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President Kushner

Remotely Controlled,

Jared Kushner Is the “De Facto President of the United States” Says Former White House Official
Donald Trump’s son-in-law pressed him not to declare a national emergency because he thought it would tank the stock market. 

​ ​Jared Kushner's White House résumé is quite extensive. His father-in-law, Donald Trump, tasked him with brokering peace between Israel and Palestine, completing an environmentally destructive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, reforming the criminal justice system, and building an "Office of American Innovation," dedicated to making the government run like a business.
​ ​Despite his failing to follow through on any of these tasks, Trump also put Kushner in charge of the U.S. coronavirus response, complete with his own "shadow" task force made up of equally unqualified friends, which caused confusion about competing power structures.​.. 
​ ​Brad Parscale, the Kushner-appointed manager for Trump's campaign, said, "Nobody has more influence in the White House than Jared. Nobody has more influence outside the White House than Jared. He’s No. 2 after Trump." ...
 A New York business executive recounted a fall 2019 meeting with Kushner, saying, "I told Jared that if Trump won a second term, he wouldn’t have to worry about running again and you can really help people. Jared just looked at me and said, 'I don’t care about any of that.’ ”  

​ ​Jared Kushner, praised the administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic as a "great success story" on Wednesday -- less than a day after the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States topped 1 million.
​ ​Kushner painted a rosy picture for "Fox and Friends" Wednesday morning, saying that "the federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story and I think that that's really what needs to be told."
When he was pressed on coronavirus testing levels in the US, Kushner said the question shouldn't be why did it take so long, but, "How did we do this so quickly?"
Kushner also predicted that things will be "rocking" by July.

​ ​Two leading U.S. news outlets reported on Wednesday on business ties totaling tens of millions of dollars between the family of Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, and the Steinmetz family, one of the richest families in Israel...
 ​A​ spokesperson for the Kushners made sure to note that Raz Steinmetz, who is 53 years old, is "the only Steinmetz" the family is doing business with. This was important to note, since Raz Steinmetz's uncle, Beny Steinmetz, is currently under police investigation for allegedly bribing officials in Guinea in order to advance his mining business. He was detained and investigated by the Israeli police half a year ago.
Beny Steinmetz's investigation has also spread into the United States, where it is overseen by the Justice Department.​..
​ The New York Times report mentioned that Beny Steinmetz's attorney in the United States is Alan Dershowitz, who said that his client had no business ties to the Kushners. Last month, Haaretz reported that Dershowitz was asked by Trump to convey a message to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the importance and possibility of reaching a peace deal with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

 Matthew Pottinger is a former journalist and U.S. Marine Corps officer who has served as the United States Deputy National Security Advisor since September 22, 2019.
Pottinger graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with an undergraduate degree in Chinese studies; he is fluent in Mandarin.[6] ...
He covered a variety of topics, including the SARS epidemic and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami; in the latter assignment, he met United States Marines and was inspired by their courageousness.[7][2] He spent seven years reporting in China.[8][9] While interviewing Chinese workers in Beijing about their claims of government corruption, Pottinger was attacked by a government thug.[2][7][10] ...
In September 2005 Pottinger joined the Marine Corps and served as a military intelligence officer.[2] ...
He served three deployments: one in Iraq from April to November 2007, and two in Afghanistan from November 2008 to May 2009 and July 2009 to May 2010.[11] On his second tour in Afghanistan, he met U.S. Army General Michael T. Flynn, with whom he co-wrote a report.[2][12] The report, published in January 2010 through the Center for a New American Security, was titled Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan.[13] After he left active service, Pottinger worked in New York City, including for the hedge fund Davidson Kempner Capital Management.[2] ...
In 2017, he was hired as a member of the U.S. National Security Council of the administration of Donald Trump.[15][16][17] Michael Flynn, whom Pottinger had worked for in the military, made him the NSC's Asia director, and he remained in his position under H. R. McMaster and John R. Bolton. ...

​I used the Wikipedia quotes above to give a snapshot of who Matthew Pottinger is. He is a Mandarin-speaking military spook who got paid off by some hedge fund work after he left military intelligence, then got hired by the NSC, where he has been thriving. His words are weapons, not his true opinions, so consider them as such.​ China punched him in the face.
The White House's Most Influential China Hawk Suspects COVID-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab
When asked who is responsible for the severity of the global coronavirus outbreak, Pottinger insists that China is to blame. Because by the time the US was receiving the first information about the virus from China in January, it was already likely too late​...​  

​ Pottinger got his big promotion at the same time this program to look for coronavirus outbreaks in the world got shut down, last September, after the Ft Detrick Md. biowepons lab was closed for a breach of containment​ in August, but before Event 201 and the US military participation in the Wuhan games in mid October. 
 China says coronavirus was introduced by US military participants at those October games in Wuhan. That is plausible, as is the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis.
The Trump administration decided to end a $200m early warning program designed to alert it to potential pandemics just three months before it is believed Covid-19 began infecting people in China.
 The project, called Predict, had been run by the US Agency for International Development since 2009. It had identified more than 160 different coronaviruses that had the potential to develop into pandemics, including a virus that is considered the closest known relative to Covid-19.

​ The US agency that would have detected a new coronavirus in the world was shut down right after Ft. Detrick bioweapons lab was shut down for a breach of containment.
If a coronavirus escaped into the US from Ft Detrick, the government would need to be careful not to discover that through another agency. Maybe they already noticed something.
I remain very interested in the busy winter of flu-like illness in American hospitals, including a patient of mine who almost died around Thanksgiving of "coronavirus", which was nothing special then, a bad cold.​
There was a 3-4 week chest-cold going around. Jenny and I had it. So did another doctor I work with. If I can get antibody testing, I will. 
If it shows positive for SARS-CoV-2, then I will consider that to be confirmatory of the Ft. Detrick leak hypothesis.
I'll let'cha know either way.

This is interesting, and I have seen these exercises, protocols and laws listed in other places, but not all together like this.
9 Simulations, Drills and Laws that Planned and Prepared for the Coronavirus  

​Back to the US fighting China in the struggle for global dominance. If the USMC is going to fight China, they won't need tanks...
​ ​The official logic for the restructuring claims that the real threat the Marine Corps is being designed to fight is actually China and by extension Russia, not the Taliban/Al Nusra/ISIS etc. Perhaps because hating China has become the hip cool thing to do under the Trump administration it is was easier to sell these reforms as a means to counter the dragon, but an infantry focused force with some new-fangled drones and tech is not going to be what brings down China. Infantry is what is needed to hold positions, but good luck trying to Guangzhou on foot like some Hollywood D-Day fantasy.
​ ​What they probably mean, when stating Beijing as the real target, is that they want to counter China in some proxy conflicts in fights with small numbers where tanks are weak to today’s long range weaponry. This logic makes much more sense.
​ ​The core of the decision to restructure seems to have come from wargames in 2018-2019. These exercises played out a proxy style conflict between the U.S. and other entities in the sands of the Middle-East. The Marine Times broke down the results of the wargames as follows…
​ ​“But tanks and armored vehicles have had trouble surviving against the threat of precision strike and the plethora of drone and reconnaissance systems flooding conflict zones across the Middle East.”

Back to General Flynn, too. It looks like there was a politically driven criminal conspiracy against him.
Unsealed FBI Handwritten Notes, Emails Reveal Agents Plotted Perjury Trap On Flynn
​Now for the relatively good news. Take your vitamin-D, please. 
10,000 units per day until July is good if you have not been taking it, otherwise 5000 units per day long term.
Those groups at higher risk of severe disease, such as American blacks also tend to have lower vitamin-D levels:
Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19

​This is reassuring. The reinfections in Korea may have been false positives when tests found coronavirus remnants, not intact/infectious virus.
Tests in recovered patients found false positives, not reinfections, experts say

 How long a line can LA generate with 6 feet between each person? This is a really good initiative.
Los Angeles will begin offering free coronavirus tests to all residents no matter if they have symptoms or not, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday

​Charles Hugh Smith:
The Crash Has Only Just Begun
Everything, including a rational, connected-to-reality, effective financial system, is on back-order and unlikely to ship any time soon 

​There is no going back, and we have to negotiate the empty cookie jar with IOUs instead of retirement cookies before we can go forward together. 
The uber rich cannot starve everybody else to death and maintain their "holdings". 
They are only rich within the context of a functional society and economy.​
Rebuild a better world? First we need to accept that the West’s economies were utterly broken before Covid-19 came along

Eating the Fortune​ (not the cookie)​


  1. I appreciate the work you do here. A question about the VDI study. Over the years I have seen several lectures on the importance of Vitamin D and the immune system. Could this be a factor in what seems to be more cases in the Northeast? Also, there so much hype about vaccines and drugs, why hasn't Fauci or Trump talked about this study? Is it all about the money?

  2. Vaccines are big business and vaccine companies are legally shielded from any responsibility or any requirement to show safety of their products, which contained harmfull mercury preservaties since around 1930, which are still legal, though we know how neurotoxic they are.
    Interesting business for organized crime. They like things like that, as does Bill Gates, who really did experiment in south and central America and Africa, with a tetanus vaccine that had an HCG (female pregnancy hormone that shows in pregnancy tests) vaccine mixed in with it. It caused a woman's body to attack the pregnancy when it started forming.
    Birth control surprise.
    Why would any of the powerful big shots talk about vitamin-D?
    That's got no money in it?
    It has long been hypothesized that low vitamin-D levels in the winter were a reason for more flu cases in the winter. A study in Japan in 2009 (Swine flu vaccine shortage) seemed to bear that out. They gave kids either vitamin-D or flu vaccine. The flu vaccine kids got less flu the first month, but the vitamin-D kids got less flu every month after that.

  3. Thanks for the response. Don't know if you saw this. It is from a report on RT in Spanish.

  4. This is the link if you want to read it.

    1. Thanks Cartero. This study is discussed in today's post, "Simplification".