox bishop had been censored in Australia, with Canberra threatening X with a daily fine of $510,000 over the company’s reluctance to completely remove the footage.
  Elon Musk has made it clear he will not comply with Australia’s order to remove a video of a terror attack against a Sydney cleric from X (formerly Twitter).
"Our concern is that if any country is allowed to censor content for all countries, which is what the Australian ‘eSafety Commissar’ is demanding, then what is to stop any country from controlling the entire Internet?" the tech billionaire tweeted.
  The Tesla and SpaceX CEO added that X has "already censored the content in question for Australia, pending legal appeal, and it is stored only on servers" in the US.

  Key Bridge collapse: Massive claw to clear remaining debris; deeper channel to open Thursday
  The grab comes as a 35-foot channel is expected to open, allowing larger vessels to travel into the Baltimore harbor and salvage operations start to pivot toward clearing debris from the harbor’s 50-foot main channel. The new alternate channel will be the deepest of the temporary routes into the harbor and the Port of Baltimore, which has been blocked to most vessel traffic since the cargo ship Dali struck a bridge support column March 26, causing the 1.6-mile bridge to collapse and killing six construction workers.

  ​Meryl Nass MD,  The backlash against the WHO is gaining momentum. Just one example, from the head of the Georgia GOP.  
​  I encourage readers to bring this issue to every organization, church group, club you belong to. Ask your group to support a letter to the President, governor, attorney general, or whoever is appropriate explaining why your country should vote NO for the pandemic treaty and amendments to the IHR. Send a copy to your local newspaper and send a copy to me, and we will post them at Door to Freedom.​

​  "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."  Biden Administration Announces New ‘Global Health Security Strategy’
​  The Biden administration announced Tuesday a new Global Health Security Strategy that purports to better prepare the country for future pandemics by “partnering with other countries.”
​  In introductory remarks to his Global Health Security Strategy document, Joe Biden touted his administration has “championed the creation of the Pandemic Fund, a new international body that has already catalyzed $2 billion in financing from 27 contributors, including countries, foundations, and philanthropies, to build stronger global health security capabilities,” with a particular focus on the rapid availability of “life-saving medicines and vaccines.”​

​  H5N1 Avian Flu NIGHTMARE: Samples in the US Consumer Milk. May be Disease X after Fauci-Gates Dangerous Experiments…​  [So no more milk?]
​  Particles of bird flu have been found in samples of consumer milk in the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Tuesday, revealing the extent of an outbreak of the H5N1 strain of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI).
​  The virus has previously been detected in raw milk, the agency wrote, adding that while “pasteurization is likely to inactivate the virus,” the process is not expected to fully remove the presence of viral particles.​

​  FCC Knew Phones Exceeded Radiation Limits, Hid Info From Public and Courts
FCC testing showed popular cellphone brands exceeded the agency’s safety limits for human exposure to wireless radiation, but the agency hid the information from the public and the courts, according to data obtained by the Environmental Health Trust.​

​Vulnerable to Attacks (pictured cooking garden vegetables yesterday morning)


  1. Dr. Day, Hello.
    I'm the person a week or so ago who asked you if I could ask you a question. Here it is.
    Before Covid stuff my wife and I were expecting. I did much research and came to the conclusion that the v. schedule as officially laid out was crazy and harmful and that much of it wasn't necessary. We resolved to delay much and v. selectively. Our daughter is three now and hasn't yet had any v's. To make a long story short, we are thinking of having her get the dtap. We fear tetanus because she likes to be barefoot and play outside. The fatality rate seems high and the disease seems scary. In addition, a nature preschool we want to have her attend (ironically) won't accept philosophical exemptions and if she were to attend it, she'd need at least one v. of something.
    But I fear the aluminum. It seems high and toxic. I don't want to harm her. I like that her immune system is developing on its own.
    Not sure how much you are able or willing to say, but wondering what you think about the risk of tetanus. If you had a hypothetical grandchild who was the same age and in the situation as ours, I'm wondering what you would say if the parent asked for your opinion. I know there are no guarantees, but how might you assess the risk of the child tetanus versus the risks of the v?
    I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on this and/or suggestions for things to consider.

    Thanks much!

    1. I find no flaw in your assessment of potential risks and benefits in this case as you have presented it. The DTaP vaccine is much safer than what it replaced. You might find the "Vaccine Friendly Book" helpful in this regard. The MD who wrote it had specific protocols to reduce vaccine injuries and kept decades of data, largely on children who already had an autistic sibling, which he presented in the book, before having his license attacked for it. Based on his protocols, no child got autism from DTaP given after about a year and a half, and in isolation, as I recall. When the dose
      was "delayed" this way, it was questionable if a second dose was necessary.
      Two doses of tetanus vaccine seems to provide lifelong coverage.
      Deep irrigation of foul wounds (tap water is fine) should always be performed promptly.

    2. Thank you for this. I have read that book by Paul Thomas and feel good about avoiding vaccine-related autism. I still fear the high dose of aluminum, as research seems to indicate that it's harmful, but maybe that's the price that must be paid to innoculate against tetanus. I'm also noting that so many doctors now (e.g. Paul Thomas himself as well as the doctor who writes Forgotten Side) are suggesting that no vaccination whatsoever is healthiest.