Sunday, April 26, 2020

Common Interests


 We share common interest in a healthful environment, healthful human lives, and a safe present and future for "ourselves and our posterity". How can we invest together those interests?
 How might the interests of other groups impact our interests? 
Do we have actual adversaries? What are their interests?

This Colonel in Russian Intelligence gives an interview in Russian, about the military intelligence view of the coronavirus pandemic, and the global economic reset, which is co-evolving with it. He believes that looking at global strategic interests of nations, financial powers and special interest groups is the most useful vantage.
He says that this big reset on the peoples of the world is an effort by the same interests that brought us 9/11 and the global-war-on-(people who had valuable stuff they wanted to keep).
 I agree that this is useful, because power elites know that more oil is not going to be found, nor more copper, or the nice, clean coal, or more pure aquifers of lovely water.
 The exponential growth phase of human-economy and human population is over, and they need to secure oil, copper, the environment and all that is useful for THEMSELVES.
 Like the people of Iraq, we are using up all the stuff they need going forward in our own interests, not in faithful service to them. They need some of us to faithfully serve them, of course, but the rest of us might as well go to Detroit.
 Thanks for this excellent strategic analysis in a short and direct 3/25/20 video, Eleni!

Sister Caitlin in Oz has another essay worthy of consideration:
We are born from a womb into a world, which Caitlin likens to a womb, but a pretty janky one in a lot of ways, because what it teaches us about how everything works is completely broken, just wrong. However, if we can be born-again we can know the actual workings of life, we can be human, instead of being manipulated by marketing pitches.

 Responding to viral reports alleging that the novel coronavirus was leaked from a US military biochemical laboratory, Chinese scientists said that they could not make a judgment on the allegation, as the US had not given any public response on the issue.
 Shi Yi, a research fellow from the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made the remarks at a press conference Thursday, noting that the origin of the virus is a scientific issue requiring a long period of research and involves a great deal of uncertainty.
 The remarks came amid circulating reports alleging that the Fort Detrick laboratory, which handles high-level disease-causing materials such as Ebola, in Fredrick, Maryland, may be the origin of the deadly novel coronavirus, which has infected more than 2.6 million Americans with nearly 20,000 deaths as of 4:30 pm Thursday.
 The lab was ordered to shut down in July 2019, reportedly for multiple causes, including failure to follow local procedures and a lack of periodic recertification training for workers in the biocontainment laboratories.
 Some other posts on social media platforms also alleged that a US armed diplomatic driver and cyclist who was in Wuhan in October 2019 for the cycling competition in the Military World Games, could be patient zero for COVID-19 in Wuhan.
 Netizens from both China and the US have called on the US government to respond to public concerns over the above mentioned issues. 

This novel-coronavirus does some weird things, like making blood clots all through a person's body. 
Young people are getting strokes and heart attacks as well as blood clots in their lungs and kidneys.

The University of Texas at Austin has a viral pandemic graphing application, upon which you can look up your US state or local area, and see the coronavirus cases, trends, and estimate whether peak is likely to have happened, or when it is likely to happen. Austin started social distancing well before it was official, and we have something that looks like a straight line of deaths at a low level. Peak yet? How to know?

Putin and Trump find a 75 year old day of cooperation against the Third Reich to recognize on Elbe Day.
Any little reminder that our people worked together in the past has a potential for good. RT has the story.

The Kim Is (brain) Dead, Long Live The Kim!  ...or something to that effect. We're not sure yet.
Kim Yo Jong
​ ​Which - since Kim's children are far too young to run the country - brings our attention to the line of succession. As we noted earlier this week, there are several potential successors to the throne. Since the founding of the modern state in the aftermath of the Korean War, the country has been ruled by the "Mt Paektu Bloodline", which comprises most of the mythos and cult of personality around the Kim family.
​ ​But one thing we didn't really cover in great depth was the concerns that some in western intelligence have about Kim's sister, who has been seen more frequently in international news reports in recent years. The younger Kim, believed to be 31, is one of her brother's closest confidants and his de facto chief of staff. She has joined him at several high-profile international summits.
​ ​Unfortunately, to put it simply and straightforwardly, many fear that Kim Yo Jong would be even more diabolical and hostile than her brother.

Wuhan China was Fentanyl and meth-chemical capital of the world until February. Now drug lords, pushers and addicts everywhere are feeling the 'Rona-hurt.

RFK Jr carries on in the finest Kennedy tradition, and should not fly in small planes, nor ride in a convertable.
​ ​For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died. Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and – yes – the UN Agency responsible for the Protection of Children, UNICEF.
​ ​Most of these vaccination campaigns were implemented without the informed-consent of the children, parents, guardians or teachers, nor with the informed-consent, or with forged consent, of the respective government authorities. In the aftermath, The Gates Foundation was sued by governments around the world, Kenya, India, the Philippines – and more.

​ ​Bill Gates has a strange image of himself. He sees himself as The Messiah who saves the world through vaccination – and through population reduction.

Professor Guy McPherson, of Nature Bats Last sends this peer reviewed article regarding an unthought-of aspect of global pollution reduction, short-term-heating.
  Abstract The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the associated COVID-19 is causing an abrupt reduction in industrial activity. As a result of the associated reduction in the aerosol masking effect (“global dimming”), Earth might experience an abrupt rise in global-average temperature. The current temperature of Earth is the highest with Homo sapiens present, suggesting that an abrupt rise in global-average temperature could destroy habitat for humans on Earth. Human extinction could result.

Eleni sends this article about how US rewards "Dead Or Alive" style, for Hezbollah ("axis of resistance") leaders have not produced a severed head yet, but are something of a ranking and status symbol.

​Headless ​Blogger

(pictured in Yoakum Mexican avocado orchard this morning)​


  1. Enjoying the photos of your plantings. I've been clicking on the photos, enlarging them and scrolling around, trying to identify the various plants. I think I do pretty well. Gardening is a challenge until you figure out what works where you're at. You of course know that. I have a hard time learning that. I started out gardening in Wisconsin, then moved to California's Bay area with its postage stamp back yards where gardening was near impossible. Then moved to a friend's farm in the Central Valley where we tried to grow tomatoes, squash, melons and beans. The tomatoes worked and the squash. The melons were attacked by gophers and the beans were attacked by quails. When I killed my first gopher, I realized that vegetarianism is an illusion. The majority of animals are vegetarians and when we plant vegetables, we are in competition with our animal friends whom we have to deprive of their sustenance to feed ourselves on vegetables.
    But I admire your obvious success in your gardening and you seem to have enough acreage to almost sustain yourself if you dry, freeze and can your excess production.
    Right now, my wife and I are down in Mexico with limited gardening space, trying to learn how to grow plants in a new environment. we are south of the tropic of cancer, so theoretically, we can grown anything year round. Of course not everything will grow year round. It only rains during a third of the year without irrigation, there is only one crop possible, with irrigation you could potentially grow things year round.
    Trees are also big on producing edibles. Not only are there fruit, but there are also various bean trees that produce edible stuff, like tamarind, parotas, guamuchiles, etc which are all on a seasonal schedule. They are of course on a once a year schedule and you have to get them in season or not at all. In any case, growing your own food is not a trivial matter, so I admire your success.

  2. Another comment on food. Just read an interview somewhere with Michael Hudson, economist. He informs us that the World Bank is one of the most evil things the US has produced. Its task is to use loans to force countries into producing agricultural product for export to the US instead of producing food for its own citizens. Not producing food for their own people forces them to import food for their people from the US. To make sure that the World Bank serfs don't grow food for themselves, the food that the US exports is subsidized to undercut any local competition. I'm not sure of the details, but I notice that down here in Mexico where we are the variety of produce that you can get in stores is rather limited and homogeneous. It appears to be the stuff that Mexico grows for export to the US.
    The farmers around here still grow their own varieties of corn for themselves. The local varieties are called criollo, that is, creole, or native.
    It appears that no matter where you live, if you want decent produce, you might just have to grow it yourself.

  3. One last comment on food. If you want to change the way things are going, you can of course vote and hope for the best, but the most subversive thing you can possibly do is to grow your own food, hoping of course that this activity will not be criminalized where you live.

  4. Hi Wolfgang. I wrote a long, thoughtful reply about food security and the weaponization of global food chains under Kissinger/Nixon/Earl Butz. Squirrels getting all my peaches and plums forever was part of it, too. Poof! It got lost when my internet connection went bad again.
    Part of our humanity is to grow our own food and to work with that process throught the seasons and years. I think it has made us what we are as a species, which is not bad. We're not bad critters, but we need to get our context right, not be wage-slaves or fear-slaves, but creative and harmonizing stewards of life.
    I raised a sad little calf winter of 1972-1973, for Ag. class, barely broke even (Thanks Mr Butz!) and didn't eat mammals much after that.

  5. This new info on earlier than suspected CV19 infection in Italy also supports the Ft. Detrick accidental release in June 2019 hypothesis.

    1. Thanks Bob (Do I know you from college?) This pushes the timeline for spread in Europe to BEFORE the Wuhan games in October 2019.

      "A further SARS-CoV-2 antibodies test was carried out by the University of Siena for the same research titled “Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the pre-pandemic period in Italy”.
      It showed that four cases dating back to the first week of October were positive for antibodies, meaning they had got infected in September, Giovanni Apolone, a co-author of the study, told Reuters."