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Siege By Electricity

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  The Honest Sorcerer , Dodging The Gator - What Can Be Done?  [The elites already have plans which involve massive, preemptive culling of "useless eaters".]
  Humanity is in overshoot, and a major correction is already underway, something which will only accelerate even further. A runaway energy crisis, together with resource depletion, climate change and ecosystems collapse will upend centuries of growth and prosperity. But what does that mean on an individual level? Is there any way to course correct? If not, what are the possible ways of adaptation? 
  The world economy faces a runaway energy crisis, not seen by most commentators. The energy needed to extract the next unit of both oil and minerals increases exponentially due to rich depleted deposits being replaced with ever poorer quality ones. Since energy is the economy, not money, an exponential rise in this area will eventually make further expansion impossible, and lead to a relentless decline. Something, which cannot be stopped, nor financed without bankrupting the economy.
  In the meantime, both investors and politicians act as if energy were just a cost item, and its supply could expand without any hurdles.
  We are clearly approaching a civilizational tipping point, and there is nothing anyone in power can do about this. The entire process is driven by physics and geology, not wishful thinking and clever humans supposedly inventing their way out of this mess...
..Keeping up a good spirit, a positive can-do attitude and a strong will needed to soldier on, however, will be your biggest and most important assets. Don’t wait for the government, the “Market”, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy to take care of you: they will be busy taking care of themselves. We are entering a centuries long era of flux and uncertainty, a time of troubles as the Chinese called these periods in their own history. That is not to say that our numbers will not dwindle, but a birth crisis together with deaths of despair and a lack of adequate healthcare will reduce population below unrecognizable levels — even without major wars or a famine.
  The sooner you accept such periods as perfectly normal, the sooner you can move on towards practical steps in everyday life, and will be able to accept the economic realities of a civilization in decline. Collapse is a feature of human civilization, a common trait with all complex systems. Something, which is entirely due to a natural cause, overshoot, and all its symptom predicaments: resource depletion, a net energy crisis, political upheaval, climate change, ecosystem degradation and so on.

  Gilbert Doctorow, Update on the Crocus terror attack    [War teaches the best students how to live without regular electricity. Poor students don't live.]
  Russian security officials are expanding upon their claims that Ukraine financed and directed the terror attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue. Sunday evening’s edition of News of the Week hosted by Dmitry Kiselyov pointed to crypto currency payments and other financial channels which were used by the Ukrainians, as the latest results of interrogations and further arrests have revealed. A substantial success reward is said to have awaited the assailants upon arrival in Kiev.
  Meanwhile various Western media outlets including Deutsche Welle tell us the Kremlin has demanded the hand-over of the head of Kiev’s Security Service (SSB), brigadier general Vasyl Malyuk on charges of directing terrorist attacks in Russia. To be sure, Malyuk himself has claimed responsibility for the 2022 bombing of the Kerch (Crimea) bridge. But we may now assume that the Russians have evidence to hold him to account for directing the Crocus City Hall atrocity...
..However, we need not speculate about what may come next. De facto, Russia’s current offensive against Ukraine has escalated to a new, vastly more threatening level. There are daily punishing aerial bombing and missile attacks on military command centers across Ukraine, on training centers, on concentrations of foreign mercenaries. And then there is a new dimension to the destruction of Ukraine’s electricity network...
..By contrast what is now going on is Russian destruction of power generating stations. Replacing them will be a matter of years, not months.
  Very much to the point, the mayor of Kharkiv yesterday remarked to the press that the city’s power supplies have been utterly destroyed.  This development corresponds very nicely to the calls that were  made on the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov talk show last week for Kharkiv’s inhabitants to be sent packing in their cars headed west ahead of the city being razed to the ground. The intent was to end once and for all the missiles and artillery shells that Kharkiv has been sending daily into the neighboring Belgorod region of Russia to kill civilians in the greatest numbers possible.  Kharkiv may not yet be razed, but it certainly is on the way to becoming uninhabitable.

  The electric war, which in its first phase commenced in September 2022,  has now entered its second and final phase – final, that is, for the Ukraine.This is strategic; war has never been fought like this in Europe. The US and NATO general staffs and politicians have been taken by complete surprise. “The Ukrainians are building Maginot and Siegfried lines according to the instructions of their foreign advisers,” according to a Moscow analyst, “as if the Russian offensive will be men, artillery and tanks running across the landscape towards Kiev. But they won’t have to. The offensive against Ukrainian electricity cannot be stopped at these lines.”
  Without effective defence for its power generating plants, distribution hubs, and grid lines, the Kiev regime’s power is being stopped across the country;  the major Novorussian cities in the east – Odessa, Kharkov, Dniepropetrovsk – are being blacked out and their populations forced to evacuate; the warmaking resupplies of the NATO allies are being cut off at borders which are now exposed to reversal of electricity surges threatening the plants and grids of southern Poland, Romania and Moldova. Even European and American money for President Vladimir Zelensky’s regime needs electricity to move...  
..“Even if the French/NATO plan a deployment in the Ukraine, what will they be deploying to?” the military engineer adds. “If the current Russian plan of attack is causing swings of 300+ volts, it’s not even safe to plug in a cell phone. We can safely assume that all manner of appliances and other expensive electrical or electronic equipment has been destroyed in the affected areas. Indeed, even if the power engineers manage to get the power back on, millions of light fixtures, especially the electronic/LED variety, are burned out. Diagnostic equipment (medical and technical), process instruments, programmable logic controllers, power supplies, inverters, frequency drives, bank machines, computerized checkout, refrigeration equipment, are burned up”...
..The Ukrainian media and press releases from the DTEK utility  confirm the vulnerability, especially as the country approaches the June-July period of maximum summer power consumption.   Rolling blackouts are being imposed, then lifted, then reimposed, according to the announcements to domestic consumers.  This means that the utilities and repair engineers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of the attacks.
  In Kharkov, for example, the current rolling blackouts of four hours or more mean that food will be spoiling in refrigerators, telephones will be dead, the internet will be down, and services will seize up. Once the liquid fuel stocks dwindle – these are also under parallel attack – the emergency generators will stop running, such food as there is will rot in the grocery stores.
  This is a type of siege by electricity. The Kiev regime will be unable to reinforce or resupply the eastern cities, and there will be no Russian ground advance; no Mariupol, Bakhmut or Avdeyevka battles; no electricity until capitulation.
  The military sources on whom the milbloggers rely also warn: “Yes, the damage is more than serious,” according to Rozhin, “but you should not accept on faith all the statements of the enemy about the damage received, since it is beneficial for him to overestimate the damage and  foster the impression on our side that the work has been done and so we will not finish off those targets which have already received serious damage, but can be restored.”
  The electric war is an operation to bypass the cities which the Ukrainians and their US and NATO military staffs believe will soon be targets for direct Russian attack...
..A western military source believes, like Russian sources, that the Russian General Staff will make no direct city attacks and will leapfrog over or bypass the new fortifications...
..A western military observer agrees. “My read is that the General Staff are deploying to tie down NATO and Ukrainian forces west of the Dnieper; assembling a credible force to dissuade any NATO move to threaten Kaliningrad; ensuring Belarussian territory is secure from the kind of raids we’ve seen in the Belgorod region.” They are also signaling what the Americans and French can’t admit in public that NATO forces are so weak in terms of manpower, equipment, ammunition, airpower, and capacity to engage that the Russian and Belarussian forces have the capacity to choose and dominate the field on a full spectrum basis whenever they choose.”
  “The strategy”, the western military source again, “is to draw more of the NATO forces into the zones which are rapidly becoming de-electrified where they will soon be cut off from resupply or escape.  The loss of electricity in Kharkov is already pitting the Ukrainian and foreign staff bunkers and troops in position against the city’s citizens for access to power, light, everything. It’s becoming an ungovernable situation. That’s the strategy.”
  “The unspoken Russian advice is for the French, Poles, etc., to stick to posturing and grandstanding unless they have large reserves of body bags and candles laid up.”

  Simplicius agrees with Jacques Baud,  Jacques Baud and the Russian Way of War   [Americans think the enemy thinks as they would think...]
  But it’s in the cumulative sense of the armed forces as a whole, living, breathing organism, we can say without too much exaggeration that in the current historical frame, Russia appears to much better grasp the most fundamental and important precepts of winning real wars compared to the West. We see this categorically demonstrated, for example, in the Russian vision of warfare consistently winning out and being proven superior over the approach of the West in the SMO.
  For instance, the West’s philosophy of concentrating on prestige, precision systems for ‘surgical’ victories has now undoubtedly been trumped by Russia’s revival of the conventional ‘mass production war’.

  Brian Berletic, Does the Fate of US Arms in Ukraine Create Pause for Thought Ahead War with China?   [If you can't beat them...]
  Even as Russia’s military industrial base is outcompeting the collective West, China’s industrial base is larger still. Any difficulties the US is having outproducing Russia in terms of military equipment and ammunition will pale in comparison to China’s military industrial output.
  Together with the fact that any potential conflict the US seeks to provoke with China will take place in the Asia-Pacific region, thousands of kilometers away from US shores, and considering the extensive nature of the networks required to support US military technology on the battlefield, the idea of Washington fighting and winning any armed conflict against China appears particularly and increasingly absurd.
  Even if Washington’s strategy is to subordinate China not with the threat of fighting and winning a war against China in the Asia-Pacific region, but to hold peace and stability in the region hostage by threatening war regardless of its outcome, the US finds itself in a difficult and increasingly weak position year-by-year.
  Current US foreign policy is predicated on the premise, “might makes right.” However, the US is clearly no longer “the mightest.” As it provokes conflicts around the globe directly or by proxy, it risks suffering severe consequences its previous advantages in terms of military power had protected it against decades ago.
  Continuing to pursue an unsustainable policy like this will end in disaster for Washington and for the American people. However, the US could always pivot toward a policy of coexistence and cooperation, built on mutual respect for other nations like Russia and China as well as the primacy of national sovereignty of all nations.

​  Israel has been creating “kill zones” in the Gaza Strip in areas where the Israeli military is operating, and anyone who enters will get shot even if they’re unarmed civilians, Haaretz reported on Sunday.
​  The report said anyone killed in a designated kill zone is labeled a “terrorist” even if they “never held a gun in their lives,” and they are “often civilians whose only crime was to cross an invisible line drawn by the IDF.”
​  One Israeli reservist who was recently in north Gaza said the “feeling we had was that there weren’t really rules of engagement there.”
​  Other sources in the IDF told Haaretz that Israel’s claim that 9,000 out of the 32,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza are “terrorists” is not valid. “In practice, a terrorist is anyone the IDF has killed in the areas in which its forces operate,” an Israeli reserve officer said.

UNICEF: World watches as children of Gaza face horrors of hunger, murder

​  Also "hostages" to the ICJ, I believe:  'Israel' detained over 7,895 Palestinians in West Bank since Oct. 7
There have been 4,430 administrative detention orders issued against Palestinians, including new and renewed orders for children and women.

  ​The UNRWA has always kept all of the records of what Palestinian families had the right to return to what homes and villages.
Israel suggests UN dissolve UNRWA
  Israel has suggested the United Nations dissolve the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and transfer its employees to another agency, The Guardian said, citing its sources.
​  Thus, Israel suggests that UNRWA employees be transferred to the World Food Program or a new organization that would be established to distribute food aid in Gaza, the sources said.
​  According to the newspaper, the proposal was handed over to UN officials in Israel by Chief of the General Staff Herzi Halevi late last week.

​  Israel ready to operate in Rafah — Netanyahu
Speaking at a news conference, he vowed that Israel is doing its best to deliver humanitarian aid to Rafah and the Israel Defense Forces is ready to evacuate civilians from this city

​  White House Approves Transfer To Israel Of More Bombs & Jets Worth Billions
​  The Washington Post has revealed, even amid public criticism from US officials over Prime Minister Netanyahu's intent to soon send ground troops into Rafah, which is expected to result in humanitarian disaster in the refugee-packed southern city.
​  This package is to include 25 F-35 fighter jets, sources told the Post, and additionally the highly controversial 2,000-pound bombs which have been known to kill indiscriminately in Gaza when deployed by the Israeli air force.
​  "The new arms packages include more than 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound bombs, according to Pentagon and State Department officials familiar with the matter," the report indicates.
​  "The 2,000-pound bombs have been linked to previous mass-casualty events throughout Israel’s military campaign in Gaza," WaPo continues. "These officials, like some others, spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because recent authorizations have not been disclosed publicly."
​  The 2,000 pound bombs have been flagged by human rights monitors as behind much of the soaring Palestinian casualties, given they can demolish entire city blocks and produce craters over 40 feet wide.

​  The evidence of breaking American law by supplying weapons for war crimes is thoroughly documented here, but 
Can’t Impeach-Prosecute Joe Biden for Illegally Continuing to Supply Bombs Dropped on Homes in Gaza

  Attacking the Iranian Embassy in Syria is a provocative escalation against Iran and Syria.
Multiple IRGC Generals Reported Killed In Israeli Attack On Iranian Embassy In Syria
​  Tehran is vowing a "harsh" response to the Israeli attack on its embassy and consulate earlier in the day, which killed at least five to eight people, reportedly including IRGC leaders. Iran's foreign minister slammed it as "a violation of all international obligations and conventions" while the Syrian government denounced it as a "terrorist attack".
​  Iran's Ambassador to Syria Hossein Akbari was not injured in the attack, which appeared to have occurred at the moment a high level meeting was taking place. Iranian state media has since confirmed the death of Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in the elite Quds Force of the IRGC. There are further indicators that two more top IRGC commanders may be among the slain.

​  The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that 107 patients are trapped in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip, including 30 disabled patients, along with 60 medical staff, without water, without electricity, and without medicine.
​  The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed, in a brief press statement, that the Israeli occupation has thwarted all attempts to evacuate these patients through international institutions.
​  The ministry warned that the lives of patients were in grave danger and called for urgent action to save their lives.

​  Israeli occupation forces confiscate about 27,000 dunums [27 square kilometers] of Palestinian land
​  The Israeli occupation authorities seized 27,000 dunums of Palestinian land, including 15,000 dunums, under the name of amending the boundaries of natural reserves in Jericho and the Jordan Valley...
​..The “Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission” (CWRC) explained in a report issued on Saturday on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of Earth Day and half a year after the aggression launched by the occupying Zionist entity against the Gaza Strip that the area of Palestinian territory controlled by the occupying entity and subject to many occupation measures amounted to 2,380 km2, equivalent to 42% of the total territory of the West Bank and 69% of all areas classified as (C), which are areas subject to occupation military rule.

​  (How many skins hath this onion?) Israel wants multi-national security force in Gaza
The troops would reportedly take charge of maintaining law and order in the region and escorting humanitarian aid convoys​.
​  According to the report, the idea came from Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who voiced it during his visit to Washington earlier this week.
​  The proposal envisages a contingent of troops from Arab countries being deployed to Gaza for a limited transition period. The force would be charged with escorting and helping facilitate humanitarian aid deliveries and generally maintaining law and order in the enclave. They are also expected to help establish an alternative governing body in Gaza, one of the sources said.​..
​..However, an unnamed Arab official from one of the countries reportedly involved in the talks said it is unlikely that foreign troops would be deployed to the region until the hostilities end. A US official added that the move would require an official invitation from the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and would only come in the context of a two-state solution. This, the source noted, makes the initiative unlikely in the near-term due to Israel’s opposition to recognizing Palestine as a separate state.
​  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly rejected the idea of creating a Palestinian state after the war. He also criticized the UN Security Council resolution passed earlier this week, which demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, saying that the decision undermined Israel’s efforts to free the Israelis held by Hamas.

​  Sanaa Health Ministry: Over 830,000 children under 5 dead due to Saudi-led blockade
The Ministry of Public Health and Population in Sanaa affirmed on Saturday that over 830,000 children under the age of five have died due to complications and repercussions of the US-Saudi blockade over the past nine years in Yemen.

​  (​Police crowd control training in Israel​ at work?) Victoria White Files $2 Million Suit For Police Using 'Excessive' Force In Jan. 6 Beating
​  A Minnesota woman beaten by police in the Lower West Terrace tunnel at the U.S. Capitol has filed a $2 million civil suit for being repeatedly struck in the head and slammed into a concrete wall on Jan. 6, 2021.
​  Victoria Charity White, 42, of Rochester, Minnesota, alleges at least two Metropolitan Police Department officers unlawfully used “deadly force” by repeatedly striking her head and face with steel riot batons and fists at about 4 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021.
​  The complaint—filed on March 27 by Washington attorney Paul Kamenar—names MPD Commander Jason Bagshaw and MPD Officer Neil McAllister, and alleges other unnamed officers took part in the beatings.
​  It alleges violations of the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S. Code § 1983. It is an amended version of a suit Ms. White filed representing herself in January.
​  “The defendants willfully and unlawfully seized plaintiff by means of objectively unreasonable, excessive, and indeed, deadly force that shocks the conscience, thereby unreasonably restraining and depriving plaintiff of her freedom and inflicting physical and mental harm and anguish,” read the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington.
​  “Because of the senseless and unlawful beating she received at the hands of the defendants and the other MPD officers, Ms. White suffered great physical, traumatic, and emotional harm that day and continues to suffer to this day, particularly the traumatic and emotional harm,” Mr. Kamenar wrote in the lawsuit.
​  Mr. Bagshaw, the suit alleges: “Repeatedly struck an unarmed and defenseless White about her head, face, shoulders, and upper body with a metal baton and his fists.”​

​  "I Didn't Do That": Biden Reportedly Has No Idea He Issued 'Trans Day Of Visibility' Proclamation
​  "I didn't do that," Biden reportedly said when asked about the proclamation, RealClear Politics' Philip Wegmann reports.
When asked about Speaker Johnson's claim that he had, Biden replied, "he's thoroughly uninformed."

Biden Budget Shells Out $320 Million On Border Walls... For Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, And Tunisia

​  High Pressure Gas Pipeline Halts Salvage of MV Dali​ , by Captain John Konrad (gCaptain) 
Salvage efforts to remove the MV Dali from Baltimore’s Key Bridge were delayed indefinitely yesterday after a high-pressure subsea natural gas pipeline was discovered under the wreckage.

MV Dali and the Francis Scott Key Bridge | March 31 Update & Who Pays for the Salvage?

​  Peter McCullough MD, COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Not Healing > 1 Year after Diagnosis
Serial MRI Study Finds 47% Cases Do Not Resolve

​  [Pfizer mRNA ​COVID "vaccine" recipient, I hear​; the same day as Princess Kate.] King Charles III Has Pancreatic Cancer; Only Two Years to Live​ 
​  According to the In Touch story, “King Charles is much sicker than the palace lets on and simply isn’t up to the job of running his fractious family, the crown’s business interests and fulfilling the daily duties of the monarchy,” the member of the royal inner circle revealed in early March. “His cancer is eating him alive. He’s very frail. The situation is desperate.”
​  While the "In Touch" story reports King Charles may have "two years to live" Google Search engine reports the Life Expectancy for Pancreatic Cancer is as follows:
Survival for all stages of pancreatic cancer around 25 in every 100 (around 25%) survive their cancer for 1 year or more after they are diagnosed. More than 5 out of every 100 (more than 5%) survive their cancer for 5 years or more.

​  ‘FDA Is Not a Physician’: Dr. Paul Marik Weighs in on Ivermectin Settlement
​  Referring to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ September 2023 ruling that the FDA exceeded its authority, Marik said the judge in that case told the FDA that “you are not a physician. You’re not in a position to dictate how physicians practice medicine.”
​  Marik said that while the FDA has the power and the regulatory authority to regulate drugs, it is not in a position to influence how doctors behave. “Essentially, that’s what the case was about.”
​  According to the plaintiffs, the FDA influenced the narrative regarding ivermectin through various statements, publications and social media posts.
This content included an infamous August 2021 tweet stating, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” which linked to an FDA webpage, “Why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19.”

​  Meryl Nass MD,  In 2006, the US federal government told the WHO that in areas where the states had jurisdiction, the federal government could not enforce IHR obligations on them.  Time to tell the states!

  More from Dr. Nass,  Summary of the Evidence: Why States Can Assert that the WHO Has No Authority Over Them
This is a compilation of the important info I have been dropping as individual tidbits over the past few days

​  Dr. Nass points out simple, bald falsehoods again and again: 
One hundred globalist flunkies (including has-been politicians) signed a totally misleading letter about the pandemic treaty last week. 
I set the record straight.​ My comments on the letter are in italics. A preponderance of signers are from former Soviet countries.

​  Kids Especially at Risk: 3 of 4 Athletes Test Positive for PFAS After Playing on Artificial Turf
According to the EPA, PFAS exposure is particularly concerning for young children, who are more susceptible due to their developing bodies and at risk for higher levels of exposure than adults. PFAS, which continue to accumulate in the human body, pose long-term health risks.

​Avoiding Astroturf (pictured at dawn this morning with bundled branches and leaves from extensive tree work I did with my son yesterday)  

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