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To Force God's Hand

 Seekers of Truth,

  There is a swell of desire for "The End Times" recently, amongst people who are sure that God is on their side and will slay their enemies, then raise them up to heaven.
I'm really not sure we are thinking about the same "god".  The God I seek to follow works through compassion, love and virtuous-effort on the part of humans.
  Do be careful what you wish for, please. It might not "mean what you think it means".

  The table has turned in the Mideast power equation, from nuclear-armed Israel exacting "ten eyes for an eye" to hypersonic-missile armed Iran demonstrating capability without "escalating" or killing anybody, and effectively making that same threat to the existence of the "Zionist State". Iran's hypersonic missiles were untouched by advanced US, Israeli and UK air-defense systems, and struck their targets, which were not power plants nor the Dimona nuclear reactor.
  Now there are rumors, which I held back on yesterday, that Iran has nuclear weapons. Blowing up Dimona would be enough, but I have seen rumors for over 15 years that Iran ended up with the South African nuclear warheads. Who knows? They went somewhere.

​  Middle East redefined: Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel signaled a major change in the region
​  Israel hardly needs a direct war with the Islamic Republic, especially with the Hamas issue not settled yet, Gaza still not demilitarized, hostages yet to be rescued, and Western allies offering nothing in terms of support but nice statements and condemnations. In the meanwhile, there are rather serious reasons to believe that Israel may not be able to keep its temper and strike, just for self-consolation. Expecting a response strike from Iran, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said, several days prior to the counterattack, that if Iran strikes from its territory, then Israel will attack in response. That means the Israelis could go further and continue their attacks. Yes, Netanyahu has changed his tone somewhat and tries to show now that he doesn’t want a big war. He, however, may be under pressure from the security wing, members of which yearn for revenge and want to blow off steam on Iran, which they think created the situation Israel has been in since October 7, 2023. If Israel does strike back, attacking Iranian territories and killing people, the situation will spin out of control and there will be no stopping the Iranians.
​  The goal of Iran’s counterattack against Israel was not to unleash a big war. This action can be seen differently: as a PR effort, a propaganda schtick, or muscle-flexing. Some may say that Iran failed to retaliate fully, as its attack didn’t achieve anything equal to the two generals and 11 diplomats that Israel’s strike had killed. The message of the counterstrike, however, was not only to take revenge for Iran’s dead. Tehran deliberately didn’t strike targets in major Israeli cities. Its strikes on Israel were limited, mostly targeting the occupied Golani Heights, which legally belong to Syria, and military installations in Negev desert, in order to avoid escalation and prevent further provocations on Israel’s part. Besides, Iran has proved that it can penetrate Israel’s air defenses and that Israel is not that well protected.
​  Therefore, Iran’s goal was to change the rules of the game in the region and, by and large, it succeeded. Tehran’s counterattack put paid to any talk of Iran not putting its money where its mouth is and brought the conflict between the two countries to a whole new level.

​  UN Security Council To Hold Contentious Vote On Palestinian Statehood​  [Recognizing Palestine would signal a regime change in global power dynamics. Please do.]
​  Friday will witness another Gaza-related showdown in a very divided United Nations Security Council, as council member Algeria has prepared a draft resolution for the body recognize a Palestinian state.​ It would require nine votes and no vetoes on the part of the US, Britain, France, Russia or China in order to pass.​

​  Pepe Escobar: Iran’s 'New Equation' Reaches Way Beyond West Asia
​  This game-changer will directly interfere on how the Anglo-American system manages its simultaneous conflagration with Russia, China and Iran – three top BRICS members.
The key problem is escalations are already built in – and will be hard to remove. The Total Cancel War against Russia; the genocide in Gaza – with its explicit policy masterfully decoded by Prof. Michael Hudson; and the decoupling/shaping the terrain against China won’t simply vanish – as all communication bridges with the Global Majority keep being torched.​ Yet the Iranian message indeed establishes a “New Equation” – as Tehran christened it, and prefigures many other surprises to come from West Asia...
​..Later this week Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani - who said Iran will respond “within seconds” to any new Israeli attack – visits Moscow for the Conference on Nonproliferation and will also meet with the top echelons of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
It's quite remarkable that Iran managed to establish the New Equation without disturbing its own pivot to Eurasia – after the collapse of the 2015 nuclear deal – while protecting the complex framework engaged in the defense of Palestine.
​  The Hegemon’s options are dire. They run from being eventually expelled from West Asia and the Persian Gulf to an unwinnable existential clash against three civilization-states – Russia, China, Iran.
​  What’s left as the number one feasible scenario is a carefully calculated retreat to an easily controlled backyard: Latin America, especially South America, manipulating new, convenient, sovereign-deprived asset Argentina.​ And of course maintaining control over a de-industrialized and sovereignty-deprived Europe.
​  That does not change the fact that US power projection on the wane, globally, is the way the wind is blowing. The Straussian neocon psycho-dementia is unsustainable. The question is whether they can be progressively purged from the US power structure before they attempt to plunge the Global Majority into their irrational depths of doom.​

​  Saudi Arabia and UAE refused to open airspace to Israeli and US aircraft during Iran attack
​  Saudi Arabia and the UAE refused to open their airspace to Israeli and American aircraft as they sought to intercept missiles and drones launched by Iran last Saturday against the occupation state.​ According to the Wall Street Journal, Arab officials noted that the two Gulf countries did, however, exchange intelligence with the US and Israel, which contributed to their success in repelling the Iranian attack. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have tried to remain neutral regarding the raging conflict in the Middle East, the newspaper claimed.​

So how long might such a "pursuit" take? "Seconds"?   Iran Says It Could Pursue Nuclear Weapons If Israel Threatens Atomic Sites

Was this real? Was it a "warning"? If so, a warning to whom?  Freeze and zoom in on the very last second. I saw a yellow tag on a cruise missile, which designates a live nuke.    VIDEO: United States Loads Nuclear Bombs onto B-52's

Secret deal: Iran will attack Israel with Su-35 fighters and S-400 air defense systems

  ​I read that the refueling tankers were in the air, ready to go. 'Israel' backed out of attacking Iran for operational reasons: Axios
​  "Israel" backed out of conducting a strike against Iran on Monday night after authorities strongly considered the option, Axios reported, citing five Israeli and US sources.​ The Israeli regime has vowed to conduct a strike against Iranian assets following Tehran's retaliatory attack against the occupation on Saturday night. The Biden administration has warned "Israel" that taking such action would not serve the two allied governments' interests, urging Israelis to "be careful" with any retaliation, unnamed US officials told Axios.
​  To avoid regional escalation, the White House has told "Israel" to frame the interception of Iranian aerial attack weapons as a victory, to save face value and refrain from escalatory measures.
​  "We are not sure why and how close it was to an actual attack," a US official said in reference to the probable option to launch aggression against Iran. Another confirmed that "Israel" told the Biden administration that it had decided to wait rather than take action at the time being​.

​  Majority of Israelis want to de-escalate tensions after Iran strike
​  The majority of Israelis (52%) believe that an immediate response to Iran's retaliatory strike is not desired, but rather prefer "to close the current round of hostilities," a recent poll conducted by the Hebrew University of Occupied al-Quds revealed, as reported by the Financial Times.
​  "Everyone is on board with the [Gaza war] goals. But we see a very different path here" with Iran, Nimrod Zeldin, who conducted the study, told FT. "Iran is more complicated."
​  According to the report, the clear-cut split is reflected in the "tortuous" debate within the war cabinet led by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Experts argue that the window for an immediate response is closing further as time passes.​

​  As of today’s broadcast on Gorilla Radio and writing this, it is 3:30 on Thursday morning in Tehran: the Israeli attack which has been telegraphed through the British foreign minister, Baron Cameron, has not yet materialized.
​  When it happens – if it happens — the evidence to gather, before the scope of the Iranian response can be calculated, includes what types of targets were struck, military or civil; where the attack was launched from; what role US intelligence and military support played in execution of Israel’s operation; and what role Russia is playing in early warning, missile tracking, electronic countermeasures, and defence on the Iranian side.
​  When the Iranian counterattack happens, if it happens, there should be no counting by the Israeli and US side on a divine miracle to keep Jerusalem’s lights burning. The last one of those, according to the religion of the Israeli state (and also of presidential candidate Donald Trump),​ was the Chanukah one. That was in 164 BC.

Iran Navy Escorting Iranian Commercial Ships To Red Sea To Prevent Reprisal​

Gaza detainees 'urinated on, made to act like animals' by Israeli forces, UNRWA says​ , Palestinians released from Israeli custody report widespread ill treatment to UN agency​

Report: Blinken Sitting On Staff Recommendations to Sanction Israeli Military Units Linked to Killings or Rapes​

US House Set to Vote on Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Aid Bills on Saturday - Speaker​

EU leadership must go – member state’s PM​ , The current bosses in Brussels have failed in all of their major projects, Hungary’s Viktor Orban has said​

​  National Public Radio has solved the problem of the intolerance for opposing views, detailed in an article by award-winning editor Uri Berliner: he is now out of NPR. Berliner resigned after NPR suspended him and various other journalists and the CEO lashed out at his discussing their political bias.​

FBI Wanted to Install Backdoor to Spy on Users, Telegram Founder Tells Tucker Carlson​

​  How are they not "the government"?  Apple and Google more dangerous than governments – Telegram founder , Pavel Durov has slammed the tech giants for their attempts to curtail freedom of speech​

Google Quickly Fires 28 Employees Who Protested Dealings With Israel​

Excused Juror Reveals Selection Process For Trump’s 'Hush-Money' Trial: 'All Have Prior Opinions'​

​  The Great Dispossession Part 4Paul Craig Roberts​ 
​  Under the 5th and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution the transformation of our financial property into collateral for secured creditors constitutes a taking. I don’t know whether the taking that exists in the regulations can be taken to court and ruled against prior to a taking actually occurring. Probably not.​

The Great Dispossession Part 3Paul Craig Roberts
In Part 1, I explained that the next financial crisis will be bailed out not with central bank money creation but with our stocks, bonds and bank balances.
In Part 2, I explained the multi-year quiet regulatory changes that dispossessed us of our property.
In Part 3, I explain David Rogers Webb’s conclusion that a massive financial crisis is pending in which our financial assets are the collateral underwriting the derivative and financial bubble and will result in the loss of our assets but leave us with our debts as happened to those whose banks failed in the 1930s.....You will be supplied with the means of life as long as you have a good social credit score, which means that you are a non-dissenter of official narratives.
​  Webb believes that this result is the intent of the regulatory changes and corresponds to the World Economic Forum’s agenda: “you will own nothing.” There is much in the regulatory documents that support Webb’s belief. For example, the Single Resolution Board’s 2022 Guidance for Banks to prepare for “solvent wind-down,” is an indication that an event is in the works. The Single Resolution Board’s Work Program 2023 states: “The year 2023 will be the last of a transitional period for the establishment of the main elements of the resolution framework in the Banking Union.” In other words, everything is in place.​

The Great Dispossession Part 2Paul Craig Roberts
​  In Part 1 ( ), I reported that we already do not own anything. The immediate response from readers is: what can we do to avoid dispossession? Offhand, the answer might appear to be debt-free property and gold and silver in personal possession. However, if the goal is that we own nothing and are controlled under a digital currency regime, these assets will be taken as well.
​  Webb says if the billionaires and large financial institutions can be made aware of the situation, they could make Congress aware of the regulatory changes and force Congress to use its law-making power to undo the regulatory changes...

​..The purpose of Part 2 is to outline the regulatory changes that have been made that have turned our property in financial assets into the property of “secured creditors.” Webb terms them legal changes, which they are, but as I read it from regulatory, not legislative, action. Webb says the changes are global, but he only describes how the US and EU effected the changes for themselves. I am unable to imagine that Russia, China, Iran and any parts of the world not captured in the Western financial system are parties to the dispossession, especially under the regime of sanctions. As I read it, the dispossession that awaits is limited to the Western world and its captive countries. By global, perhaps Webb means the global operations of Western world financial organizations.
​  First some definitions: an “account holder” is you, your IRA, your pension plan, your stock and bond investments held at an “account provider” or “intermediary” or “depository institution”.​

The Great Dispossession Part 1​ , Paul Craig Roberts
​  Some definitions: an “account holder” is you, your IRA, your pension plan, your stock and bond investments held at an “account provider” or “intermediary” or “depository institution” such as Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Wells Fargo. An “entitlement holder” is the definition of you whose ownership claim to your financial assets has been subordinated to the claims of “secured creditors” of the institution where you have your accounts. Please do understand that the dispossession of which I write is your dispossession.​..
..As a result of these changes, which appear to have been made by financial regulatory authorities rather than by elected legislatures, individuals no longer have property rights in “their” securities. “Owners” now have “entitlement rights,” which means that they have pro-rata rights to whatever securities remain in the depository institution after secured creditors’ claims are met. In actual fact, “your” securities and your bank deposits are no longer recognized in law as your personal property if the depository institution–the bank or, for example, Merrill Lynch–becomes financially troubled. Your “ownership” is encumbered as collateral for secured creditors who are the owners in fact. Apparently, this was done by regulatory authorities as underpinning for the derivatives complex, which is many magnitudes greater than world GNP, or perhaps derivative exposure served as an excuse for setting up the Great Reset in which “you will own nothing.” Indeed, individual banks among the world’s largest have derivative exposure the size of world GDP.​

​Debt Free (pictured with some apples getting bigger)


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