Sunday, April 19, 2020

Seething With Virus

Considering Spring,

The global-powers-that-be need to do things on their terms, on their timetable, with their agenda. 
An event, like Event 201 coronavirus pandemic, makes that controlled-financial-reset possible on a global scale. 
I think history will have it otherwise. 
The level of resource extraction to supply the elites and the current system is too high to sustain.
That is the core problem forcing reset.
We are seeing the failure of a complex system. 
The higher levels of complexity, which allow global control, are the ones that cost the most compared to systemic benefit. They are clearly wasteful and destructive, when graded by measures of pollution, ecology, human cost vs human benefit, inefficient use of limited resources, and so on.
People's minds do not stay still when their bodies sit still in their houses.
People's minds devise new paths out, when their bodies are frozen in place.
Our minds are already squirmy like that.

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says "Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab"'s Robert Miller writes that contrary to the narrative that is being pushed by the mainstream that the COVID 19 virus was the result of a natural mutation and that it was transmitted to humans from bats via pangolins, Dr Luc Montagnier the man who discovered the HIV virus back in 1983 disagrees and is saying that the virus was man made.  

If you look at the mutation-family graph, the first, and very longest jump, which would actually be far off the page, if proportional, is from bat to first human. 
 When questioned, the researcher says, "If I am pressed for an answer, I would say the original spread started more likely in southern China than in Wuhan."   
It's not a question the study is designed to answer, but to not answer. 
(The question of viral origin is answered by genetic sequence analysis: "LAB".)
Covid-19 outbreak started months EARLIER and NOT in Wuhan, ongoing Cambridge study indicates

Navy Reports Alarming 'Stealth Transmission' Rate: 60% Of Infected Carrier Crew Symptom-Free
This suggests the virus could be spreading more frequently by stealth mode in the broader population, with many more people than is known walking around walking around with the disease unawares.  

​If I needed to get in to the shelter I would say I felt fine.
​ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now “actively looking into” results from universal COVID-19 testing at a Boston homeless shelter.
 The broad-scale testing took place at the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter in Boston’s South End a week and a half ago because of a small cluster of cases there.
 Of the 397 people tested, 146 people tested positive. Not a single one had any symptoms.

​ ​An analysis of the blood of some 3,300 people living in Santa Clara county in early April found that one in every 66 people had been infected with SARS-CoV-2. On the basis of that finding, the researchers estimate that between 48,000 and 82,000 of the county’s roughly 2 million inhabitants were infected with​​ the virus at that time — numbers that contrast sharply with the official case count of some 1,000 people reported in early April ...  
​ News of the Santa Clara analysis follows preliminary results from a similar study in Germany, released on 9 April, that tested some 500 people in a village of more than 12,000 and found that one in seven had been infected with SARS-CoV-2. The German team also looked for active infections, using diagnostic tests based on the polymerase chain reaction, and when those figures were combined with those who had antibodies, estimate that the town’s overall infection rate was 15%.​..
 The Santa Clara team estimated an IFR for the county of 0.1–0.2%, which would equate to about 100 deaths in 48,000-82,000 infections. As of 10 April, the county's official death count was 50 people..​.
...​But with that ratio of false positives to true cases, a large number of the positive cases reported in the study — 50 out of 3320 tests — could be false positives, says Marm Kilpatrick, an infectious disease researcher at the University of California Santa Cruz.​ [That would not change the overall meaning of the study.]

​This virus is killing a lot more nursing home patients and elderly than any government wants to acknowledge.
Coronavirus: Care home deaths 'far higher' than official figures

Vaccines for this family of viruses have been tried for almost 20 years (SARS), but they kill too many of the lab rats. That's why I don't want one.​ Also, they don't seem to be protective.​
Here's Why A Coronavirus Vaccine Might Not Happen Within 18 Months
"One of the problems with corona vaccines in the past has been that when the immune response does cross over to where the virus-infected cells are it actually increases the pathology rather than reducing it," said Frazer. "So that immunisation with SARS corona vaccine caused, in animals, inflammation in the lungs which wouldn't otherwise have been there if the vaccine hadn't been given."  

​We know that about 30% of people do not get much of an antibody response, and we presume they are not protected, but we also presume that people with an antibody response ARE protected. We don't actually know that for sure.
South Korea confirms 111 cases of coronavirus reinfection

 ​ ​This age of battling narratives tends to conceal the broken consensus behind it. What’s gone is a broad social agreement that there are certain fundamental realities, and then codes of conduct that follow from them. When anything goes, don’t expect people to do the right thing, or even know what it is.
​ ​The Covid-19 debacle presents just such a set of quandaries and puzzles. For many people stewing in quarantine, the virus is just another evil phantom lurking in the permanent twilight zone of television, and even there, among the familiar jabbering figments, there’s little agreement about it. The statistical projections mutate weekly. It’s no worse than any annual flu… It’s a savage illness that attacks every organ in the body, leaves survivors maimed, and you can even catch it again… The lockdowns are imperative… the lockdowns amount to economic suicide…  There’s no sorting it all out, and the uncertainty itself is intolerable.
​ ​The only certainty is that most of the people in lockdown are going broke fast. By any ordinary rules, they are wiped out. They can’t even pretend anymore to keep juggling all those monthly payments for rent or mortgages, food, the cars, the medical insurance, the electricity, the cable, and on and on. The $1200 mad money checks promised by Uncle Sam are little consolation for that, and the small business “loans” ­– if you can even jump through the infuriating hoops to get them – just pile on an additional layer of obligation in a lifetime of debt serfdom. You don’t have to leap too many steps ahead mentally to imagine utter personal ruin on that glide path.​..
...​We’re not going to replace all those growings, makings, movings, and services by just giving people money. Money may produce more money by the magic of compound interest, but money is not necessarily wealth, it just represents our ideas about wealth, and interest stops compounding anyway when the trend is clearly for reduced growings, makings, movings, and servicings. That’s exactly how and why capital vanishes. The hocus-pocus of Modern Monetary Theory can only pretend to work around that reality.
The world never reached such a pitch of activity up to the blow-ups of 2008, and it went through the motions for a decade after that. Now that it’s stopped, all that’s left is the law of gravity, and it doesn’t get more basic. The “wealth” acquired in the decade since by the so-called “one-percent” was loaded onto a defective aircraft, like a Boeing 737-MAX, and an awful lot of it will fall to earth now on broken wings. Their agents and praetorians on Wall Street are working feverishly to stave off that crash-landing, like a band of ​magicians casting spells on the ground, while ​
that big hunk of juddering metal augers earthward .

​"Helping Small Businesses" lie... Matt Taibbi
“The cost of caring for this small slice of the wealthiest one percent is greater than the CARES Act funded for all hospitals in America,” says Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett. “It’s greater than CARES provided for all state and local governments.”
​ ​The JCT analysis found that 80% of the benefit of the bill went to just 43,000 taxpayers each earning over $1 million a year. The average tax break for those 43,000 individuals was $1.6 million, an interesting number when one considers the loudness of the controversy over $1,200 relief checks for everyone else.

Biophysical Economics and the Coronavirus Pandemic​ 
(The radical concept that the science of econmics must effectively model "reality")

Don’t Be Scared About The End Of Capitalism–Be Excited To Build What Comes Next​ ​
​ ​Capitalism has become a dogma, and dogmas die very slowly and very reluctantly. It is a system that has co-evolved with modernity, so it has the full force of social and institutional norms behind it. Its essential logic is even woven into most of our worldviews, which is to say, our brains. To question it can trigger a visceral reaction; it can feel like an attack not just on common sense but on our personal identities.
​ ​But even if you believe it was once the best system ever, you can still see that today it has become necrotic and dangerous. This is demonstrated most starkly by two facts: The first is that the system is doing little now to improve the lives of the majority of humans: by some estimates, 4.3 billion of us are living in poverty, and that number has risen significantly over the past few decades. The ghostly responses to this tend to be either unimaginative–“If you think it’s bad, try living in Zimbabwe”–or zealous: “Well, that’s because there’s not enough capitalism. Let it loose with more deregulation, or give it time and it will raise their incomes too.”

​SPAM factory closes...
​ ​A cluster of COVID-19 cases forced health officials in Illinois to shutter Hormel's Rochelle Foods plant on Friday.
​ ​Ogle County Health Department (OCHD) said the food processing plant would be closed for at least two weeks. On Friday (April 17), the facility was linked to 19 cases across Ogle County, three in Whiteside County, and two in Winnebago County, reported Daily Chronicle.
​ ​The facility employs more than 800 workers, many of whom have been sent home on paid leave. The facility will have 48 hours to comply with new health measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.



  1. Dear John

    Thanks for your articles on hydroxychloroquine (HC), azithromycin (AZ), and zinc. I wrote a 2 page email to send to you and then realized I don't have your email address. I can only email to your comments section which allows limited # of characters per message. Would you mind sending me your email address? If not, then I can break my letter up and send 3-4 comments. The letter discusses how a person can be treated with hydroxychloroquine (HS) and zinc in combination, as proposed in your CV cocktail. I cannot get a prescription for HC, even though I have ordered zinc citrate to use at home. If I were to test positive for CV, and then later be admitted to hospital if I develop life threatening symptoms, the hospital protocol does not allow for zinc to be used in conjunction with HC. My wife could perhaps smuggle it in to my bed, if she is allowed to enter, but it might be too late.

    In my letter I discuss this dilemma more fully and am preparing a packet of information to try to convince the local hospital to use zinc. They are following the latest John Hopkins protocol which allows for treatment with HC.

    I wrote the letter to detail our local situation and my understanding of treatment options. In the letter I conclude by asking for your comments and direction on how to facilitate the use of HC and zinc in combination to treat COVID, at the hospital and/or at home quarantine.

    I also would like to email you a recent Jack Kornfeld interview from NYT which presents a Buddhist perspective in layman’s terms. As Jack says, “Epidemics are a part of the cycle of life on this planet. The choice is how we respond. With greed, hatred, fear and ignorance? Or with generosity, clarity, steadiness, and love?”

    Thanks for posting a picture of Jenny – what a sweet smile! Almost 60 degrees here today. Did a little gardening and now am off to go mtns for skiing.


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