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Dr. Day's COVID Cocktail

Viral Incubators,

 Though information is rapidly proliferating, it currently looks likely that the way hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil works is by opening a channel for zinc ions to enter cells, where they interfere with the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There have been reports by treating physicians in the field that the hydroxychloroquine really needs to be taken with zinc to work.
 I have been trying to get some zinc lozenges for almost a month now, and oral zinc is just not currently available in lozenges or capsules. Sold out.
 I was able to get zinc citrate as a dietary supplement from Bulk Supplements online, and it was delivered promptly in a few days, which is quick as things now stand.
 According to the package 150 mg of the powder contains 51 mg of elemental zinc. I don't havea milligram scale, so I looked up (took a while) the density of zinc citrate bulk powder, which is 980 mg/cc. That's very easy to work with.
A level 1/4 teaspoon is 1.25 cc, which is about 420 mg of elemental zinc. 
(I will point out that zinc sulfate is much more dense at 3.54 gm/cc, so a straight substitution for zinc sulfate would have a lot more zinc.)
  The best oral zinc dosing I can find for coronavirus treatment is on the order of 220 mg per day, which is not a critical number, as far as I can tell. 
 Zinc is not accumulated in the body in any kind of storage form, so it is absorbed and the excess is excreted. The main thing is to have extra zinc available, and sipping on an oral hydration solution should be ideal. 
 Coronavirus illness in general can also cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and loss of appetite. The people I have been seeing who test positive have little appetite and various digestive tract symptoms like pain and runny stool..
 When the immune system is fighting coronavirus hard, creating fever and other symptoms, there is a lot of debris and toxic oxidants that the body needs to get rid of. High dose vitamin-C has been used for this at doses up to 20 grams per day IV drip. Oral dosing is more typically 2 to 3 grams per day in divided doses.
 Both zinc and vitamin-C will be easily integrated into an oral rehydration solution, which optimizes the ratio of sodium to glucose, to get water, salt and sugar into the bloodstream faster. This was initially devised to save people with severe diarrhea, who did not have access to IV fluids, and went on to be marketed as sports drinks, too.
 Lets make a gallon at a time, to make measurements a little easier for the zinc citrate and sodium ascorbate (vitamin-C) powders.
1 gallon of water
8 level tablespoons of white or brown cane sugar
2 level teaspoons table salt
1 level teaspoon vitamin-C powder, sodium ascorbate, which contains 4.4 grams vitamin-C
level 1/4 teaspoon zinc citrate powder, which contains 420 mg elemental zinc

I would like the taste better with some lime juice squeezed in.
This will be absorbed more readily at room temperature, than refrigerated, but it will grow bacteria if left out a long time at room temperature.
A dosage range of 2 to 3 quarts per day should be safe and fairly ideal, while treating active coronavirus infection.
This is not a preventive. Take while sick, then stop when well.
That much zinc long term reduces absorption of copper, which your body also needs.

CJ Hopkins writes "satire". That's his defense. It's funny, see?
 What we are experiencing is a further evolution of the post-ideological model of power that came into being when global capitalism became a global-hegemonic system after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In such a global-hegemonic system, ideology is rendered obsolete. The system has no external enemies, and thus no ideological adversaries. The enemies of a global-hegemonic system by definition can only be internal. Every war becomes an insurgency, a rebellion breaking out within the system, as there is no longer any outside.
 As there is no longer any outside (and thus no external ideological adversary), the global-hegemonic system dispenses with ideology entirely. Its ideology becomes “normality.” Any challenge to “normality” is henceforth regarded as an “abnormality,” a “deviation from the norm,” and automatically delegitimized. The system does not need to argue with deviations and abnormalities (as it was forced to argue with opposing ideologies in order to legitimize itself). It simply needs to eliminate them. Opposing ideologies become pathologies … existential threats to the health of the system.
  In other words, the global-hegemonic system (i.e., global capitalism) becomes a body, the only body, unopposed from without, but attacked from within by a variety of opponents … terrorists, extremists, populists, whoever. These internal opponents attack the global-hegemonic body much like a disease, like a cancer, an infection, or a virus. And the global-hegemonic body reacts like any other body would.
 Is this model starting to sound familiar?
 I hope so, because that is what is happening right now. The system (i.e., global capitalism, not a bunch of guys in a room hatching a scheme to sell vaccines) is reacting to the last four years of populist revolt in a predictable manner.  
 GloboCap is attacking the virus that has been attacking its hegemonic body. No, not the coronavirus. A much more destructive and multiplicitous virus … resistance to the hegemony of global capitalism and its post-ideological ideology.

Joaquin Flores points out that Global Capitalism is actually sick, even without viral people fighting it from within.
 The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the twin processes of globalization and planned obsolescence are deficient and moribund. Globalization was predicated on a number of assumptions including the perpetuity of consumerism, and the withering away of national boundaries as transnational corporations so required.
 What we see instead is not a globalization process, but instead a process of rising multipolarity and a rethinking of consumerism itself.
  Normally a total market crash and unemployment crisis would usher in a period of militant labor activity, strikes, walk-outs and community-labor campaigns. We’ve seen some of this already. But the ‘medical state of emergency’ we are in, has effectively worked like a ‘lock-out’. The elites have effectively flipped-the-script. Instead of workers now demanding a restoration of wages, hours, and work-place rights, they are clamoring for any chance to work at all, under any conditions handed down. Elites can ‘afford’ to do this because they’ve been given trillions of dollars to do so. See how that works? ...
​ ​The shut-downs – which seem unnecessary in the numerous widely esteemed experts in virology and epidemiology – appear to be aimed at stopping the production-consumption cycle. When we look at the wanton creation of new ‘money’, to bailout the banks, we are told that this will not cause inflation/debasement so long as the velocity of money is kept to a minimum. In other words – so long as there is not a chain reaction of transactions, and the money ‘stays still’ – this won’t cause inflation. It’s a specious claim, but one which justifies the quarantine/lock-down policy which today destroys thousands of small businesses every day. In the U.S. alone, unemployment claims will pass 30 million by mid April.
​ ​Likewise, this money appears real, it sits digitally as new liquidity on the computer screens of tran-Atlantic banks – but it cannot be spent, or it tanks the system with hyper-inflation​.​..

​ ​The elites were not wrong to shut-down the cycle per se. The problem is that they cannot offer the correct hardware in its place – for it puts an end to the very way that they make money.​..
 Because the present system is premised on a production-consumption and financial model, the solutions to crises are presented as population reduction and what even appears, at least in the case of Europe, as population replacement. As clich√© as this may seem, this also appeared to be the policy of the Third Reich when capitalism faced its last major crises culminating in WWII.​..
​ Planned obsolescence and consumerism (marketing) are the twin evils that have worked towards the simultaneous time-wasting enslavement of ‘living to work’, and have built globalization based on global assembly and global mono-culture.
​ ​What is important for people and their quality of life is the time to live life, not be stuck in the grind. We hear politicians and economists talking about ‘everyone having a job’, as if what people want is to be away from their families, friends, passions, or hobbies. What’s more – people cannot invent, innovate, or address the greater questions of life and death – if their nose is to the grindstone.
Now that we are living under an overt system of control, a ‘medical state of emergency’ with a frozen economy, we can see that another world is possible. The truth is that most things which are produced are intentionally made to break at a specific time, so that a re-purchase is predictable and profits are guaranteed.

Total system failure will give rise to new economy
, Pepe Escobar
​ ​What we are witnessing is not only a massive globalization short circuit: it’s a cerebral shock extended to three billion hyperconnected, simultaneously confined people. Their bodies may be blocked, but they are electromagnetic beings and their brains keep working – with possible, unforeseen political and other consequences.
​ ​Soon we will be facing three major, interlocking debates: the management (in many cases appalling) of the crisis; the search for future models; and the reconfiguration of the world-system.
​ ​Wall Street, totally linked to the derivative markets, will feel the pressure of the collapsing American economy. The Fed bailout of Wall Street will start coming apart. Talk about a nuclear chain reaction.
​ ​In a nutshell: The Fed has lost control of the money supply in the US. Banks can now create unlimited credit from their base and that sets up the US for potential hyperinflation if the money supply grows non-stop and production collapses, as it is collapsing right now because the economy is in shutdown mode.
​ ​If derivatives start to implode, the only solution for all major banks in the world will be immediate nationalization, much to the ire of the Goddess of the Market. Deutsche Bank, also in major trouble, has a 7 trillion euro derivatives exposure, twice the annual GDP of Germany.
​ ​No wonder New York business circles are absolutely terrified. They insist that if the US does not immediately go back to work, and if these possibly quadrillions of dollars of derivatives start to rapidly implode, the economic crises that will unfold will create a collapse of the magnitude of which has not been witnessed in history, with incalculable consequences.
​ ​Or perhaps this will be just the larger-than-life spark to start a new economy​.​

 Back to the novel coronavirus and the forms of illness that it causes, which have unusual characteristics. My personal understanding is that we in medicine have not dealt with a virus that inactivates the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen before. It does the other things like viral pneumonia and gastroenteritis and heart failure, too. But deactivating hemoglobin is new and weird. The tests we use to run our ventilators lead us to certain usual adjustments, which do not work with this virus. 
 Marjorie sends this article by Gilad Atzmon, with an important statement from a New York MD who explains that we need to understand this better, especially the policy-makers who are not dealing with the dying patients, and who misunderstand what is important in taking good care of them. 
 Early treatment,before the hemoglobin is inactivated is critical in my view. This means early and widespread testing, coupled with early treatment as outpatients for those people who progress from mild to moderate illness, before it gets severe.
​ ​What Dr. Kyle-Sidell suggests is a paradigm change in the perception of the current endemic. Kyle-Sidell is not alone, the few doctors who allow themselves to discuss the situation in a critical manner admit that medical science is perplexed by the virus.
​ ​One would assume that if the virus at the centre of the current epidemic was an unsavoury present from ‘mother nature’ we would be able to trace its evolution. We likely would have seen the gradual appearance of some of the new symptoms that have caught our medical establishment unprepared. It doesn’t seem this happened. In the view of many medical practitioners the new disease is in a category of its own. It is a novelty.

 The Use and Abuse of Modern Monetary Theory, Michael Hudson et. al
​ ​After being attacked by monetarists and others for many decades, MMT and the idea that running government budget deficit is stabilizing instead of destabilizing are suddenly gaining applause from the parts of the political spectrum that long opposed MMT: the banking and financial sector, especially the Republicans. But what is applauded is in many ways something quite different than the leading MMT advocates have long supported.
​ ​Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) was developed to explain the logic of running government budget deficits to increase demand in the economy’s consumption and capital investment sectors so as to maintain full employment. But the enormous U.S. federal budget deficits from the Obama bank bailout after the 2008 crash through the Trump tax cuts and Coronavirus financial bailout have not pumped money into the economy to finance new direct investment, employment, rising wages and living standards. Instead, government money creation and Quantitative Easing have been directed to the finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE) sectors. The result is a travesty of MMT, not its original aim.
​ ​By subsidizing the financial sector and its debt overhead, this policy is deflationary instead of supporting the “real” economy. The effect has been to empower the banking sector, whose product is credit and debt creation that has taken an unproductive and indeed extractive form. 

​Producing Vegetables

(Jenny is pictured with zucchini, beans and onions at Yoakum, Texas garden)​

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